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No Word Count // 3-3-3 Rating

Dead Before Daylight is an Alternate Universe Urban Fantasy role play in a world where supernatural creatures and humans exist side by side – at least, some of them do. Creatures like witches, pixies and satyrs live and work as openly as any human. They commonly hold positions of power in government and are afforded every right and protection.

Other creatures are not so lucky. Those believed threats to humankind and other benign creatures are still persecuted and oppressed. Beings like vampires and werewolves are still forced to live largely in hiding, as they are not afforded the protections of law.

Such blacklisted creatures have created a haven for themselves in the small city of Dawnbreak; but their sanctuary is becoming increasingly threatened by the arrival of outsiders. In the meantime a menacing power is lurking in the forests and increasingly beginning to threaten the town as people begin to go missing, and mangled bodies are beginning to be discovered in and around the woodlands.



 all my tears we washed away
She sat by the edge of the frozen water, finding comfort in the frigid temperatures. While her stepfather was exceedingly good to her, he hadn't been able to fill the mom-sized hole in her heart. It had been a hole that had been present from the time she had hatched. For someone who was supposed to be a sign of good luck, she seemed to bring nothing but bad luck. If her mother hadn't laid her, her mother might still be alive. It was such thoughts that kept her awake at night, despite the fact it had been two hundred and fifty years. She closed her eyes and sighed.

It was because of what had happened to her as an egg (and, arguably more importantly, what had happened to her mother) that her father had deemed it appropriate to uproot their lives to come here. She still wasn't quite sure where here was, but she was sort of coping... Except not really. She hadn't gone on a rampage yet, so... bonus points, she supposed. She sighed and peered into the frozen surface of the water with tears stinging at her pale eyes. She couldn't believe any of this was actually happening. For fuck's sake... she lifted a hand to rub the back of her neck. She was a fierce and mighty warrior.

She had no time for emotions such as these. As crude as it might have been, she was a survivor and her mother wasn't, although... in all fairness to the memory of her dearly departed mother, without her sacrifice, her father might not have reached her in time to save her. Her chest ached and she buried her face into her knees, drawing in a shuddering breath. Her thoughts were a cruel and oftentimes repetitive cycle that she wished, above all else, would come to an end. The cold gathered around her and even though she was immune to some of its more adverse effects, she pulled her jacket tighter around herself. The cold had never really bothered her, but the human cage she was imprisoned in certainly didn't make things any easier. Oh, how she wanted to be able to spread her wings... but, alas, such things were not meant to be for the moment.

Judas Callian

Winter was his least favorite season. For a multitude of reasons. Number one being it was damn cold. He much preferred the summer months. Winter was a necessary evil though, and in these months after a long shift he much preferred to come home to his secluded property and stay there until he had to leave again. Sit by the fire with something good to read or some other quiet and fairly stationary activity. With the exception of cooking dinner, which Judas had taken an interest in recently. Recent being relative in his life. He liked to think he was good.

Family dinners were in fact important enough to roust him from his reading. He made a point of keeping family traditions, especially meals. So when Addie wasn't at home when he got back from his shift, and even a bit after she still wasn't home, an easily worried Judas had given in to his concern. Bundled up as he could be to combat the cold, he headed out to find her. Well, he had a strong feeling he knew where she would be. She wasn't exactly the type to be out socializing. Not unless she had made some dramatic change in the last week or so.

Quietly he approached from behind, his hands in his pockets to keep warm. He let out a relieved sigh as he saw her quite predictably by the frozen lake. "Addie, He started as he approached, giving her a somewhat concerned look. He knew that it was nearing her hatchday... And thus the anniversary of... Well an event he'd rather not think of had just passed. It was a difficult time for both of them. For the whole family. Things that could never be forgotten. "How long have you been out here?" He asked her with obvious concern despite the attempt at a smile on his face.

Adrasteia Callian

She lifted her head from her knees and offered a weak smile, though it didn't come close to reaching her icy blue gaze. "Long enough." She said simply, slowly rising to her full and rather unimpressive height of 5'2". "What brings you out here, though, father? You hate the cold." She murmured, head tilting slightly, as she eyed him with concern in her eyes. Had something happened to send him out looking for her, or was it just the desire to know where she was that had sent him traipsing into the cold?

She would bet it was the latter. He was, after all, trying to smile and he didn't seem at all upset. She moved closer to him, folding herself into his embrace and tucking her head gingerly against his shoulder. "How was work? Did everything go okay?" She couldn't possibly fathom doing what he did, even if they did live in a small town. She got along better with animals than with people, in any case, so her profession was bound to have her working with animals.

