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No Word Count // 3-3-3 Rating

Dead Before Daylight is an Alternate Universe Urban Fantasy role play in a world where supernatural creatures and humans exist side by side – at least, some of them do. Creatures like witches, pixies and satyrs live and work as openly as any human. They commonly hold positions of power in government and are afforded every right and protection.

Other creatures are not so lucky. Those believed threats to humankind and other benign creatures are still persecuted and oppressed. Beings like vampires and werewolves are still forced to live largely in hiding, as they are not afforded the protections of law.

Such blacklisted creatures have created a haven for themselves in the small city of Dawnbreak; but their sanctuary is becoming increasingly threatened by the arrival of outsiders. In the meantime a menacing power is lurking in the forests and increasingly beginning to threaten the town as people begin to go missing, and mangled bodies are beginning to be discovered in and around the woodlands.


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 Shedding Skin and Far Beyond Driven [Riya]
What was magic? To Gray it was a burden; because to his father it was a clean-cut reason to kill him. Now if you asked his mother, she would have told you exactly what it was. It was watching the sunrise in the water's reflection. It was the whisper of wind on a quiet eve. To see the stars clearly without the threat of human pollution. Magic was the state of harmony within the world, and the ability to feel that connection. Right now, it was the warmth of the sand he sat on, sinking into as he listened to the waves with a book in hand. An endless pursuit of knowledge was soon to be interrupted, a mounting stress and frustration taking claim of a normally calm and collected individual.

'-It takes practice and training and discipline' The thought ran through his head as he continued to read over the book, trying to put pieces together. He just HAD to pick a book on magic, trying to rationalize and put everything eh could to some form of logical component. Unfortunately, his life seemed to be the old Dungeon Master "It's Magic" meme. There were these Lay lines which he had NO clue what that was all about, but apparently magic was tied heavily into them. With an exasperated sigh Gray tossed the book onto his coat beside him, looking out to the water with a sense of fear and irritation.

"I suuuuuuuuuuuck!" The boy groaned as he forced his eyes closed, furrowed his brow and flopped onto his back, laying out on the sand. His torn up jeans shifted a bit as he kept his eyes forced shut. This place was crazy, all kinds of crazy. Wild canine activity was on the run, people drained of blood and mutilated animals drained of blood. Can't forget the fact that Halloween wasn't all that long ago. That was a wreck, he locked himself as far away from the town as possible. He couldn't be too sure that it wasn't the actual Michael Myers looking to kill him because of some weird ass Samhain curse. Just last week he completely avoided a house because there was a dog named "Loki" and he was paranoid that it might be some form of weird werewolf. Don't even get him started on Rowan's cat Puck. That was a weird day for everyone...

Gray was content to lay there in the sand, which soaked up some warmth despite the chilled air. He started to hum a bit of a tune. He knew the song from one of his favorite bands, though they weren't very well known. He was certain that this was the only place he felt even semi-comfortable other than back at the house. Might as well try to unwind. But no matter how much he tried, his brain just hated him today. He just wanted to know his massive level of nerdism would kick in and make this magic stuff natural to him. But he knew it wouldn't happen. After all, he wasn't born into this magic thing like everyone else seemed to be.

With his little humming still continuing, he would rack his brain for the answers, but he knew he wouldn't find them. Now it was a matter of pride, and not wanting to admit the fact he likely couldn't do this. Truthfully, part of him was okay with that, but he had to trust Rowan when she said that magic was dangerous, and control had to be exercised. He just...lacked the patience with himself. This just all felt wrong, all of it. He never, in a million years, would have guessed that he would one day be here on this beach...worrying about magic.

Everything had been a flurry since it had happened.

No one but Riya herself knew any different. To all the other adults in her life, everything had just been some overblown, concerned flurry surrounding her. The government had swept in in the form of "Child Protective Services" and court mandated therapy to help her through these "trying times"; not that anyone had given a shit before her story made headlines. She had been taken from her original home to live with some relative that was just barely better than the lush fucks that her legal parents had been.

She didn't mind, really. The ends justified the means, right? So she was forced into court mandated therapy sessions for now... whatever. Her aunt was too drunk to look much farther after her... but she kept the fridge stocked, and as long as Riya checked in she didn't bother her. It was a fair trade.

Riya was still learning the lay of her new home. At the moment that meant traversing the shores of Glacier Bay, heading for an isolated spot where she had come the last several days to practice her newfound powers. She had the lynx pelt draped over her shoulders, hidden beneath her hoodie. It glowed with an unnatural sort of warmth, and the temptation to draw upon it was almost mouth watering.

Today, however, rather than finding her stretch of beach empty, Riya rounded that last turn of shoreline to find a stranger sprawled back into the sand. Her gaze narrowed as she approached; he was lying right in her original path and... well, it might have been sheer stubbornness or a newfound confidence bestowed by her hard earned ability to become a beast at will that drove her to break the silence, "What are you doing here?"

