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No Word Count // 3-3-3 Rating

Dead Before Daylight is an Alternate Universe Urban Fantasy role play in a world where supernatural creatures and humans exist side by side – at least, some of them do. Creatures like witches, pixies and satyrs live and work as openly as any human. They commonly hold positions of power in government and are afforded every right and protection.

Other creatures are not so lucky. Those believed threats to humankind and other benign creatures are still persecuted and oppressed. Beings like vampires and werewolves are still forced to live largely in hiding, as they are not afforded the protections of law.

Such blacklisted creatures have created a haven for themselves in the small city of Dawnbreak; but their sanctuary is becoming increasingly threatened by the arrival of outsiders. In the meantime a menacing power is lurking in the forests and increasingly beginning to threaten the town as people begin to go missing, and mangled bodies are beginning to be discovered in and around the woodlands.



 Crash, TAG: Dixon
The dusk was still warmed by the sunlight slowly evaporating from the earth and the cooler night air had yet to settle on the forest. It was the kind of thaw weather that made smells vibrant, especially the juniper tang of the pines which reminded her of the mountains of her homeland. She was so enticed that she shed her skin and streaked into the woods in her white fox form to leap over logs and dart through the trunks.

Her path led her along a few well-worn trails she had begun to memorize- this one led her towards the airfield and cabin out in the middle of nowhere, otherwise known as the residence of a particular pilot...

She had started going in that direction since the incident that night when Noboru had come to the hangar, mostly to ease her own paranoia that there might be sentries surrounding the place. Tonight, like always, the outskirts of the field was clear and she caught no indication her people had been here for sometime.

In the shadows on the edge of the clearing she lingered, contemplating slipping inside the cabin to investigate. Not for any cautionary reason- she was merely curious what type of housekeeper the gruff man was...

Theme: 'Crashed' by Daughtry

No one really came out to the field without good reason.

Dixon flew supplies in and out for various retailers around town, but he usually went to their shops to take orders. More recently he'd finally established a web-primitive order system. People seemed to prefer that, so it made runs into town less frequent.

The wolf didn't mind. He enjoyed his solitary life. He made a living without too much interaction with people he didn't like. Kept a watch out on the land for his pack.

He was out simply enjoying the evening when the unfamiliar scent caught on the wind. Dixon halted, ears erect and nose tilting to the sky.

The wolf like beast was still for a long while, listening and measuring until a shift in the breeze revealed the scent of the fox.

Dixon prowled along the new scent trail, intent on ambushing the little beast spying on his home. Maybe this time he'd get some answers out of her.

Mindy G

The albino had not yet resolved to leave the safety of the treeline and cross the open cleared field to the cabin; she was well aware of her pale form would show up brightly in the moonlight. So she paced between the pine trunks, weaving in and out and even dragging the plume of her tail around the curve of the bark.

It was not until the smell of the wolf nearby reached her nostrils that she lost interest in the abode, now aware that its resident was not only out in the forest but was also in his lupine form. Intense curiosity sparked in her, drawing her mindlessly towards the aroma for a minute until she adopted a little more caution.

Her fox changed its gait from a hopping, almost carefree lope through the trees, now flattening the length of her sleek body by hunching her front shoulders, dropping her head and keeping her backside from rising with her steps. It was a definitive stalking silhouette, meant to sneak through the leaf litter with barely a sound. She dashed in short bursts, lingering in low shrubs or undergrowth to confirm the direction of the scent as she went.

To the wolf, it was clear the smell of the smell of the fox was coming closer, growing stronger until it was as if she was right on top of him.

In a matter of minutes, she practically was.

The fox stayed several yards away, on the other side of a rocky formation cropping up out from under the roots of a tilted tree. In the overhanging dark she crouched and watched. Her skin felt tingling and her heart was a little too quick with her excitement and anticipation: she was very interested in just how perceptive the wolf was and if he could find her. She would give him five minutes, she decided.

After that, Shinju was going to show him the consequences of not being aware of his surroundings...

