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  • Affiliates

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    Dawnbreak will affiliate with sites of any genre or fandom. Our requirements are as follows:

    • We must be in a static location on your index page with one of the following buttons.
    • If you request to affiliate here you must already have our button up.
    • We remove sites that have been inactive for more than 6 consecutive weeks, meaning no posts in an IC forum or announcement forums.
    • To affiliate just click the "Add new affiliate" button above and fill out the form. When your site has been accepted you will see it in our affiliates block on our main page.




    <a href="https://dawnbreak.org" title='Dawnbreak RP'><img src="https://dawnbreak.org/images/affiliate/aff_banner.png" title="Dawnbreak RP" alt="Dawnbreak - An Urban Fantasy RP"></a>

    Alternative Button Images - right click to copy image link or rehost at your own preference

    crowfeather.png dragon2.pngdragonspark.pngezgif-3-179e3b91ff.gifwendigo.pngwerebeast.png


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