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No Word Count // 3-3-3 Rating

Dead Before Daylight is an Alternate Universe Urban Fantasy role play in a world where supernatural creatures and humans exist side by side – at least, some of them do. Creatures like witches, pixies and satyrs live and work as openly as any human. They commonly hold positions of power in government and are afforded every right and protection.

Other creatures are not so lucky. Those believed threats to humankind and other benign creatures are still persecuted and oppressed. Beings like vampires and werewolves are still forced to live largely in hiding, as they are not afforded the protections of law.

Such blacklisted creatures have created a haven for themselves in the small city of Dawnbreak; but their sanctuary is becoming increasingly threatened by the arrival of outsiders. In the meantime a menacing power is lurking in the forests and increasingly beginning to threaten the town as people begin to go missing, and mangled bodies are beginning to be discovered in and around the woodlands.





- 3-2-3 Rating.

DBD allows graphic use of language, as well as uncensored portrayal of violence. It is up to players to specify what they are comfortable with.

- No Word Count

DBD staff enforce neither a minimum nor maximum word count for posts.

- Face Claims / Play bys are not required

d Members are welcome to use original and commissioned art work to represent their characters.

- Account Per Character

Due to the nature of our profile options, DBD is an account per character site. All accounts can be linked to a Parent account in the user control panel for easy toggling. OOC accounts are encouraged, but not required.


View Application Procedure Here Once the required character profile fields are completed post with their account in our Sorting Request thread and tag DragonBlue so the account may be sorted into the appropriate group (i.e. human, skinwalker etc)

***Members do not have to wait for sorting to begin threading!***

- Optional Profile Templates

Players who wish to do so may complete a free form character profile to be added to the character directory boards. OOC RULES

- If utilized, Play Bys/Face Claims must be represented by real people

No cartoon or anime characters will be allowed. Duplicate face claims are allowed with the consent of both parties. Formerly utilized face claims from deceased or inactive characters are fair game unless otherwise specified in our claim directory.

- There is no age requirement for face claims.

- Stock images may be utilized.

- We enforce a soft character cap of 12 characters.

After 12 characters, players may purchase additional character slots in the store. Therefore, players can create as many characters as they wish, this is just a light measure to ensure activity.


- Liquid Time.
Characters may be in multiple threads at once, and threads may be done both past and present. It is up to the player to keep track of their progress.

- No meta-gaming.

Out of character information is meant to be kept out of character. We all have access to the lists of hunters, humans, and werewolves. Please do not use that information IC unless learned through in character events. Character interactions in the cbox or discord do not apply in game unless explicitly agreed upon by all parties, or unless they occur on the In Character Server.

- No unapproved powerplaying

Make sure to get the okay from fellow player(s) before assuming control of their character

- Establish Post Orders in Group Threads.

When creating group threads, establish whether or not there is going to be a posting order for participants. If an order is established, specify how long a player has to post before the thread continues (i.e. 3 days, 1 week etc). Do not skip a player's post without clearing it with them first.

- Ranking Characters:

A member may have more than one ranking character, but may only have one high ranking character per faction.


Players will earn five points for each character created, twenty-five points if the character is created from a general Wanted Ad (ex: a previously unnamed Redford/Cleary/Viksberg), and fifty points for a named character from a Wanted Ad.

Players will receive five points for each in character post.

We offer two points per advertisement on sites based on or including werewolves, and five points per every ten advertisements on a more broad range of genres. To redeem these points, players must link to the advertisement on the ADVERTISEMENT POINT RENEWAL thread. Our ads can be found on our advertisement boards.

Each member is allowed 12 free characters. Each additional slot past 12 characters can be bought for 300 hundred points in our store.

Each player's points are cumulative between all accounts, and therefore MAY be combined in order to purchase items from the store.

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