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No Word Count // 3-3-3 Rating

Dead Before Daylight is an Alternate Universe Urban Fantasy role play in a world where supernatural creatures and humans exist side by side – at least, some of them do. Creatures like witches, pixies and satyrs live and work as openly as any human. They commonly hold positions of power in government and are afforded every right and protection.

Other creatures are not so lucky. Those believed threats to humankind and other benign creatures are still persecuted and oppressed. Beings like vampires and werewolves are still forced to live largely in hiding, as they are not afforded the protections of law.

Such blacklisted creatures have created a haven for themselves in the small city of Dawnbreak; but their sanctuary is becoming increasingly threatened by the arrival of outsiders. In the meantime a menacing power is lurking in the forests and increasingly beginning to threaten the town as people begin to go missing, and mangled bodies are beginning to be discovered in and around the woodlands.


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Peta Lewis
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Crocodylus Sapien
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Pauline Nordin
- Playby -
Crocodile Appearance
Scale Color: While most Saltwater Crocodiles are a lighter shade of mottled brown Peta's dorsal area is darkly shaded, almost black. The striped pattern in her hide is barely seen against the sooty accents.

Eye Color: Jasper/Brown

Description: Her reptile form is as large and muscular as ever, measuring 20ft from nose to tip. Even though the structure of their jaws do not allow for the expression, she always seems to be grinning when parting her maw lined with rows of teeth.

Human Appearance
A statuesque woman of intimidating height and solid muscle, Peta is heavily defined, tanned and dark-haired. Possessing an oval-shaped face, straight nose and high cheekbones her thick eyebrows are always neatly groomed and she wears dramatic make-up. Preferring to heavily paint her lashes and line her brown eyes thickly with gothic black, her ochre complexion is naturally clear and she forgoes a lot of foundation. She is only just starting to form laugh lines and when she smiles she has light crows feet.

Her biceps, abs and thighs are chiselled with powerful musculature which would put most men her age to shame. There are calluses on her knuckles under the inkwork there and her nails are usually painted in bold colors such as black or metallic silver.

She has a grunge/metal style of fashion, seen in ripped, skin-tight jeans, tank tops and multi-buckled boots as a default. Her favorite t-shirt is a ripped AC-DC band tank. She accessories with large, skull rings, belted wrist cuffs, chain chokers and colored studs to compliment her multiple piercings.

Both ears have 10mm ear gauges in the lobe, with the right sporting a second, smaller 5mm gauge higher on the lobe and four helix rings. The left has a stud higher on the lobe, a ring at the tip of the helix and a stud in her targus.

A black star constellation of the Southern Cross is on the right side of her neck and a flower bloom wraps the front of her throat, centered on the dip of her clavicle. She had calligraphy font printed underneath which says: 'Do Not Go Gentle'.

A full sleeve in Balinese style with a Barong mask featuring on her large bicep covers her right arm. She has a lace cuff in intricate detail wrapping her other forearm and a patch of scales on top of her left hand. Her fingers below the first knuckle are marked with one gothic letter per finger- from left hand to right they read: G A M E O V E R.

A tribal crocodile climbs up the back of her right calf, barbed wire encircles her left ankle and a Muay Thai dojo emblem of two tigers stamps her left thigh. Hearts are hung in the corner of each hipbone and a filigree design frames under her breasts, with a pair of boxing gloves on the inner upper curve of her left cleavage.

Peta's back is dominated by a life-sized skeleton ribcage, spine and pelvis with pink and red flowers blooming through it.

Height: 6'3ft

Weight: 172lbs

Pauline Nordin
- playby -
Peta is a passionate woman and people either love her or hate her at first encounter. Bombastic and projecting a nonchalant demeanor full of sarcasm, devil-may care and larakin-ness, she drinks hard, gets in trouble and curses vulgarly. But underneath all her rough edges is a good person.