♫Theme: 'Crashed' by Daughtry


Dixon padded along the scent trail, taking his time as he sniffed and listened. Like their common counter parts, fox-shifters were treacherous creatures known for back handed tricks. At least, that was the impression the werewolf had gained over the years.

He prowled attentively, ears twisting towards the various sounds of the forest. His muzzle wrinkled back, briefly exposing the tips of broad fangs. Again the wolf stopped and rose on his hind legs, bracing a massive paw against a tree on his left.

She was down wind of him.

Vivid yellow eyes skimmed the surroundings as the wolf sought to discern where the fox was hiding. He knew such a small creature could wedge into places a beast like him could not. Dixon took careful not of any place she could have been concealing herself.

A minute or so passed before the wolf felt certain he'd found her.

He dropped his paw from the tree trunk and stepped back, turning off in the opposite direction. It appeared as though the creature were leaving, though in reality he was merely slinking away to circle around - and hoping maybe the seeming retreat might lure her out.

Mindy G

The fox, from mere feet away, watched the wolf keenly search for signs of an attacker; it was enough that he was being cautious, he knew something was there. Whether or not he had recognized her scent however was unknown, unless she could count the way he curled his maw back from his teeth as a reaction...

As she drew in tighter to herself where she crouched, making a smaller target, Shinju could feel the breeze changing and the air becoming thicker. A fog was forming close to the ground tonight and if the fox could have smiled, she would have.

Just as the wolf turned its back as if to move on or perhaps avoid the scent, the fox sprung.

The breed of wereshifter was known for their quick speed and reflexes. The former Yakuza did not disappoint as she came bursting out from under the tree where she had hidden, the mist rolling apart around her as her streak of white dashed across the ground. She kept low and her feet were unseen in their rapid pace as she rushed straight for the wolf's back.

And she nipped him on the back of the hock!

It was a split second pinch, gone as quickly as it had come as the willowisp streak did not pause but instead kept going, the tip of the ivory plume of her tail disappearing into a thicket. She was running, the sounds of her paws on the dirt careless and twigs snapped as she flew past.

She was luring him to chase.

♫Theme: 'Crashed' by Daughtry


The sound of the fox's footfalls was almost indescribable until she was right up on him. Dixon felt the nip before he'd caught sight of the smaller creature. The wolf whipped around just in time to see her fleeing into the fog.

It was a little less of a game to the werewolf, who didn't particularly appreciate the invasion of his territory. With a low snarl he leaped off after the strange little fox that had suddenly bulldozed into his life and now he couldn't seem to shake.

Fortunately for Shinju it was much harder for the larger beast to maneuver. Dixon was agile, but it didn't compare to the fox.

Mindy G

The fox gave a warbling and chattering cry as it dashed through the pines ahead of the wolf. She was actually enjoying the adrenaline rush and wanted to see how far she could push the lycan. Her rational mind was justifying this as professional investigation- she was seeing if he was capable of going up against her similarly trained kinsmen if the worse came to the worse after the other night. But the fluttering in her chest as she scrambled around a fallen trunk had nothing to do with professionalism...

That fallen tree had clipped another smaller pine as it had cone down, half-splitting a bough to sit on the ground in a natural ramp. The slight fox flashed up the shaft as it crumbled apart under her feet and then raced along the branch. She sprung from its support to hit the side of another pine several feet away, launching off it almost the same moment her paws hit the bark. Her trajectory deposited her in the canopy several feet above the earth.

Biting a pine frong she ignored the sharp taste in her mouth and pulled it across to shield her pale body from the moonlight, red eyes glittering intently as they skittered over the ground below. She wanted to time her drop perfectly, land right on his back as he went under her hiding spot...


It took a bit of pushing for the wolf to keep up, but he at least had the sense to attempt predicting some of her movements rather than trying to keep up with every agile twist and turn. The longer it all drew out the more frustrated Dixon felt. He was starting to question whether or not this lengthy dash through the forest was even worth it when Shinju suddenly pulled out of sight.

