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No Word Count // 3-3-3 Rating

Dead Before Daylight is an Alternate Universe Urban Fantasy role play in a world where supernatural creatures and humans exist side by side – at least, some of them do. Creatures like witches, pixies and satyrs live and work as openly as any human. They commonly hold positions of power in government and are afforded every right and protection.

Other creatures are not so lucky. Those believed threats to humankind and other benign creatures are still persecuted and oppressed. Beings like vampires and werewolves are still forced to live largely in hiding, as they are not afforded the protections of law.

Such blacklisted creatures have created a haven for themselves in the small city of Dawnbreak; but their sanctuary is becoming increasingly threatened by the arrival of outsiders. In the meantime a menacing power is lurking in the forests and increasingly beginning to threaten the town as people begin to go missing, and mangled bodies are beginning to be discovered in and around the woodlands.


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Nancy has a pretty and boyish face characterized by a strong jawline, straight nose and high, sharp cheekbones. Her skin is naturally a beige-honey tan and compliments her tawny blonde hair. Her deep-set eyes are a warm brown and framed by thick, dark lashes.

Her gently curled, flaxen hair is usually worn loose and left to tumble down her shoulders in waves. She always ties up into a severe ponytail when working though.

She has a few scars on her body, including a small line on the right side of her upper lip and a similar mark bisecting the outer tip of her brow. Her knuckles bare the dull, white patches where she has skinned them numerous times in the past.

Nancy has a tattoo of a little black wrench, measuring two inches long and positioned vertically along the underside of her forearm. Closer inspection shows the lighter and raised line of a scar tracing her main artery there almost the same length.

Her body is slender however she is noticeably underweight to the point her face is slightly gaunt.

Nancy is a practical girl and having grown up poor she has a habit of patching her clothing rather than buying new items. She has a pair of boots she always wears in the shop, the left toe wrapped in duct tape to stop the sole coming off. She also wears one of her father's flannel shirts, three sizes too big for her, over grease-stained tank tops or under hoodies.
Sigrid Agren
- playby -
Nancy is a socially awkward and sweet-natured young woman who wears her heart on her sleeve.

Growing up in an abusive household unfortunately forced her to be mature beyond her years at an early age. She understood too much about the dark side of life too young which effected her badly as she grew into her teens.

Nancy battled her first bout of depression then and unfortunately she is prone to the mental condition often. Despite her forced optimism, she often takes too much to heart and it hides behind her deep brown eyes when she thinks no one is looking.

Recently, since coming into contact with many of the people she grew up around again, Nancy has been a little wary and ashamed, knowing that most are well aware of her dysfunctional family history. But there is a certain Mayor who makes her smile every time...
Positive Traits
  • Optimistic
  • Humble
  • Negative Traits
  • Prone to melancholy
  • Tries too hard to please
  • History
    Nancy was born and raised in the small Alevskaya town of Dawnbreak. She had one older brother, Bobby-Ray, who was five years her senior.

    Her father, Adam, was the owner and head mechanic of the only auto garage in town, but turned to alcohol to cope after his wife, Rose, was killed in a car accident when Nancy was six years old. Soon after he began mixing his liquor with dirty meth he scored behind bars. From there he quickly became a wrecked shell of a man.

    As a result, the two siblings learned to be independent and raise themselves. Nancy idolized her older brother who took her hunting, taught her how to shoot a rifle and skin a deer.

    As the family business began slipping under the neglect of Adam’s substance abuse he pressured Bobby-Ray to follow in his footsteps, but the teenager rebelled. Their relationship deteriorated into physical abuse as Adam resorted to beating his son out of frustration and Nancy would often receive collateral damage when she tried to intervene and break the men apart. Both she and Bobby-Ray have too many x-rays in their folders at the local hospital and their names show up on the sheriff's record more than they should...

    As a result of Judas visiting the junkyard multiple times throughout her teens she is on a first name basis with the Callian family, having cried a few times into the officer's vest after a fight. When the fair-haired son began to show up in the squad car she immediately took to Kristofer; during their talks when he would ask if she wanted to press charges and take Adam to court, Nancy developed an intense emotional attachment to the older lawyer.

