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Dead Before Daylight is an Alternate Universe Urban Fantasy role play in a world where supernatural creatures and humans exist side by side – at least, some of them do. Creatures like witches, pixies and satyrs live and work as openly as any human. They commonly hold positions of power in government and are afforded every right and protection.

Other creatures are not so lucky. Those believed threats to humankind and other benign creatures are still persecuted and oppressed. Beings like vampires and werewolves are still forced to live largely in hiding, as they are not afforded the protections of law.

Such blacklisted creatures have created a haven for themselves in the small city of Dawnbreak; but their sanctuary is becoming increasingly threatened by the arrival of outsiders. In the meantime a menacing power is lurking in the forests and increasingly beginning to threaten the town as people begin to go missing, and mangled bodies are beginning to be discovered in and around the woodlands.



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A slight and slender Caucasian woman, Rose stands 5'7ft and possesses a wiry build that is almost too skinny. Her hips are gently flared and her bust modest in size, lending her a ballerina-like silouhette.

Her tawny eyebrows define her face, hung above deep blue eyes and an aqualine nose. She has a tall forehead and an oval face with high, flat cheekbones and a full mouth. Her chin is strong with a noticible cleft. Her complexion is creamy and pale, with the faintest hint of color in her cheeks. Her features hold an overall classical beauty.

Her fiery red hair falls unbound to the middle of her back, curling into ringlets. She occassionally straightens it or pulls it back into intricate coifs or braids, but usually to conceal small weapons inside her thick locks. Due to archival photographs we do know she has never cut off her infamous mane, only disguising it with assorted fashionable methods.
Her style of dress has always been simple and neat. In modern times she wears tight-fitting, practical trousers, suit jackets or coats to help conceal the arrangement of firearms and blades hidden on her person. Her clothing is usually neutral colors, often monochrome and it is rare to see her in bright hues.
Unknown to most, the vampire does have one tattoo: an intricate Three-Bar Cross in black ink spans her entire back. Spanning her shoulders and covering from the nape of her neck to her lumbar, it is yellowing and fading in some places.

Her body is also littered with scars from magical items and supernatural weapons, including the claws of other creatures.
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At first glance, a casual observer may accuse Rose of silent contempt. Usually reticent and seething, a terrible wrath lays just under the surface.

Passing through time with a detached and ruthless code of honor, it would appear as if this creature lets nothing out and nothing in...

But beneath boils a storm of fury and self loathing which is only shown when she flows into action, slaying demon and god alike with tenacious ferocity. Rose is single-minded in her rage to banish 'evil', her obsession with salvation nearly a constant drive.

Intensely religious, Rose adheres to a strict personal code expanding upon the Commandments of the Bible. Therefore she does not kill Humans, with the exception of witches, as she considers it murder. She takes the basic morals of not stealing, lying etc seriously and also refrains from alcohol, smoking or drugs.

This vampire refuses to drink from Humans, as she has done for the majority of her long undeath. At first surviving on rats or livestock, she now makes use of modern technology and drinks bagged blood. Rose continues to have issues with this, given it is still Human blood, but so far she has not been able to secure a stable alternative.

She has also undertaken Solemn Vows of obedience (to God and his Word), poverty (she does not profit from her misson and gives charity) and chastity (she is still viriginal and remains celibate.

Having lived among the supernatural circles for as long as she has and with as many strange beasts slain by her hands, Rose also possesses a vast knowledge of the occult, mythology and cryptology.

Hatred has poisoned her Catholic values however; she hates the monsters she hunts and she hates the mortals they prey upon. She finds Human weakness disgusting and quietly resents them for their oblivious, simple lives.

Because when she is alone with her prayers and the blood is washed from her hands, Rose is ultimately drowning in despair, loneliness and bone-deep weariness. Although she tries to ignore this gaping hole inside her it yawns wider the longer she survives.

Although the vampires herself denies it, she is chasing a masochistic death wish. The pained part of her that can barely take the reality of her struggle anymore longs for the next abomination to be the one which finally ends her suffering, while at the same time afraid of the mortal sin of suicide. So she fights on, trapped in her miserable existence...


Born in 1563, Rose was originally a peasant girl who entered the Durskvy Monastery when she was eleven years old after her parents sold her to the nuns as a laborer. She was the eldest of five daughters to a farming family living in the mountains of what is now modern day Romania.

Raised within the cloister, Rose grew up as a devout Catholic and aspired to a quiet life as a nun. She took her novitate young and by the time she was eighteen, the young woman had petitioned successfuly to undertake her Solemn Vows.

However shortly after her Perpetual Profession, the Monastery received a fateful guest...

A nobleman and his entourage sought shelter within the walls during a fierce storm and the charitable nuns brought him in with open arms. However it was not a hot meal and a warm bed the nobleman was looking for.

The traveller was an vampire named Luther and his coteries disguised themsleves as personal guards to keep suspicions low. Upon sitting down with the nuns for their evening meal the undead tore off their road-worn cloaks and showed their pale, hungry faces before descending on the holy women like a pack of wild dogs.

As the nuns had prepared the evening meal the members of the coterie had barred the doors and windows, trapping the nuns inside as they tried to flee, most resorting to hiding in their rooms as the monsters stalked the monastery and delighted in hunting them down.