Dixon growled and picked up his own pace, but wasn't quick enough to see the fox's ascent into the boughs. The wolf came skidding to a halt, kicking up a wave of pine needles and debris. His ears twitched and rotated. It had gone quiet.

Tail lashing at his haunches the wolf cast around, twisting in a circle to find no sign of her. She'd been running with the breeze so it was harder to smell her out.

She was hiding somewhere, that much Dixon was certain of. He'd have been able to hear if she were still running.

Finally he started to slink forward again, cautiously seeking sign of where she'd gone - unfortunately for Dixon he didn't think to look upwards for his quarry.

Mindy G

The only warning was the sudden rush of her heated scent and the whisper of the night air through her thick coat...

No sooner than the wolf had taken his first step under the pine than there was a series of pattering smacks on his backside, the strikes rushing up his spine. The final beat came right on top of his skull and the soft plume of her tail swept across his eyes as the tiny fox hit him in the face with it. Spring off his head, curling in mid-air with a chatter, the fox disappeared out of sight below the ridge of the gully, dropping into the fog swirling in the low land.

The ninja was beginning to thoroughly enjoy the smell of this wolf's frustration and it felt invigorating to indulge in this kind of cathartic burst. After everything that had happened in the few short weeks she had been in the town even the former wakagashira had been feeling pinned down by all the markers on the board.

For the time being there was no blood drawn and she assumed Dixon was not that serious. At least not yet. She planned to time it right, to apologize and draw it back from the brink of violence at the last moment; but for now she raced down into the gully panting gleefully...


The sudden impact, albeit nothing to a werewolf, drew a reactive snarl from the wolf. One that turned a little more furious as she came over his head. While she was still in the air Dixon lunged, powerful jaws snapping to drag the fox out of the air - teeth crashing loudly together over empty air just shy of her tail. She landed safely and bounded away.

In a family of hot blooded werewolves, Dixon was known for his temper and reactive nature. Realizing the bitch was toying with him rather than simply fleeing was infuriating. Where he might otherwise have given up the chase as they neared the property line, the wolf renewed the chase with fresh vigor as he sprinted after his quarry, sailing over the edge of the gully to land heavily below and continue the pursuit.

Mindy G

If Shinju had not been racing down the slope of the gully, unable to see more than mere inches in front of her pink nose, she might have savored the smell of his anger igniting. Her baser instincts were clamoring to the forefront of her brain, the inner fox trying to goad her into slipping beneath the surface of the primal pool inside.

Every Shifter imagined their animal side as something different and for Shinju it was a small, still pool deep inside her soul where the fox's reflection stared back at her...

Now she was feeling hungry, not for food, but for more of his reactions. It was a bad combination in conjunction with the physical attraction she had admitted to herself. She liked the way he smelt and she just might have been doing this solely for his attention. She was pulling his pigtails, so to speak. Usually the albino was composed and never took her flirting beyond suggestive remarks or brief stares. She had certainly never provoked a man because of her libido. She knew she should have slipped away off the property without aggravation, but she was buzzing with the chase and her judgement was having a hard time getting through to her.

The bottom of the gully had ice cold water sitting there and she yelped as her paws hit the thin vein of ice melt, splashing it up over her belly where it soaked her pelt and chilled her skin. He had the home advantage, and knowing the layout of the land would have been more useful to her than being able to out run him.

Instead of climbing back up the other side however, Shinju ran along the edge of the ditch, following its curve deeper into the forest. She was not to know she had unwittingly chosen the direction of the Savage River...

The water disrupted her scent, which was sweetened by her excitement where it pooled near the streamlet. She was not only toying with him, she was enjoying the hell out of it apparently. Her paws made wet strikes on the wet earth flooded by the water and the fog roiled in her wake, pointing out which way she had gone.

She was not running as fast now however, her gait could be heard to come differently through the dark. She was slowing down, letting him get closer...


