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Welcome to Dawnbreak, Alevskaya. We are a small fishing and farming community that has long sought to remain in touch with our natural surroundings. It’s a quiet, close knit town for the most part. The locals can be a little rough, but they’re friendly enough once they warm up to you. However, odd things are known to happen around town. Every now and again mutilated corpses crop up near or within the forest, and it isn’t uncommon for citizens to disappear for weeks at a time – if they return at all. Those who do know what’s happening certainly aren’t telling, but rest assured we’ve got everything under control. You’ll do fine here – assuming you don’t cause us any trouble, understood?
- Mayor Elijah Holiday



Sirius Wolfram

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He doesn't enjoy the company of many, if any. His companionship usually comes in the form of paid companions. He buries his troubles in them and leaves, no strings attached. Pity he can't say that for everyone else. He has people that benefit him, sure, but he's not about to let them into his head or his heart. He's not about to care about people when life has taught him time and time again that the moment he starts to care, he loses someone. He doesn't want to be alone - not really - but he's come to find that it's easier. The number of people he hates is quite long, unfortunately. He wouldn't kill them, but he wouldn't forgive them, either. For whatever reason, if you've wronged him, you're on his shit list with no chance of getting off said list. It's not unusual for people to dislike or distrust him, but keep in mind he's not someone who prides himself on making lasting impressions. He doesn't care enough about others to form hateships over someone else being wronged or threatened. If he thinks you're an idiot, you're probably going to know it. He doesn't necessarily beat around the bush, but he knows better than anyone that there's a time to play with his prey and a time to keep his damned mouth shut.


He was born the year that Christopher Columbus reached the New World. Perhaps, if his mother had been born aboard that ship, he wouldn't be walking around today. Seventeen years after his birth, the great plague struck his town in England. He was knocking on death's door, preparing to join his siblings, when he could feel a sticky wetness dripping upon his lips. He opened his mouth to catch the dripping liquid, thinking it was water or something to soothe his throat. A few hours later, he was put out of his misery and brought back because of the few mouthfuls of blood that he'd ingested previously. His maker did things entirely backwards as a means to save his miserable hide.

He woke up, far away from his town, confused and out of sorts. For the next two hundred years, he spent time with his maker, learning culture and more importantly, how to survive in an ever-changing world. Thankfully, he was a fast learner and didn't really bat an eye over the things that had to be done. As he continued to grow and develop, he learned more and more that he loved to learn and so, he dedicated his life to the pursuit of knowledge. Approaching his four hundredth year, he fell into a deep slumber in what Columbus had called the new world. His travels had taken him all over the world and he'd finally landed in America. When he woke up, he awoke with a thirst that clawed at his belly, not quite knowing or caring what year it was as instinct drove him to his first victim in a hundred years.
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