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Supernatural beings have long been known in this world. Many exist, and even rule, among humans.

There are others still persecuted.



As of 11.07.2017 Dead Before Daylight will no longer be requiring full application forms.

Members are simply asked to fill out the required fields of the character profiles accessible through the member control panel.

These fields are:
  • Age
  • Species
  • Gender
  • Faction (If Applicable)
  • Occupation
  • Playby/Face Claim (If applicable)

History, Personality, and Appearance descriptions may be as minimal or lengthy as the player chooses, and images may be substituted for appearances if desired.

Players will still have the option of completing a free form biographical template, to be added to the character archives, if they choose to do so.

Once profiles have been completed post in this thread with the character account requesting review and remember to tag DragonBlue and Grim so the character's account can be sorted into the proper group.

Fifty-Five Years
- Age -
- Gender -
Fire Chief
- Occupation -
- Sexuality -
- Species -
Burning Ash
- Faction -
- Rank -
Liam Neeson
- Playby -
Wolf Appearance
Coat Color: Silver-Grey, flakes of black.

Eye Color: - Brown


Human Appearance
Brian is an older man, but still physically maintained. Brian's personal appearance is something he had always taken great pride in, however Brian has seen better days. While the man was usually sharp dressed and always kept and clean-shaven, he can commonly be found as a more scruffy and rough appearance. Brian has brown hair peppered with gray and sliver streaks with a rather solid, stale blue eyes and fair skin. Height: 6'1"

Weight: 230 lbs.

Liam Neeson
- playby -
Brian is a rather straight-forward person. His style is a no non-sense, straight to the point and when dealing with Brian you know that what you see is what you get. He is a reliable, responsible and very serious man that operates in the realms of realism and distances himself from anything that can "dilute" or "distract" from whatever his mind is dedicated to. This trait is likely what won, and cost him, his ex-wife Caroline. This also strains Brian's ability to connect with some of his other, more artistically gifted, children. His objective levels of thought have created a rather "obtuse" mindset which does not allow him to truly appreciate art the way his children can. Despite everything he's been through, and the fact he may look worse for ware, Brian remains a proud man, and a loving father that has absolutely no issues at all doing everything in his power to ensure the safety of his family.
Positive Traits
  • Loyal
  • Determined
  • Honest
  • Fair
  • Protective
  • Patient
  • Hard-working
  • Negative Traits
  • Overprotective
  • Obsessive
  • Perfectionist's stress
  • Territorial
  • Bitter
  • Obtuse
  • Proud
  • History

    Belonging to one of Dawnbreak's founding families, Brian Flynn Cleary was born and raised within the Burning Ash Pack. Brian has issues remembering his father, though he remembered quite clearly that his mother was a wonderful woman, though he spent the majority of his life being raised by his grandmother, Siobhan Cleary. Brian's childhood was rather normal, though he eventually found himself wanting more of life. As fate would have it, he would eventually find himself in a run-in with a man name Seth Redford, who was from Dawnbreak as well. Eventually, they'd meet again back in Dawnbreak but this time as a police officer and a fireman.

    Brian had a life of his own now, having married to Caroline. Brian and Red didn't seem to acknowledge the differences between them. they were both sharp-witted werewolves that got annoyed by people and their stupidity, and enjoyed drinking. For years this was the norm for Brian. This changed the night that Red found a few Burning Ash members and continued to harass them. Brian didn't think much of it, his loyalty to his family and to his friend made him conflicted. He attempted to settle things diplomatically, but as one of the members insulted Caroline, Red lashed out and started a full on brawl. Brian got separated from Red, though where Red fought destruction was in his wake.

    Red was gone after that, and Brian believed him to be dead. Several years later, Caroline and Brian had gone on a date, but after a night of arguing (prompted by a stressed Brian), Caroline had too much to drink and when they returned home, announced the fact that she had an affair with Red. Initially Brian didn't believe it, he didn't want to. He just assumed she had been trying to hurt him, but the more he went through it, the more he realized it was the truth. Brian moved out, unwilling to put Caroline out of the house, and wanting to still be a good example for his children.

    Brian and Caroline attempted to reunite, but Brian could never bring himself to allow things to return. He'd never truly been vocal about it, or explained why. Now Brian's days are tempered by an eternal test of patience. He works with the twins, and can hardly even speak to them without being reminded of all that's happened. He knows that he will at some point come into contact with Red again, and while Caroline still attempts to make amends, though she no longer desires to reunite with Brian, finding herself once more with the recently resurfaced Red Redford. Brian has started to spiral downhill. But there's one thing that has remaines true, and unchanging. Brian loves his family, and there's nothing he wouldn't do to keep them safe.


    Caroline Cleary: Brian's ex-wife and mother of his children. Had an affair with Red Redford.
    Killian Cleary: Red/Caroline's son, raised by Brian. The eldest son.
    Desmond Cleary: Brian and Caroline's son. The second oldest, loyal and relaxed one.
    Erin Cleary: Brian and Caroline's daughter. Third oldest, sweetheart with her father's eye for improvement.
    Gabrielle Cleary: Red/Caroline's daughter raised by Brian. The fourth oldest, reckless and loud wild-child that would be the next matriarch of the BAP.
    Dane Cleary: Red/Caroline's son raised by Brian. Gabrielle's twin and the fifth oldest. The lovable trickster with a protective streak.
    Ryan Cleary: Sixth oldest child in the family.
    Liam Cleary: The seventh child, Brian and Caroline's son. He's the good guy with a big heart and loves art, but tends to end up in some drama.
    ??? Cleary: Can't tell you anything about a character not made yet.
    "Pup" Cleary: Brian and Caroline's youngest child. The baby boy of the family, which Brian affectionately calls "Pup" proves to be the paragon of the good heart and resilience of the Cleary family.
    Ma Cleary: Brian's grandmother and the matriarch of the Burning Ash Pack.
    Seth "Red" Redford: Old drinking buddy and formerly his closest friend. Had an affair with Caroline.
    Other Characters you play


    I HAVE NO SELF-CONTROL WHEN I'M HALF-ASLEEP... Also, I almost named her Dahlia... Until I remembered the sordid tale of Black Dahlia, and I thought that might be cruel. <<

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