If he had been told once not to let his temper get the better of him in a conflict then he had been told well over a thousand times. It was a lesson taught the hard way many times over - even in scuffles with younger relatives - that just never seemed to stick with the werewolf for long. And once again it had slipped his mind.

The fox continued to toy and goad, and Dixon only rose to the provocation.

She was also leading deeper into the werewolf's native range. In her spirited game moving deeper and deeper into lands Dixon knew better than the back of his own hand. The closer Shinju ran towards Savage River the more dangerous the game became.

Even in his growing fury Dixon's instinctual knowledge of the lay came forward. After a time he wasn't following her directly anymore. He was listening to the quiet footfalls, anticipating where she might go next.

As they neared steeper terrain the sounds of the werewolf's pursuit would suddenly stop. A brief moment of something as akin to clarity as such an angry beast could manage caused an abrupt shift in tactics as Dixon abruptly had the thought to pull a trick that wild foxes were notorious for - running a scent circle and back tracking along it.

He neared Shinju in the mists first before seeming to swing back around the other way.

The wolf back tracked, careful to keep in the water where no tracks could betray his intentions. Soon he was settled on a narrow ledge on the side of the ravine, dark coat blending with the shadows while he waited to see if the fox would dare wander back.

Mindy G

While the wolf might have been guilty of distraction by his anger, likewise, the fox had forgotten herself in the exhilaration of this game...

At first Shinju thought he would merely charge out of the mist at her, acting on that tight spring of fury she had wound up in him so tightly. But as she stood in the little streamlet, icy water dripping from the damp fur along her stomach, she heard no evidence of him coming.

The buzzing in her blood started to quieten down as doubt slid into her mind. She begun to second question which direction he might be in. She had never really been serious about eluding him, but nonetheless, she was not sure she was ready for this to end just yet...

Fearing he had regained some sense and turned around, going home, the white fox carelessly began backtracking along his scent trails. Although doubling back was a trick she herself had used multiple times, she was not thinking tactically right now. A large part of her wanted to be caught, wanted to see what the wolf had in him.

From his hiding point against the rock face her practically glowing form would have stood out like some ethereal forest spirit, floating through the mist as it bobbed and weaved closer to his location. Finally, less than twenty yards away, she stopped and lifted her head to the night air. Her face was twisted into as much confusion as the vulpine features could convey; brow buckled, ears cocked and eyes narrowed as she whipped her head around to watch the trees...


He laid low and waited.

At first there was only quiet. Nothing but droplets of mist whispering against leaves and earth.

It wasn't long before he heard velvet footfalls, though. Dixon's shoulders drew a little tighter as he gathered in wait. His gaze fixed in the direction of the sound.

The fog had grown thick. It took a time to see the white fox's movements inside.

The tips of the werewolf's fangs bared in triumph as she came closer still. He nearly quivered in wait.

When she finally moved below his perch Dixon lunged in a fluid movement. His paws came down on either side of the fox and he seized her by the back of the neck.

Mindy G

It was too quiet for his scent to smell so strong... As Shinju snuffed the earth gently and proceeded further along the trail she began to feel caution niggling at the back of her brain, starting to dampen the singing in her blood. It all felt like cooling down hot iron too fast and her chest clenched in response.

The white fox never saw his attack coming.

Her smaller body went down underneath his as he clamped down on the thick mane of hair at the back of her neck. She yelped and squealed, her back legs scrambling to try and lift herself up underneath him. She bared her teeth and played dirty.

The first few moist popping sounds were her knees reversing into the dirt and the thick, white fur began to rapidly shed from her body. The sound of her pained cry changed, becoming shrill, human and female. The long length of her snowy hair tangled around him and her smooth, white back heaved with pained gasps. Her pureblood allowed her to change her form quickly in a matter of moments and before she had even finished the shift, as soon as she had fingers, she reached up and seized a handful of the side of his neck through the fur.

Shinju was well versed in nerve points and she went for the one at the base of his skull. In wolf form or human it was bound to cause enough pain that he would release his jaws...


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