Brutally honest to a fault, she voices her opinion bluntly and without care for its reception. Peta is the first to admit she wasn’t ‘university material’, but she takes pride in her street smarts. Her sense of humor is dark and often at others expense. But to the few and far between she trusts she is a steadfast, loyal and fierce friend.

Peta has a nasty temper. She has a criminal record for a few cases of assault and is capable of incredible savagery when thoroughly riled. It is a small mercy that she cools down as quickly as she boils.

Peta is sexually aggressive and identifies as ‘butch’ or dominant when it comes to other women. She is often attracted to petite and feminine women, having a self-confessed ‘thing for the itty-bitty ones’. Very much like her reptile counterpart she is a casual toucher and seduces through closeness, usually using her impressive physique to her advantage. Likewise, she is very territorial and once she has her eye on a girl she is intensely possessive.

Positive Traits
  • Passionate
  • Determined
  • Negative Traits
  • Nasty Temper
  • Dominant
  • History
    Peta was the only child-- and a mistake at that-- of a former prostitute named Amanda Gillespie and Brian Lewis, an amateur Golden Gloves Boxer. And alpha of the Boonah Fang Bask.

    A by-product of their brief relationship while Brian was living and training in Queensland during his career, their marriage was far from perfect and disintegrating fast. Her father only paid attention to her when he was forced to bring the child to boxing meets on the nights Amanda was too drunk to be trusted. When Peta was six Amanda accidentally over-dosed on sleeping pills and wine, leaving Brian with sole custody of the child.

    Brian had never disclosed his double life within the Bask to Amanda, knowing the woman would not be able to handle the reality of it. He had hoped Peta had skipped the Shifter gene, as he now he found himself looking after her full time with no support from Amanda’s family and the Bask wanting nothing to do with his daughter unless she proved to be one of them. He considered putting her up for adoption, wrestling with the sense of guilt, until he finally decided to put his boxing career on hold to take care of her. From that point on he quietly resented Peta and treated her like punishment for his actions with Amanda…

    No longer able to prize fight, he took up a job training fighters at a gym in Brisbane and moved them into the city to be closer to his bask. Peta spent a lot of time at the gym watching and soon started skipping school to hang around. No matter how many times Brian would bellow at her when he found her there, ordering her home or back to school, Peta kept coming. She even asked him to train her and Brian immediately refused.

    But one of his students and fellow Alpha noticed the eager girl and decided to pass some moves along behind the old boxer’s back: Kelly Buchanan was the only female werecroc at the gym and Peta had developed a kind of hero worship for the strong, powerful woman.

    In her freshman year of highschool Peta hit puberty and it was a hard time for nearly the whole neighborhood. She was getting into fights in school and one parent even wanted to press charges on the teenager after she put another boy in hospital for picking on a friend. It became clear she had inherited the scales and if it had not been for his grandmother, Donna, taking the new cow under her tutelage she would have ended up in prison.

    In defiance of her father, Peta dropped out of Year 10 highschool and started openly training as a boxer, right under her father’s nose. Brian was furious at first but when Buchanan and a few of his other students threatened to leave if he kicked his daughter out, he relented. He couldn’t afford to lose the majority of the gym members and knew it would cost him his job.

    Once she started training, even Brian was surprised at how naturally she took up the sport and began to focus his attentions on her in earnest. He convinced her to go back to school, although her attendance was always patchy and Peta began to branch out her interests into local karate dojos and amateur competitions.

    By the time she was fourteen, Peta had moved into MMA and was fighting in exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne. An moody teenager, she was easy to provoke and got into a number of altercations with rival competitors outside the ring which put her career in jeopardy a few times and earned her a nasty reputation.