When Luther encountered Rose she was trying to hide a younger girl inside the chapel confession box and the young redhead bravely attempted to defend the novitiate from him. Her struggles were in vain as he beat her unconscious with a crucifix from the altar and helped himself to the terrified adolescent.

Rose awoke to the sound of her dying screams. And then in was her turn.

Luther did more than viciously tear at her neck. He took his time, violating her physically while he taunted her cries for her God. She fought him during the hours upon hours of torture, kicking, scratching and even biting him at one point.

Her attack on Luther's neck caused her to swallow mouthfuls of his blood and although she spat and gagged, she ended up ingesting most of it. The foul taste was still in her mouth when Luther drained her until her heart stopped.

Leaving her corpse under the altar in the chapel, the vampire moved on with his massacre and gave his wound little thought or the redhead who had marked him. His followers set the monastery ablaze and rode off into the night laughing like demons.

The nearby villagers came to help douse the flames and in the early dawn they started the long, grim task of burying the nuns in what was left of the cemetery. Rose's singed body had escaped the fire as the chapel roof caved in, the debris miraculously faling in such a way that it sheilded her from the rest of the burning building, but it only served to make her a pretty corpse. She was laid to rest in her habit, buried alongside her sisters.

But Rose did not stay dead. Her transition was slow, taking almost several nights before she awoke in a pine box. Screaming and rabid with thirst, Rose tore her way out of the grave and burst into the night shrieking and sobbing with her agonising new existence.

She stumbled down into the village where she killed three men during her frenzied hunger, draining them completely. It was not until she regained some semblance of control in the coming dawn that she realised what she had done. That was also the night Rose learned the hard way how devestating the sun could be...

Crawling into a cellar in the monastery ruins, she lived like an animal for the coming weeks, trying to make sense of what had happened to her. Unlike most vampires who are afforded the luxury of guidance from their sires, Rose had to learn the dangers and details of her new existence the hard way in the beginning. In those first years, she was hardly a threat, still weaker then a lamb and slowly regaining her strength from the blood of livestock and rats.

She still wrestles with the lives she took in her frenzy and immediately she swore never to drink from Humans again.

To atone for her murders, Rose stayed in the ruins of the monastery to watch over the village and surrounding towns. People in the region quickly took notice of the spectral figure glimpsed at night in the crumbling reminder of the terrible massacre and stories of the Red Woman of Durskvy soon started circulating throughout Romania, recognised by her long, blood soaked hair. It would be one of the first urban legends to originate from her presence and very little records remain other than reigional ghost stories.

Throughout the centuries Rose has encouraged these legends, adding to her fearsome reputation and also warning the living away from her areas of operation.

She started out small, chasing away other vampires who intruded on the region with the intent to hunt the Humans under her protection. Her combat skills consisted of gutter brawling and bar fighting at first and despite the fearsome whispers that rose up about the red-haired protector, she was simply lucky that she did not come up against stronger opponents...

By the time Mihai Viteazul, Prince of Wallachia and Moldavia, passed away in 1601 the Ottoman Empire was encroaching over the border and attacking towns nearby. Many first hand accounts in journals of this period describe a 'fiery-haired angel' who drove the invaders from their villages or helped to evacuate cities. It was a losing battle however and soon Rose was forced to flee the monastery where she had resided for decades, moving with refugess who fled to Germany.

This started a pattern for Rose, who soon adopted a nomadic lifestyle and travelled to regions of war or conflict to help the innocent and destroy any 'evil' she found preying on them there. Always she searched for signs of Luther or any of his coterie. Her skills improved the hard way through a steep learning curve and she faced death multiple times throughout her 'holy mission', but her determination and resourcefulness helped her to survive.

During the Great Northern War in Russia she was seen multiple times aiding Peter the Great's forces, sometimes disguised in uniform or as a beggar. In France, in the midst of the French Revolution, she collected street children and escorted them to a farm in the courtyside away from the fighting. In England, while the Industrial Revoltion roared to life, she shut down factories which she felt abused their workers, most of them children.

This vampire has been seen throughout the world, but never more prominently than during the World Wars. This also began her habit of becoming entangled in military or goverment organisation in order to utilize their resources for her own agenda. Fighting alongside the British, French and American soliders she often posed as a nurse to infiltrate battlefronts or hid her flaming hair to pose as a man.

By the time she moved to the Eastern Front in WWII she had become brazen and there is even photographic evidence of her burning a tank. This sort of recklessness backfired however and the Humans turned on her briefly, cementing her caution again in more modern times.

That has not stopped world organizations such as M16, the CIA and Interpol from gathering expansive files on this creature, usually from their time working alongside her. In the 20th century, Rose has become something of a black-bag secret among goverment individuals and is contracted to many, including some insurgent groups.

She has clear morals however and refuses to work for dictators or such 'evil' leaders or undertake operations with a high risk to civilians.

In Europe they call her 'Ange de sang', in North America she has been known as 'the Arcangel' or 'the Red Witch' and in Asia she has her own legend of the 'Blood Bride'. There are numerous urban legends surrounding this vampire.

Recently Rose has been transferred to Division X, sent to Alaska to infiltrate the small town of Dawnbreak where an ancient creature has amased a signifcant enough body count to get her attention.

She stays out of sight, lives in the dilapidated buildings of the West Village and hunts at night, trying to avoid Humans. Donning shabby clothes, she maintains the cover of a homeless woman...
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