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    Alice is the type of person to shoot first and ask questions later. She likes to think she can do everything by herself and tries to never ask for help (if she can). As a werewolf she'll be self loathing and annoyed at life. If you can get past the walls she can be laid back and fun loving.

    Overall she's a hard (read: pain in the) ass. She will push to do what she feels is necessary to get to her end goals. What are those goals? Well it was to find her partner... now she's figuring it out.

    Over 100 words part: Alice has a grey morality toward supernaturals whereas her parents were very black and white about it. As long as there is nothing going on then she can give a flying fuck what they are doing but mysterious deaths and murders will get her attention and not the particularly good type. When it comes to family she doesn't care how far she has to go or who she has to go through for answers.
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    Coat Color: Mostly white with grey tips.

    Eye Color: - Amber/yellow


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  1. Alice Gregory

    Alice nodded to him. “See you soon. Stay safe,” she said as she headed out to the truck to go run over to the main house and grab the dog and whatever food she could find as their fridge was bare at the moment but the blizzard would mean no fast food. 


  2. Alice Gregory

    Alice gave him a brief kiss. “Love you,” she muttered to him. “You are my light.”


  3. Alice Gregory

    "Okay," she said as she got up as well to get bundled and start out. "See you back here in a few hours?"


  4. Alice Gregory

    "Think I should take the kids up to your parents house or just run there and back again?"


  5. Alice Gregory

    Alice and Seth had planned to go out and have fun but by the time they had gotten into the shower to start getting ready they felt exhausted so they called off their babysitter and went to sit on the couch. The recording of Seth's dad had helped significantly, their kids seemed to really enjoy it and it helped them sleep more.

    The pair eventually fell asleep until their phones started to beep to notify them of the blizzard. "Shit," Alice said. That meant no fast food. "We don't have anything in the house for us. Think your dad and Vi would mind if we grabbed some shit from their fridge?"


  6. Alice Gregory

    Violet started the coffee as Alice sat down glad to have food that wasn't from a fast food place at the moment.

    "Eggs and bacon?" she offered. "Maybe hashbrowns and toast?" she offered.

    Alice nodded. "That sounds fucking amazing."


  7. Alice Gregory

    "Of course. Any time. That's why I've been in town so much. Who is who?"

    "Green is Alex, blue is Reagan, and yellow is Marina," she said to her," they just kept them color coordinated for their own sanity.

    "See you both later," she said to them. "Enjoy the day off."


  8. Alice Gregory

    Alice and Seth had asked Violet and Red to watch the kids so they could get some sleep. So the pair of them had packed up everything that the kids needed to be able to stay for a day at Red's house. When she got there, they were in their car seats. Alice had the diaper bags and one kid and Seth had the other two as they walked in.

    Violet was there, she was dressed down because she wasn't out on business.

    "They are all asleep," Alice started to explain feeding and diapering before she realized she was talking to a woman that knew most of her family from the time they were infants.

    "I've got this Alice. Get some rest. You look like you both need it," she said.


  9. Alice Gregory

    Alice huffed in amusement as she settled her hand on Marinas chest and closed her eyes. She was happy they were all alive and healthy. 


  10. Alice Gregory

    Alice gave him a smile. "That's a fair argument," she said as she settled her head. She tilted the bottle more toward him so he could take it. "I love you."


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