Gray Hayes

"What are you doing here?" Was what suddenly caused Gray to jump, his heart racing at a thousand miles a minute as his eyes flew open. "JE-sus!" He had yelped out of reflex. In a quick motion Gray had Rolled over and pulled his books closer to him. He began to stare up at the new and strange girl that stumbled upon his path. His eyes narrowed as he felt uncertain of what to say, or quite just how to react to the tone of voice used. There was something very, possessive, or challenging. But yet the question itself and the inflection was almost generic curiosity.

"I-yah. I-I-I was just breathin-READING! Reading is what I'm doing. Yep." He had tripped over his words enough for one day, hoping that his answer would be sufficient to let the girl be on her way. He knew that likely would NOT be the case, so he had to suck it up, and he quickly began to compose himself. It was just a girl. With blue hair and some sick eyeshadow. Everything about this girl told Gray that this girl was your everyday teenaged drug-dealer that was going to shank him for his wallet. He knew his anxiety and paranoia was just playing with his judgment.

Gray shifted around and pulled his book to him as he worked his way to a knee, then standing up, the book in a deathgrasp. Gray hadn't noticed until now that this stranger appeared to be just a little taller than him, and maybe not too much older than him. He found himself just awkwardly looking at the girl, nervously clenching and releasing his jaw, clearing his throat and trying to not jump out of his skin. "I-I just thought that this was....uh...public domain." He said, voice cracking a little before he attempted to clear his throat.

The boy's reaction was so abrupt that Riya herself almost jumped. She didn't though, and instead her only response was the slow rising of an eyebrow as she watched him. After the fact, there was a sort of amused satisfaction in the reaction her demanding question had elicited from him.

Riya shifted her weight to one side, hip cocking outward as she folded her arms over her chest, "You're a jumpy one, aren't you?" she observed in a rather critical tone. There was no good reason for her to behave in such a way, really, but as confident a front as she usually put on Riya wasn't comfortable in her new home; she felt vulnerable as an outsider in a town so full of strange creatures. Turning a cold shoulder and a snippy display was her form of defense.

When he finally stuttered out a response her gaze flickered down to the book he clutched against himself, then back up to his face. Though she didn't say much, her expression could have been interpreted as critical; almost as if she were silently saying dork. That wasn't really the case. Books had long been a form of escapism for her; but that didn't really mesh with the grungy punk vibe she tried to put off, so it was rarely admitted.

"Yeah, but no one else really comes out here," Riya said. She'd been coming here a while now and never seen a trace of anyone else. It was frustrating. She'd really wanted to play around with her new abilities - that wasn't something she could do with him there.

Gray Hayes

The girl's eyes seemed to pierce his very soul. He was half expecting for her to actually start belitteling him or berating him for being as jumpy and defensive as he was. If she did, he'd totally lay into her about looking like a delinquiant. Except he wouldn't really do that...he'd just be jealous that she could pull off such a radical color of hair without everyone looking at her like she was crazy. He wouldn't lie, he was feeling pretty judged right now, and as an outsider just coming to town that was the last thing he wanted. He started to feel a bit jittery, though cleared his throat as the girl seemed to carry on the conversation. Apparently no one else ever came out this way, which was surprising to him. It was such a peaceful place.

"O-oh. I just...don't really like...town that much." He stated as if he felt the need to explain himself to the total stranger. He had gotten a small vibe from the situation, like his presence wasn't exactly appreciated. That was the story of his life right now. He had ONE person who actually managed to put up with him, and at that he never knew how long that would last. Gray's tongue rolled in his mouth as he bit down on it a little, trying to contain his irritation as he looked around.

"I-uh. It's peaceful here. But if I bother you, I could always come back another day. Not like I'll be in school soon." He offered, tucking the book under his arm and taking his phone out of his pocket, checking for any messages he may have missed. He actually wondered why he had done that. He didn't feel it vibrate and he only had one person who even had his number right now. Maybe it was a subconscious thing, he'd have to look into that... just as soon as he figured out if his arcane studies were cut short today.

Her posture eased, if only a little, with his initial response. Riya shifted her stance to one that was a little more even, and while her arms remained crossed they dropped more towards her abdomen. It sounded like he hadn't been there long... maybe he was new in town himself.

As much as she put on a strong front, Riya was lonely. So she couldn't help a mild spark of hope here. It was hard, living with a drunk and without any friends. Unfortunately, she'd always been a little awkward with other people. Her family conditions hadn't really made for what one would consider a well rounded individual.

So what was really intended as something as an extended hand for friendship came off rather... well, bitchy, "So what," she said, "are you new around here?"

