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Supernatural beings have long been known in this world. Many exist, and even rule, among humans.

There are others still persecuted.



Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Asche Malakov Witch 12-April 18 8
Eleanor Hollis Witch 1-July 17 2
Gray Hayes Witch 29-October 17 12
Greyson Proctor Witch 27-June 17 10
Gwyneira Alden Witch 27-June 17 7
Honey Thomas Witch 11-April 18 0
Karina Rodin Witch 19-September 17 1
Mordria Nemes Witch 12-February 18 0
Rowan Proctor Witch 6-September 17 62
William Bishop Witch 21-September 17 26
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