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Supernatural beings have long been known in this world. Many exist, and even rule, among humans.

There are others still persecuted.



 Kelor's Rambling Plotting, aka plot with Judas
I will preface this by saying Kel is really bad at plotters but I felt like I needed to put one up here.

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Judas generally exhibits some kind of positivity in town. He tends to have good relations with most locals, and even some who he often runs into having to arrest can still be under a more positive or neutral title in his mind. Dependent on the crime itself and an individual's behavior. His police colleagues are high on the list of people he might consider his friends. After his family, of course, who are Judas' highest priority. He is severely loyal and protective, and in terms of his family he can actually be forgiving. There are particular officers in the department who he might see as effectively family. While he will always choose blood first, they are close. Likely some of the few invited to his home as Judas is very big on privacy. He is a kind of guy who the locals can ask for help on almost anything and he will provide if he can.

As he has watched almost everyone in the town grow up, natives will often see his friendlier side. While visitors and new arrivals may get a smile, but a far more practiced style of social pleasantries. He tolerates ignorant and visiting humans, and acts like the representative of the department that he should be. But there is a lack of warmth to it as this is friendliness because he needs to, rather than wants to. But his trust and more personal behavior can be earned if one cares enough to do so. He tries not to get too close to mortal creatures though as he does not take loss well.


Judas likely has a few. Between his long life, his profession, and status as non-human he is bound to have enemies and less than positive relationships. He himself has a particular distrust of humans and, in particular, hunters. It is not an instant hatred, but rather skepticism. This exhibits as more of careful attention paid to these individuals until they have proven themselves. Even still there is likely doubt. His skepticism is not an absolute though, as he can be proven wrong on an individual basis. And he himself doesn't do his job any less for them, but may be a little impersonal at first. He does not get along with any who intentionally cause harm to others. Cruel supernaturals give them all a bad name among the moral issues, and cruel hunters are well... cruel and not only are they hurting people but he also still holds a grudge about those who hunted down and killed his first love. Criminal elements will always be included on this list, and generally any threat to Dawnbreak and it's citizens. He is loyal and protective of them. To a level that Judas will fight and kill if necessary to defend them.

His pride and confidence can often put people off, as can his unwillingness to sacrifice his morals for anyone else's cause. (With the exception of bending around the law to protect the people of the town). He doesn't change his mind all too easily and can be considered stubborn, so often finds himself at odds with people for this fact. Even if not quite "enemy" level negativity. He also does not take well to disrespect and can often hold a grudge for even small rude behavior. On some subjects his pride will keep him from giving forgiveness. This is particularly noticeable for those who take action against his family.


As he is already married, and happily so, romance is out of the question for Judas. Unless of course you're Niko, then their relationship is strong. Other than that honestly he's been through a lot and experienced a ton so I'm open for any sort of plots. Positive and negative. Lasting or not. There will be a Callian family want ad at some point. He is the patriarch of the Callian family and flock of dragons so family issues are his as well to deal with.

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