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Welcome to Dawnbreak, Alevskaya. We are a small fishing and farming community that has long sought to remain in touch with our natural surroundings. It’s a quiet, close knit town for the most part. The locals can be a little rough, but they’re friendly enough once they warm up to you. However, odd things are known to happen around town. Every now and again mutilated corpses crop up near or within the forest, and it isn’t uncommon for citizens to disappear for weeks at a time – if they return at all. Those who do know what’s happening certainly aren’t telling, but rest assured we’ve got everything under control. You’ll do fine here – assuming you don’t cause us any trouble, understood?
- Mayor Elijah Holiday



 SITE EVENT - DIVISION X, The FBI is coming to Dawnbreak

True to the suspicions of many a conspiracy theorist, government agencies are - in fact - commonly aware of the existence of such creatures; and invest much resource into keeping their existence as quiet as possible. Of course, towns like Dawnbreak pose a special kind of threat to this goal with so many common citizens being aware of their presence; and after the mass disappearance in wake of the Solstice… well, the suits are less than thrilled, to put it lightly.

No longer confident in the Dawnbreak PD’s ability to keep a handle on events, a team of agents has been sent to town to integrate with the department and survey what has led to this severe lapse of responsibility. Their task in the sleepy little town will be to canvas the goings on, investigate these disappearances and determine whether or not further intervention will be necessary - but in a region known for turning a cold shoulder to outsiders, they’ve got their work cut out for them. Agents (8):

  • Emmet - Team Coordinator [Human]
  • Charlotte Daniels - MI5 Consultant [Skinwalker]
  • Dagonet Marcianus [Werewolf]
  • Claimed - Character WIP
  • OPEN
  • OPEN
  • OPEN
  • OPEN

    Dawnbreak Sleeper Agents (3)

  • OPEN
  • OPEN
  • OPEN

    Members interested in creating an agent for this plot simply post here to claim a slot. There will be eight total team slots available to begin with, as well as three “sleeper” positions held by citizens of Dawnbreak. Sleeper agents can be pre-existing or newly created characters.

    Agents may be human or supernatural!

  • I'm making my claim for a FBI Agent as my first character.

    Alright! Slot is claimed for ya.

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