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No Word Count // 3-3-3 Rating

Dead Before Daylight is an Alternate Universe Urban Fantasy role play in a world where supernatural creatures and humans exist side by side – at least, some of them do. Creatures like witches, pixies and satyrs live and work as openly as any human. They commonly hold positions of power in government and are afforded every right and protection.

Other creatures are not so lucky. Those believed threats to humankind and other benign creatures are still persecuted and oppressed. Beings like vampires and werewolves are still forced to live largely in hiding, as they are not afforded the protections of law.

Such blacklisted creatures have created a haven for themselves in the small city of Dawnbreak; but their sanctuary is becoming increasingly threatened by the arrival of outsiders. In the meantime a menacing power is lurking in the forests and increasingly beginning to threaten the town as people begin to go missing, and mangled bodies are beginning to be discovered in and around the woodlands.


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 Wet the Appetite, Morrigan + Alienist
Cesare was not hip and trendy enough to get any of those references, though he vaguely knew the Sparta one through having heard it referenced by so many people. He might be better adjusted to the modern times than his younger counterpart, but he was far from being 'down with the kids', so to speak. "I'll let Aramis know you want him to play dress up for you; Apologies, I didn't realise the relationship was of that nature."


Violet smirked and laughed. "Aramis isn't my type but if he's in the mood to grovel," she lifted her brow suggestively to the other man. "I'd recommend you tell him he might regret trying to edge in on my turf."


"I'll tell him, but I'm not sure it'll make much of a difference. Just the messenger, remember? And he doesn't strike me as the pushover type so far." Motioning to leave, he hesitated one moment. "One last question: Elizabeth Bathory — any idea how to get on her good side, other than having breasts and a pulse?"


Violet smirked. "I might but information doesn't come cheap."


That wasn't a no. Given how this was a Lilin he was conversing with, Cesare asked his next question with marked caution, "And your price?"


Violet smirked to him. "That depends on how much information you want actually."


This... felt like a dangerous game, especially to play with someone with Violet's power. "Enough information to get her to decide she could stand having me around on a regular basis, or there about."


"One lock of your hair or a vial of blood will satisfy me," she advised him. "Do you need scissors?" hair and blood were valuable to her for different reasons. Both had their value in witch wards and spells. Hair for her was insurance though. She liked assurances.


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