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Supernatural beings have long been known in this world. Many exist, and even rule, among humans.

There are others still persecuted.



Red Redford played by this person

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  • Seth "Red" Redford SrNickname
  • WerewolfSpecies
  • MaleGender
  • 54Age
  • No InformationRelationship Status
  • HeteroSexuality


Like most of the men in his family, Red is a large and powerfully built man. Standing at 6’5”, he towers over most people. Barrel chested and thickly muscled, he’s just as capable in middle age as he was as a younger man – though his figure certainly shows the wear and tear of years; Red is heavily scarred from his time held captive. His hair is dark brown, almost black in coloration, and his eyes are a deep hazel-brown framed by bushy eye brows. Facially, he is strong features with a rectangular shape, strong jawline and prominent chin. He often has a thick shadowing along his jaw, or a short, neatly trimmed beard.

Height/Weight - 6'5" / 220

Hair Color/Eye Color - Brown/Hazel-Brown

As a wolf, Red is a bulky, intimidating beast with a thick, blocky head, thick muzzle, and a deep, barreled chest marred by battle scars. Despite the marring across his body, his coat is thick and intricately colored with an amalgamation of blacks, sable, and a variety of hues and shades of brown. Hues of red-orange and even blonde also become visible in the right light, and his withers, haunches, and face are highlighted by lines of silver-gray. In this form especially, it is very clear that he is the younger Seth’s father with very little variation in appearance beyond size.

Wolf Pelt/Eye Color - Black/Hazel

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