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Supernatural beings have long been known in this world. Many exist, and even rule, among humans.

There are others still persecuted.



Dallas Walker played by this person

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As unfortunate as their family lineage is, Walkers make pretty babies. This fetching fellow is 6'0", lanky, with just the subtlest hint of muscle but, compared to his sisters, he is by no means nearly as in shape. Mostly, he attributes his weight to poor eatin' and pickiness. While a handsome man with brunette hair and light eyes, he dresses like the common man. T-shirts, jeans- often stained with god knows what at this point, plaid shirts, hoodies, and so on. Where Van is particular about her attire, as slutty as it is, he's more of a scratch-and-sniff guy- if it stinks, it's probably not good to wear right now. The good news: he showers, he washes his hair, he brushes his teeth. He is, by all accounts, clean. The bad news: he's a bit of a slob whose cleaning habits really only extend to hair, body, and teeth. But hey...at least he doesn't have lice?

Height/Weight:6'0" tall/150lbs

Hair Color/Eye Color: Brown/Blue
vDallas, like the other Walkers, is a pretty grey wolf of slightly smaller than average size. His fur is fluffy and might have been described as soft once, but mostly, he looks a bit mangy. He's not too careful as a wolf, so he lops through whatever mud, debris, thorns, or blood comes into his path. His ears are more rounded than pointed and his eyes are a darker brown, nearly black. Compared to his sister, he looks less threatening.

Wolf Pelt/Eye Color:Grey/black

Generation: Pureblood
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