She wiped her eyes on his jacket and sighed quietly. She wanted to voice her thoughts to him but in that moment, she couldn't find the words to do so. She opted for silence as she waited for his response. It wasn't always easy being a dragon. Much like with the wolves, there was a sort of hierarchal system in place and one had to respect their elders or risk being beaten down. Her mouth felt dry and for a few moments more, she looked out over the water's glistening, frozen surface. "We should head home, so you don't catch a chill..." She finally stated, leaving minimal room for argument.

Judas Callian

Long enough. Judas could agree with that. His protective side didn't quite want her too long out here despite the fact that he knew she was a capable fighter. Maybe it wasn't so much danger but loneliness he feared for her. He removed his hands from his pockets despite the instant biting cold and gave a shrug in her direction. "Don't hate it more than your average human," He admitted to her. It was a lack of comfort more than anything else.

He supposed closeness was as much a cure for the cold as it was the heart and well she seemed to need a little of both. He reached his arms around her in embrace, watching the steam off his breath as he paused to answer. Work wasn't entirely relevant. He gave a slight shrug at her question. "Work was alright. I only had to chase down one human child today." He tried to lighten up with a half chuckle. Although the term child had a loose definition, as most humans in general were mere children to Judas. "It wasn't a shift alone either," he wouldn't normally admit, but he did actually like working with his fellow officers most days over working alone.

"I came to see if you would be joining us for dinner tonight," He finally informed her after she came to her own conclusion that they needed to go home. Gently he shifted a strand of hair from her face after he released his grip on her. "Any particular reason you were out here?" He asked.

Adrasteia Callian

She sighed and shrugged her shoulders. "Thoughts of mother, mostly... Niko is amazing, and I love him as much as I do you, but..." She trailed off with a limp shrug of her shoulders. What she couldn't bring herself to say was plainly obvious. Even without having known her mother, she missed her. "Did you ever blame me for mother's passing?" She couldn't fathom how he didn't, even if only because there were times when she blamed herself.

Nobody had forgotten that their matriarch was gone, and she doubted anybody had forgotten - or forgiven - the fact she had died to protect her egg. She couldn't blame anyone for holding it against her. Truthfully, there were times she held it against herself. The only thing keeping her in Dawnbreak was her driving desire to be around her family. Her job kept her fairly busy and when she wasn't working, she was right where she was now. It was easy to lose track of time, apparently. She had been absorbed in her thoughts to the point where she hadn't even noticed her father's presence until he had spoken.

She sighed quietly and closed her eyes. "Of course I'll be joining you for dinner... And I'm glad to see a human can bring you such humor. They are rather... Peculiar." She hadn't met one yet who didn't somehow rub her wrong but perhaps, she was just getting a bit grumpy in her old age. She had lived two and a half human lives and would, with any luck, live many more. "Dare I ask why you were chasing said human?" She inquired, wishing she could do something to help warm up her father but much like the season she had hatched in, she wasn't particularly good with anything even remotely related to warmth.

Judas Callian

A frown fell over his face, his attempt at a light hearted anusement at the humans expense didn't quite bring a smile to his daughter's face. He should have expected that it wouldn't bring her any pleasant thoughts in this time of year. Heck not in any time of year really, he found significantly more amusement in humanity than his daughter seemed to. He looked away though, the subject which instead plagued her thoughts becoming far more important than his little story of chasing some petty thief today. He ran his hand over his head, letting out a deep breath as he examined her expression. "He's not a mother." He finished for her, though his voice was quiet.

Her question brought a piercing pain to his heart. A guilt that he might have possibly even made her feel that way. If anyone were to blame... he was there. He was supposed to be the protector. The family depended on him and he had let them down. There was an obvious hesitance to even respond to the question as Judas who normally had a lot to say was left quiet, biting his lip as he thought through what he could tell her. What she might believe. Biting back his own guilt for her pain. For her mother's pain before her passing. There were too many nights he awoke with the memory of her yells. And women Niko in the process.

"The human decided he was too good to pay for the items in his pockets... it was not much. Easy to catch..." He trailed off, delaying the more important subject.

He gave her a shake of his head as he realized he couldn't avoid it. That the interpretation of that choice would be worse than if he used the wrong words for such a delicate subject. "There was not a moment. Not a moment you were to blame, Adrasteia." He insisted with certainty and despite his previous hesitation he managed to look her in the eyes. "Anyone who dares to say you were..." He trailed off, but there was a tenderness in his jaw. Except the one responsible for the thoughts in her head, well, was mostly herself. And that he could not fight so well.

Adrasteia Callian

Confusion shone in her pale eyes, though she didn't respond for what seemed to her like an eternity. "... How can you not blame me for what happened, father?" She asked with a sort of numbness enshrouding her heart. She hated to think what would have happened to her, had she gone on a rampage like she was often tempted to do whenever she was upset. The only thing that stopped her from razing the place, truth be told, were thoughts of how it would affect her family. She wasn't entirely selfish or cold, contrary to popular belief. In fact, she had a good heart, though it often hurt.

