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No Word Count // 3-3-3 Rating

Dead Before Daylight is an Alternate Universe Urban Fantasy role play in a world where supernatural creatures and humans exist side by side – at least, some of them do. Creatures like witches, pixies and satyrs live and work as openly as any human. They commonly hold positions of power in government and are afforded every right and protection.

Other creatures are not so lucky. Those believed threats to humankind and other benign creatures are still persecuted and oppressed. Beings like vampires and werewolves are still forced to live largely in hiding, as they are not afforded the protections of law.

Such blacklisted creatures have created a haven for themselves in the small city of Dawnbreak; but their sanctuary is becoming increasingly threatened by the arrival of outsiders. In the meantime a menacing power is lurking in the forests and increasingly beginning to threaten the town as people begin to go missing, and mangled bodies are beginning to be discovered in and around the woodlands.


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 Something For That Special Someone, TAG: Mordria
The new customer was the most outlying job she had on her books at the moment, being all the way in Corinth, but she was not going to argue with why they wanted her to work on the gear box. The work was worth a couple of hundred to her, which could make all the difference to getting that new window for the rear of the workshop to replace the one that had been pried open, or not. And she really needed a lockable workshop in the westside...

So it was late in the afternoon by the time she got into the city and found the address. Even later by the time she got a parking spot and jogged back to the shop carrying the heavy box. By the time she was shouldering open the front door of what she thought might be some kind of florist, it was a quarter of an hour before most closing times.

The blonde headed towards the counter first, placing the medium square box on its top while she glanced around the interior.

It was a fascinating array of smells, intricate details and shelves crammed with curious jars. She forgot her parcel for a moment as she stepped towards one rack to peer at its contents, hand dragging off and falling away from the box to hang by her side limply. She still had grease under her fingernails from the garage...


Mordria was in the back busying herself with checking on her personal plants. Many people thought her shop felt like a tropical jungle but when you got used it, it was nice. She called out a 'just a second," from where she was before she came out and gave the woman a smile.

"Mmmm, that's not exactly something that gets set on my table regularly. You're going to get that off right?" she asked the woman poking at the metal object.

Mindy G

The blonde had picked one of the little vials up between her fingers just about the same time the voice from the depths of the shop called out. She was so engrossed in reading the label that the voice startled her and she dropped the vial, grabbing it with the other against her stomach quick-smart.

It was an old reflex from dropping wrenches as a girl and having them hit toes...

She was just sliding the glass container back onto the rack when the eye-catching redhead emerged. She was the type of woman that made Nancy blush to be around, feeling plain with no makeup and her hair tied back in a horse-knot with the wire-tie she had gotten off the plastic bag the newspaper came in. The most dominating feature about her was the vibrant hair and the curves. She was the opposite of the mechanic.

"Uh, oops! Sorry!" Nancy huffed a laugh and plucked the box back into both hands. She still glanced over her shoulder at the rack again as she did so.

"Umm, those 'aphrodisiacs' over there... Do they really work?" she asked, trying to make her tone higher and more friendly, but instead she went too cheerful on a few syllables.


"Everything in my shop is authentic love. It all works, just depends on a few things."

Mindy G

The brown eyes sparked up with interest at that reply, unbridled curiosity creeping into the corners of her mouth as they lifted with a breathy laugh. It was not directed at the proprietor, but more like a nervous tick.

"What sort of things?" Nancy blurted before she really thought about what she sounded like. Her thumb rubbed the corner of the box now propped on one hip where a oily rag was still stuffed into her front pocket. "I've got a friend who might be interested..."

The blonde swallowed thickly, feeling suddenly transparent. That made it sound worse and oh-so cliche.

She had been interested in 'Wicca' like most other teenage girls after watching that movie in the nineties. But it had been short-lived as she had chickened out half-way through casting her first spell and then she crawled into church the next day and never really tried it again. She was more sensible and less superstitious now, but back then she had been raised in a Christian household where her father would have whupped her for the hobby.

But she was still of the opinion there was some truth in parts of the practice, some ancient herbal knowledge as its basis and she respected this woman's skill. Especially if it really worked like she claimed.


"Normally the subject love. But if you're not educated it's probably best you don't buy anything. Is there anything else I can help you with?" Basics of witchcraft were readily available online and Mordria had more pressing matters to attend to.

Mindy G

The blonde quirked a brow, thinking about the answer carefully. A little voice in the back of her brain kept interrupting, pointing out the woman looked busy and seemed less than sociable. But then again, Kristofer's bright eyes loomed large in her mind's eye, distracting her all over again...