Gray Hayes

Gray found himself stressing out even more as this social thing lingered. The second he got a rather snappy question was the second he was able to truly let loose. The question had the social finesse of a bull in a china shop, ready to commit Jihad by suicide bombing next to the puppy clinic. Basically, this girl was about as socially inept as Gray was it would seem. That was all it took for his eyes to narrow and a small scowl to form. He stuffed his phone back into his pocket and spoke out.

"Yeah, I'm new." He said before almost twisting the book in his arms. He scoffed a little and then smiled nicely. "Your hair's blue. This place is full of weird stuff going on, and I'm pretty sure daylight's burning. Any other obvious things we should point out? " He said with a bit of a jaded tongue, letting out a little sigh as he started to look about for a new place to prop himself and resume reading.

"You don't have to be such a cunt about it," Riya snapped back at him in hypocritical form, "I just asked a question," she tacked on, expression folding into a scowl. That urge to seek out a connection began to fade rather quickly from there. Her arms hitched back up to her chest and tightened, her hip cocked back out as she became defensive.

Gray Hayes

"Yeah? Well excuse me if I don't like taking crap from people." Gray said half-heartedly. "If I wanted that I'd have stayed with my dad." He muttered to himself as he identified a place down closer to the town. Part of him was curious as to why he had never seen someone here before, and now suddenly this girl was here. With a sigh, Gray looked back to the girl, partially regretting what he said...but fully willing to do it again. He sighed realizing that he should probably bring some peace to the situation, some closure at best.

"I'm Gray. I'm new here, this place is weird, it freaks me out. So when someone randomly shows up it... startles me. Then being judged for being jumpy doesn't help, especially since I'm generally an asshole anyway." He said to the girl, offering some minor explanation as he cleared his throat awkwardly. He hated people, so much. "I'll get out of your way, over there or whatever." He sighed as he started back towards town, not really returning to town, but giving the girl some space would probably be appreciated.

There was a little more spark to him than she had initially anticipated. Riya tightened her arms in a little closer and shifted her weight further as he spoke. His response silenced her initially, at least until she realized that he was about to leave.

"Wait," Riya spoke up, biting her lip back, "Look I'm... " she started to say that she was sorry, but pride wouldn't quite let the words out, "I'm new here to," she said instead, "I get it. It's weird here. Like... more than just small town weird, ya know?"

Gray Hayes

Gray stopped, wondering what all the girl had to say. He had thought she wanted him to leave, but then he had learned that she was new to this place herself. Gray groaned a little as he realized that he had been more than a jerk at this moment. He cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck before nodding.

"Yeah! This stopped being hillbilly kissin' his cousin weird like, five notches ago." Gray said with a small smile. He flashed the book at the girl and smirked. "So we're both new here then? Awesome, It'll be nice to talk to a normal person." He said as if thinking out loud. He tucked his book under his arm and looked to the odd young lady as he began to wonder just how things lined up.

Riya Byrne

She smiled faintly at his analysis. It was a back woods kind of small around here. Everyone knew each other, and they didn't much seem to care for outsiders.
"I've been here a couple of weeks now," Riya answered, "people here kind of suck, though. Like I thought it was hard meeting people back in the city but this is so much worse," she forced a thin smile, "that's why I come out here. Its easier just to be alone."

Gray Hayes

Gray had a little smirk as she stated that the people here sort of sucked. He understood and knew exactly what she meant. In fact he agreed with most all of it. He had to admit though, he didn't give anyone the time of day like he had Rowan. Rowan was rad, everyone else needed to leave him alone. This girl was alright too...

"Yeah, I'm with ya." He said, entirely agreeing with her as he looked around to the sands. He actually looked to her and nodded. "Speaking of, did you want me to...leave? I just, like you said. This is where I tend to go and get away from....that." He said with opened eyed and a thin-lined lips with his hand over in the direction of civilization.

Riya had been looking forward to playing with her newfound abilities, but the prospect of finally making some kind of friend in this shit hole seemed like an okay alternative, "I don't know," she shrugged, "you seem alright. I guess sharing the beach won't be so bad."

She could always practice later.

Gray Hayes

Gray found himself relaxing a little bit more as he finally found a sense of normality here. In this very strange, abnormal place he couldn't believe that there was someone that was actually similar to him. Well his views on the one hand. She had cooler hair and came off cold as ice, but honestly that was probably a good thing. Especially since Gray knew he wasn't the easiest person to get along with.

"Cool." He said with a small smile, looking about the beach and nodding. He wasn't quite ready to say goodbye to the beach anyway. "Nothin' fun to do around there anyway. S-so you said the city. Where are ya from?" He asked, staggered a bit as his mind was distracted. Though he listened; the thought of maybe abducting stray cats and depositing them into peoples homes while they were at work always lingered with him. It was a wonder that he didn't realize how weird he was.

Riya Byrne

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