    Both siblings were also badly bullied in high school for their second-hand, patched clothes and plastic bags rather than backpacks. One significant incident involved some girls breaking into Nancy's locker and taking her diary. After photocopying several juicy pages (including a long love letter expressing her naughty crush on the much older Kristofer Callian) they stuffed them in assorted mailboxes around the town.

    Too embarrassed to face the jeering and concerned questions from teachers, Nancy began to help out in the garage instead, hoping to take the pressure off Bobby-Ray and assuage some of the arguments. Which worked for a while, until Bobby began to resent their father for making Nancy feel obligated to do his work to keep the peace- it merely proved to be one more thing for them to argue about.

    Nancy did enjoy working in the garage however and developed a fondness for mechanics from a young age. By the time she was seventeen she could strip down the Hemi engine in their old truck and put it back together. Adam took advantage of her passion and leaned on his daughter more heavily as she got older, which infuriated her protective brother, who could see Nancy’s school and friends suffering.

    When she was eighteen, Bobby-Ray and Adam had the worst fight yet when Bobby-Ray found his father’s latest meth stash and flushed it down the toilet, which resulted in Judas Callian being called in the middle of the night after Adam tried to stab his son. Afterwards, Adam Beckett threw Bobby out of the house and swore to shoot him if he ever caught the boy around town again.

    Nancy was heartbroken as she said goodbye to Bobby-Ray, who promised to come back when he had his life sorted out. Bobby-Ray moved to the Mid-West and tried to find work, ending up joining the US Army to earn money. Soon he started calling less and less...

    When the phone number became disconnected and emails unanswered Nancy was left to look after Adam and try to keep the business afloat as debts started building up. She was forced to drop out of school before graduation to work in the garage full time after Adam nearly overdosed and she struggled to keep her head above water.

    Emotionally fragile and struggling to fight uphill on her own, she was perfect prey for the older man, Todd Campbell. He had started working at the garage on a volunteer basis after helping bring Adam home from the tavern one night and talking with his daughter. He seemed sweet as sugar when he refused payment from Nancy, merely asking to take her out to the movies in return...

    Three months later Nancy found out she was pregnant and knew her father would be furious. Todd convinced her to leave town with him, elope and go live with his family in Ontario. And she did; for a week no one in town knew where she had gone and her father even called the sheriff to file a missing person report. When she was found in Canada she had already married Campbell and asked the Dawnbreak law enforcement to keep the events quiet.

    Unfortunately her choice in men proved tragic when she found out Todd was also a recovering alcoholic who quickly relapsed in the city. By the time Nancy miscarried late into her second trimester, he was already spending most of their social security on booze. Their relationship quickly fell apart as he blamed her for the death of their baby and she tried to keep the roof over their heads by working two jobs.

    Six months ago Todd left and is now living with a woman he met during one of his AA meetings.

    Two weeks ago Nancy got the call that Adam had died. Apparently he had passed out in the middle of shooting up and set the bed alight with a cigarette. The trailer behind the garage went up in flames too quickly for anyone to save him.

    Seven days ago she moved back to the town where she grew up, slinking back in the middle of the night like a leper. She barely had any money for a motel so she is currently living in a small caravan parked inside the workshop. Nancy is rolling up her sleeves and re-opening the mechanic shop though, undertaking classes at the local community college to refresh her old skills.

    She still feels as if she is haunted by her childhood in Dawnbreak and is trying to get over her feelings of nervousness around her old bullies, who are now full grown adults. Likewise, she still blushes every time someone mentions the new Mayor...
    Adam Beckett, (Father, deceased) Rose Beckett, (Mother, deceased) Bobby-Ray Beckett. (Older Brother, alive?) Todd Campbell, (Ex-husband, alive) Unamed, (Child, deceased) Kristofer Callian, (friend/crush) Judas Callian, (friend)
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