"Um, I know my friend has... liked this man for a very long time, but I think she's kinda scared to tell him how she feels without knowing how he feels..." Nancy tried to explain through the persisting pretext that her interest was still purely for a friend. "Yanno, it'd ruin the friendship if she got it all wrong, right?" the other woman finished with a nervous chuckle.

"Uh, yeah, I got the special order this morning and I had to come into the city so I figured I'd drop it off. Here ya go!" she cheerfully held the box out to the red-haired owner with a sheepish look on her face, feeling like a child being caught out in a lie...


"That's not a rare east austrian flower so that's not for me. As for your 'friend'? Maybe you should send them in to see me. I work miracles."

Mindy G

"... A rare Australian wha.... oh!" Nancy was distracted and it took her brain a few seconds to catch up with the joke. "Oh, no, no, it's the replacement second gear. For the Ford?" The homely blonde quirked a brow, starting to suspect she might have written the wrong address down. Her cellphone had started beeping at 6:30AM and she did jot it down with her eyes closed inside the cover of her romance novel on her bedside.... Uh oh...

"Um, look, you got me...." she sighed, her cheeks flaring up under her sun-kissed complexion. Shifting the box across her body to prop it on one hip, balanced by the underside of her wrist draped over its outer edge. "It's me, okay? There's no 'friend'...

"There's this guy who's really special to me, but... well, things are complicated, yanno? I know it's like cheating or something and you're not supposed to build relationships on lies..." She rolled her eyes up as she said it, as if she were reciting the rules verbatim from some book. "It's just, it's driving me crazy.... Things in my life are really bad right now and I'd just... I'd really like to get something right for once."

Nancy had always been a girl who wore her heart on her sleeve and she had always been a bad liar; her guilt got to her too quickly. As a result her reply got very personal very quickly, leaving her standing there surprised at her own words. Saying all of that aloud had felt cathartic...


Mordria quirked her brow. "I said Austrian, not Australian," she corrected to start with after the woman's tirade. "And I would never own a Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge," she added. "I drive a Toyota Avalon Hybrid," she advised the woman.

"As for your problem... well that's something I might be able to help with, however you'll have to be a little more specific."

Mindy G

Nancy murmured a bashful 'sorry' about the verbal misstep but it didn't take long for the mention of the Hybrid brought her back into her comfort zone: cars.

"Ooh, those older Hybrids can be a little thirsty for oil, but they're a good car."

Her eyes brightening to jasper with excitement, Nancy ran her fingers through her hair and tugged on her earlobe (another nervous tick- she was full of them). "Specifics? Right," she tried to think of what essential details she would need from someone calling about a strange knocking under their car and converted that to the essentials.

"Well, I guess I don't want something that's going to make him do anything he'd regret.... Or... Hey, is there something I could take, to see his aura or something? Try and figure out how he feels from that? I, uh, I kind of did a bit of reading when I was younger..." the blonde babbled before trailing off and nudging her box with the tow of her boot.

Now it was starting to feel less cathartic and more... embarrassing. Who knew all of this had been sitting on the back-burner of her subconsciousness?


"My favorite I call Veritaserum," Mordria smiled as she came around to the front to find the elixir it was a jab at the Harry Potter books/movies as that is what Snape called the very strong truth serum. "It's mixed with some extra items so after a few hours of truth, they take a nap and when they wake up they don't remember a thing. If they fall asleep though? You're out of luck and time. You can tell it's working when you ask them mundane things and they are more loose lipped about it. Normally I like to stick with, 'how was your day?' as it incites bad things and good things. Normally kicks in after about 20 minutes after ingestion and tastes like mint," she advised the woman.

Mindy G

Nancy was so stunned by the information that she stared dumbly at the red-head for several seconds after the mention of mint.

"... ... Wow... that..... sounds perfect actually!" she let the words out in a final rushing exhale, cracking a smile and another nervous laugh under her breath.

That damn little voice was still suggesting that she should head home about now, that she probably couldn't afford it...

"Uh, how much is it?" she asked, her voice dropping to a whisper as she leaned in to see the selected liquid.


"Thirty bucks and it's yours," the ingredients were cheap and Mordria was able to mix is regularly.

Mindy G

"Th- really? Oh my god, hold on a sec..." Nancy stuffed her hand into her jeans back pocket, pulling out a series of notes and quickly sorting out the correct amount.

"I'd love to take one, please!" she declared, holding out the notes with a grin.


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