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Supernatural beings have long been known in this world. Many exist, and even rule, among humans.

There are others still persecuted.



Evelyn Marx played by this person

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Whilst still a young woman, she is the oldest of her siblings and so her youthful glow has developed into something mature and refined. As refined as a nineteen year old drug addict could get, anyhow. Most would call her figure beautiful - statuesque - the sort you'd see in swimsuit magazines or fashion shows. The kind that'd probably cause others to have self-esteem issues by just looking at her, though that might be stroking her ego.
Nobody should really do that.

Claiming a height of 5'3" might put off that image, but it's quickly fixed with platform boots and all the dark makeup you could imagine, which makes her blue-gray eyes shine in contrast. Darker clothing also helps, complimenting her pallid skin and creamy blonde hair, which she almost never cuts, preferring layers instead. Her eyebrows probably get more attention than her hair, ever being plucked to perfection. High cheekbones, a slight nose, and pinkened plush lips feign innocence, and while she might be ignorant to some things, with a body like hers - you can bet she knows how to have a good time.

The dark clothing she wears, which takes either a grunge or gothic fashion depending on her mood, is often used as a tactic to get folks' to leave her alone. She has a terrible social anxiety and so avoids people when she can. Ironically enough, this tends to only draw people in more. Suppose it's her fault really...who could ever ignore those raccoon eyes?

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