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No Word Count // 3-3-3 Rating

Dead Before Daylight is an Alternate Universe Urban Fantasy role play in a world where supernatural creatures and humans exist side by side – at least, some of them do. Creatures like witches, pixies and satyrs live and work as openly as any human. They commonly hold positions of power in government and are afforded every right and protection.

Other creatures are not so lucky. Those believed threats to humankind and other benign creatures are still persecuted and oppressed. Beings like vampires and werewolves are still forced to live largely in hiding, as they are not afforded the protections of law.

Such blacklisted creatures have created a haven for themselves in the small city of Dawnbreak; but their sanctuary is becoming increasingly threatened by the arrival of outsiders. In the meantime a menacing power is lurking in the forests and increasingly beginning to threaten the town as people begin to go missing, and mangled bodies are beginning to be discovered in and around the woodlands.


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 Sumai No Hajime, TAG: ANY/ALL
He realized, after catching a glimpse of her reaction, how that could sound to an outsider. The Callian's lived in a household with multiple generations and age groups. The "family" extended to distant cousins, brothers, sisters, his parents. Of them only one was actually his child and his wife was... long gone. He supposed he would allow the woman to feel that twinge of guilt or belief that he was in fact a married man with children at home. He did have family after all, but they certainly were not dependent on him.

The mayor gave an accepting nod as if he hadn't noticed her demeanor change. "Of course. I will." He assured her with a soft smile. He knew where she lived. He knew she knew. But formalities were polite. Of course it would provide warning, but the fox did not know where his home was. There was nothing to tell her how long she would have between his text and his arrival... he could play it close enough.

"Until tonight." He returned to her. Until tonight he had shopping to complete, meetings, dinner to make... and some preparations in case tonight went south. Which it very well could do, and very fast.

"I will get you your license back." Were the only words needed to convince Owen to look after his cousin for the night. After the boy's run in with the law he hadn't been able to drive himself anywhere. Which not only was an inconvenience on the boy who had to deal with adult family members dropping him off in the most embarrassing ways possible, but it was a drain on the adults too who had to go out of their way to get him places. Their home was well out of town and secluded. Great for privacy. Not so much when he had to drive around a teenager to school and school activities or to find good places for his school photography projects... Kristofer was certain that he could convince Judas to hand the card back. It wasn't a legal issue and they'd all paid for the boys crime sufficiently already.

Kristofer did just as he had promised, sending a simple text to the number he found off of the business card that his family obligations for the night had been completed. He had already come closer into town, claiming to be coming from the office rather than leave any hint as to where he himself lived. He knew where she did, that didn't mean he needed to provide her clues to where he did. The dragon mayor had warned his father that he would be around that side of town, but he resisted his father's interrogation until finally claiming to be running late and getting out of there quickly.

With any luck, Judas would not follow him. Or if this went south perhaps it would be lucky if Judas had followed him. Callian pulled up to the gate of the property, giving a careful look around the front. Particularly at the extensively secure fencing around it, an almost impressed look upon his face as he did. Perhaps they should upgrade their own security system. He took in a deep breath of the cool night air as he put the car window down. It smelled of the woods, the lake, fairly typical. He was expecting some stench of the monster mentioned.

He sat quietly leaned back in his seat, his eyes closed as he took a careful examination of the property from above. If he had paid attention to anything his father said tonight, it was to be careful. Plan his escape routes before he even let her know he was here. Although with her security, she probably knew. The only thing better than using his abilities to check out a view of above would have been flying over physically and well... he wouldn't do that. It would be too obvious.

Kris pulled himself back to the ground, reaching for his phone. He sent her a quick text. "At the gate." And then waited, although he had a feeling she would be popping up on him very quickly.

Notes// sorry this took so long!

The camera at the gate had been enough to satisfy her paranoia. Two weeks ago. Before she discovered the strange cryptid roaming the forest on the outer edge of her property...

Now there were cameras hidden in the pines lining the long driveway sloping down to the shoreline. They watched the final half mile of road in both directions from the very edges of her fence line, stared out over the thawing lake to the distant opposite shore- she had been diligent to watch everything.

Hence, as he expected, she was aware of his arrival before he actually sent her the message. She paused in front of the small bank of monitors set up as a makeshift command center on her dining table, hands still poised with the hair straightener slipping through her hair. Taking a moment to finish her stroke and smooth the strands against her cheek with her palm, the albino found the remote for the gate and pressed the button.

The driveway was man-made, a thick, hard-packed layer of river stones inviting the vehicle to roll down to the lake side where the timber manor waited. The drive came to a stop in front of a large entrance area, her own Dodge Ram nowhere to be seen behind the roller door of the huge garage to one side. The porch light turned on, casting a warm glow in the night when he was parking up and the front door opened a moment after her shape could be seen moving behind the frosted glass panels surrounding the threshold.

She was dressed in the same jeans and grey turtleneck sweater as he had seen her in that day, but without the coat she now looked a lot smaller and slighter where she stood in the doorway.

She bowed from the shoulders for him once he got out and greeted him with a quiet: "Konbanwa, Krisofu-san. Thank you for coming."

Her voice might have seemed more hushed than it really was due to the strange fact that there were no wildlife sounds in the darkness at all. Even the thawing chunks of ice in the lake had gone still, ceasing their groaning and cracking as they butted together in the night breeze. No owls, wolves, even squirrels. The property was like a detailed diorama, aping reality with a strange sterility...

Kristofer Callian

Fancy. Kristofer smirked a little as the gate opened itself. What else had he expected but complete automation of the entire estate? The dragon was not entirely sure if he should be impressed or worried about this level of care she had taken. It was on the level of paranoia. But considering what might be lurking on the property Kristofer would have likely been just as paranoid. If not more so. Not to mention his family's existing reputation. He pulled up the driveway with careful examination of the area around the road as he did. One could never be too aware. But once he had come to a stop in front of the home, he didn't waste any more time in the vehicle. He knew she'd be out there to meet him.