Still, when her father's words about the human sunk in, she could only bring herself to nod. A small, but more genuine, smile touched her lips and she shrugged her jacket off, deciding to drape it over her father for added warmth. The cold was her element, and she thrived in it. During the warmer months, it wasn't uncommon to see her seated in front of fans and the like. She only wore the jacket in the colder months to help her better blend in with humans, but... Truthfully, she had no use for it, outside of that. Her thoughts drifted idly and as they did, she pondered what she was going to do with herself. It wasn't all too often that she had time to herself and so when she was alone, she tended to focus too heavily on things she had no business focusing on.

She nuzzled her cheek into her father's shoulder, closing her eyes. To say the least, she was her father's daughter. She was also as much Niko's daughter as she was Judas's. She didn't have to be biologically Niko's to recognize that. He had, after all, raised her. She missed the days when she'd been a hatchling. Things had been much simpler and she hadn't been bogged down by thoughts that prevented her from creating a life for herself.

Judas Callian

How could he blame his daughter?

The question which Judas' heart begged to ask her. The beautiful gift of a daughter that his wife had brought to the family. Precious. Wonderful. The last thing his love had given to him. And oh how excited she had been. How she always got with their eggs no matter how many times things didn't work out or they struggled. Despite the fact that this egg had come in winter, the most precarious of seasons for nesting, his wife's optimism had been contagious. Her adoration for their coming daughter had been unmatched and he made a careful effort to remember that image. Of his darling so enamored with the egg and happy as she ever could be.

It was a many times improved memory over his wife's desperate screams in his mind, and the image of the scene he had come upon when he arrived. Too late to save her. Judas had flown into a blind rage. Torn the thieving hunters to shreds and it still felt far too generous. Even today. But that was the thing about it. The culprits whose crimes caused their pain were long gone. Burned and continuing to burn in whatever form of damnation after death actually existed.

His wife had loved Addie with her last breath. Protected her with her own life, and Judas would have done the same.

"That is what family does, Addie. Protect each other." Judas carefully took the jacket, but didn't quite bundle up how she intended. He was more worried about her than his own comfort. He wrapped his arm around her back, having intended to head home but in the moment allowing himself to be still. "You were an egg. Our precious winter gift... I cannot blame you for the crimes of a few vile and selfish humans." He said, his voice soft and his hold on her tightening just slightly in assurance.

Adrasteia Callian

She could feel tears start to gather in her eyes when her father tried to reassure her. It did help, but it didn't completely chase her demons away. In fact, it just made her even more confused and it was in those moments that she whimpered quietly. It wasn't a loud sound, but it was a sound that gave her away. Her brow knitted slightly, and she sighed quietly. "I just wish I'd gotten to see her - know her - is all..." She said quietly, shaking her head slightly.

She knew her mother's warmth as an egg and could still hear her softly spoken words as she chattered on to her egg but the latter was more like a distant dream ingrained in her memory. "... Before the hunters came, she was happy, right? I mean... You were both happy, right?" She hesitated, tilting her head back to look up at her father as a couple of tears slid down her pallid features. She normally wasn't one for crying so being so overcome by emotion didn't sit well with her. "Did she smile a lot?" It was probably a silly question to anyone who might have been on the outside, listening in.

She thought her mother smiled a lot, but she couldn't be too sure of that. As an egg, she'd only been privy to two things and while she couldn't remember the words her mother had spoken, she knew the woman's voice. As a child, she had often envisioned her mother's voice telling her stories, rather than the voices of her fathers, although she never admitted to such things. In fact, growing up, she had shown kindness and consideration for others. It hadn't been until the hole in her heart had all but consumed her that she'd grown cold and started to question everything, including the validity of her own existence. All of her family members, as far as she could tell, were protective of the baby in the family and in essence, her mother's legacy. Her mother had given her life to protect her, after all, and she often feared she wasn't living up to the life her mother had probably wanted for her.

Judas Callian

Judas gave a soft and sympathetic frown, and gently he reached to rub his thumb over her cheek softly, looking into his daughter's eyes. He left out a deep breath. Understanding what she meant... he could not imagine not having met his own mother. Even if in the grand length of his life she had been present for barely any of it. Although he had lost both of his parents at the same time he had known them. The good and the bad.

"Oh darling, she was so happy." Judas assured her, giving a sad little smile to her. "We were happy, Addie. And oh you should have seen her face light up when she talked about you. It was the most gorgeous of smiles that could light up the whole room. You, my darling, were everything to her. Each hatchling was the most important thing in the world for her. I should have been better for her... she was always such the optimist and me, well. She rubbed off on me eventually. She kind of was that way." Judas admitted to her. Goodness his love had been the best thing to ever happen to Judas. His life would be a much darker place had she passed sooner...

Adrasteia Callian

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