    In her mid-teens Peta had a brief relationship with a young man, but the experience left her cold and she quickly figured out that her attraction to other females was significant. She had gone out with Shane because it was what she thought was expected of her, but had felt nothing for him or any guy. She realized the aggressive urges she had wanted from him were actually projections of her own desires and as she started to explore her feelings towards other girls she identified as a lesbian. While she was comfortable with her sexuality in her usual defiant attitude, she did not display it around the circuits or use it as a gimmick to draw attention to herself. She was careful to date girls outside the fighting community, but did not hold onto a steady girlfriend for some years.

    As soon as Peta turned eighteen she entered into the professional MMA tournament circuit and quickly made a name for herself as a vicious and tenacious opponent. This was the same year she met Alicia Harris…

    It was love at first sight as far as Peta was concerned: the blonde caught her attention as a waitress at a local coffee shop in Sydney while she was there for a match. For nearly three months during the competition season, every time the fighter was near Sydney she took any chance to frequent the coffee shop, taking any opportunity to strike up conversation with the young woman. Finally her frustration won out over her patience and Peta asked Alicia on a date. She accepted and dinner and a movie turned into the beginning of a relationship that had both women smitten.

    Peta found peace and stability in Alicia that helped temper her anger and she worshiped her lover with a deep devotion she had never felt towards another person in her entire life. Of course the revelation of her dual nature was alien and difficult for Alicia to process, but she, like everything else in their shared life, she was supportive of Peta within the Bask.

    As Peta entered her early twenties and worked her way up the pro-tournament ladder with an eye on heading into the American circuit, she and Alicia moved into an apartment together in Sydney and began to build a life together. Peta encouraged Alicia to pursue her passion for music and song writing, always in the front row during open mic nights. And although she worried for her girlfriend in the ring, Alicia was always just outside the cage at every match.

    As her twenty-fifth birthday was approaching, Peta planned to take a vacation to Bali where she intended to ask Alicia to marry her in a private ceremony. But before she had time to ask, tragedy struck the night after Peta won her first semi-finalist match...

    As she, Alicia and her father were leaving the venue an obsessed fan followed them to their car and attacked Peta. From the very first second even the trained woman was no match for the assailant: their strength incredible. She never realized it at the time but the fan was one of her own bask who had a crush on Peta since primary school and could not accept her happiness with Alicia. Her father was roaring an inhuman sound as he fought to keep the attacker back and her girlfriend bravely grabbed the steering wheel lock as Peta had her head rammed through the roof of a car, sliding from consciousness...

    Peta woke up three days later in hospital, her great-grandmother there to give her the terrible news. Alicia had been killed and her father was on life support in the next room.

    It gutted Peta, especially when they would not allow her to see her Alicia's body- the elders were traditional and observed Aboriginal death customs, posthumously accepting the Human into the Bask. Even the funeral was a closed casket. And so too was Brian's after they turned off the machines a week later.

    The attack not only robbed her of her loved ones but also ruined her career. Blood tests taken during her recovery had been leaked to the AFC MMA Board. Although it could not be identified which drug she had been using the strange chemistry of her supernatural blood loaded with adrenaline among other substances had her disqualified from the sport. Life Ban.

    Feeling depression try to drag her down, she decided to get out of the country for a while. Her first thought was to go to Bali, but now without Alicia the idea sounded horrible. She had always wanted to see Las Vega, so America became her back-up destination.

    Then she tried Los Angeles, Texas and the South, moving from city to city and never staying for long in one place. She assumed a mobile lifestyle with an old Roadtrek motorhome and started to enjoy a little more freedom in the States than back in her native country. Her depression receded under the surface, giving way to some of the snarky wit she used to employ and she started gathering all her hurt back behind her good, ol' cavalier indifference. She earns money by taking odd jobs or tracking down illegal fight clubs where she can in some cities...

    Finding herself deep in the North West after stirring up some trouble assaulting a cop in Juneau, Peta has decided to stop into Dawnbreak for a while and get lost in the local population…

    Brian Lewis, father (deceased) Amanda Gillespie, mother (deceased) Alicia Harris, girlfriend (deceased)
    - Other Characters -

    DragonBlue Brenda

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