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Supernatural beings have long been known in this world. Many exist, and even rule, among humans.

There are others still persecuted.



Seth Redford played by this person

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Seth is a tall man with dark features – tanned skin, black hair, and dark brown eyes. His face is oblong in shape, sporting a defined, intensely expressive - though somewhat jutting - brow and high cheekbones with a defined chin but a weak jaw line. Narrow, arching brows rim round, dark eyes as well as a broad but long nose. Rarely clean shaven, Seth is most often seen with a well-groomed, but short, beard generally trimmed to give a little more strength to his jaw. He physically well-built specimen and in peak physical condition due to his line of work (and sense of vanity, prompting an almost religious exercise routine), and has a cock-sure and domineering manner of movement.

Coat Color: Gray/Brown phased black Eye Color: - Red/Brown

Description: In his lupine guise, Seth is heavily reminiscent of his human figure. He is a powerfully built specimen with a blocky head, thick muzzle, and a broad, scarred chest. His coat is thick and richly colored, comprised primarily of an amalgamation of blacks and deep, earthy variations of brown. In the right light, hues of red-orange and blonde become visible within the darker portions of his fur, and his shoulders and various other regions of his figure are highlighted by lines of silver-gray.

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