The white haired mayor hopped out of his own truck and back into the cold evening air. He didn't so much mind the cold as some of his other family members. His father in particular would much rather bundle up by a fire in their home than venture outside in the evening or night for anything outside of work. He closed the door behind him, turning to face the front door with a neutral sort of smile painted onto his face. He was still bundled up in a jacket himself, making the weather bearable at least. He was glad that at least it was not for that long that he would be outside now. Although later if they went to hunt that thing.

"Thank you for inviting me." Kristofer replied to her with a slight bow of his head at that. "This is a beautiful property, Ms Shiori." He complimented, although as he walked up to the door he took a glance around him. It was too quiet, even for her security measures. It was unnerving to say the least. There was no doubt in his mind that there was in fact something here... that he was suddenly regretting coming to hunt down. Him and the tiny fox, whom he hoped was packing a hefty amount of skill in that little body of hers. He expected such, he normally wasn't wrong with that sort of thing, and hoped that tonight the world did not wish to prove to him that he could be wrong.

"I hope that your day went well," Callian forced back a want to comment on the stillness of the area. She'd have noticed it herself surely. He should have brought some of the dessert Judas had made to offer her... it would have been a less serious conversation to start them out with.


Her eyes did a quick tally of his silouhette in the jacket, lingering on pocket openings, either side of his chest and his sleeve cuffs, as if she suspected he might be wearing it for reasons other than the cold. The tactical assessment lasted only a brief instant before she was back to being benign and polite.
"I can not take credit." Matsumoto replied as she held open the wooden door for him, the cheery glow of the lights deeper into the wide open room beyond visible through the segemtned panes surrounding the doorframe. "The real estate agent told me the renovations were done by the previous owner before he placed it on the market..."
The unfortunate reality of it was that the former owner might have abandoned this masterpiece for the same reason the pines surrounding her house were empty and silent...

After escorting him inside she closed the panel behind them, banishing the night air from their backs and letting the warmth of the fire that was casting its dancing shadows from in front of the tall, dominating windows which took up both storeys of the wall overlooking the lake shore. It was cheery and despite being the only light in the house it provided plenty of illumination to see the open loft plan above, no doubt for private bedrooms and such. The kitchen, dining and family areas were one open floor plan which filled the lower half of the home.

She led him through the dim dining area, past a table that seemed too big where it stood empty and dark. Motioning to a leather armchair in front of the fire, where a small, wooden tea caddy was parked between the two seats. She sunk into the other and began pouring a cup from the transparent tea pot- the liquid inside was greenish and steaming.

"Tonight the sounds are gone." she informed him quietly, her lashes down-turned to watch the graceful movements of her hands. It looked like she was performing some kind of intricate dance with the roll of a wrist and the careful placement of a finger on a handle. How much he recognized would depend upon how familiar he was with Japanese tea ceremonies.

"I may have troubled you for nothing..." Shiori admitted.

Kristofer Callian

Kristofer was no fool, his father had raised him to always be prepared. He certainly had a handgun on him, but it was not the purpose in the coat by any means. That was certainly for the cold as he had no problems with his new found friend knowing that he was armed and willing to protect himself. Not that he was defenseless without a weapon like that, but it was a much easier to explain than using any bit of his other skills...

"Hmm.." The mayor seemed to consider that. A shame the previous owner had not stuck around to appreciate his handy work. Although it was also possible the repairs had been done for the purposes of sale. Regardless, it was a nice place if one discounted the idea that there was a monster also residing there. "Well, then you can take credit for good taste" He amended his compliment for her as he walked further into the home. It was pleasantly cozy inside, and he allowed a content expression to come over his face as his blue gaze landed on the back windows and view for a moment. The Callian home was set on an expansive property, with access to a lake, but not right against it like this. But he didn't take too long as he felt it rude not to follow her lead.

He slipped his coat off of his shoulders, the warmth of the fire enough to make up for his previous discomfort. Now, the flames were a comfort like home. Except he wouldn't be sitting in front of the fire with his father this time. Nor simply reminiscing or recounting the day like Judas seemed to have a habit of doing. This wasn't his home, and so as he sat himself in the offered chair much more delicately than he would have at home.

Kristofer's attention was drawn to her hand movements as he sat with his own hands clasped together. The careful attention to every movement had a beauty of it's own that he could only appreciate. "I would not say for nothing, exactly. Nor would I consider this trouble, more... a social visit." He gave a slight shrug to her. He was an optimist of sorts, not to mention wanting to keep on good terms with the fox. At least until he knew more...

"Anyways, I would not count on the silence. It may only be a calm before a storm."


"Ah.Hhm-he-he. Arigatou gozaimasu..."

She laughed softly at his words as she moved on to pour him a cup as well, then set the teapot back down on its wooden coaster which was a rough hewn circle of wood with the bark still attached and stained a hearty cedar.

With her own cup still steaming she laid her fingertip upon the rim and turned her head to regard the dark view outside the windows. For along moment she stared out, considering the subtle land marks in the dimness and checking for unfamiliar shadows. The post left the apex of her neck exposed beyond the collar of her turtleneck and the tiny pulse point inside her vein was shivering frantically. When she turned back to face him, she used her hand to drape her hair back around her shoulders.

"You almost seem as if you would prefer the creature to come..." she quipped, sliding easily back into the nearly-flirtatious mode she had been in the grocery store, as if tis was now her nominated mask to wear for him. Maybe she really was interested in him or maybe she was merely doing the same thing; keeping him on good terms until she knew more.

@Kristofer Callian

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