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Elizabeth Bathory

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    Liz, Lizbeth, Beth, Countess Bathory, The Bloody Countess
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    Elizabeth can be categorized as the creepy stalker type. Unfortunately she never really stalked anyone. She was always more for kidnapping, or forms of it. Needless to say she isn't necessarily approachable looking.

    Elizabeth is about 5'4” tall. She has plump round hips and a generous bosom. She has medium length wavy brown hair that she sometimes takes scissors to and cuts it haphazardly just because she's sick of seeing it – not that it helps since it is back the next evening but she does it regardless. She has dark blue and green eyes beneath shaved off and tattooed eyebrows. Her face is long with defined cheek bones. She has a relatively thin upper lip with a fuller bottom one both set beneath a long wide nose.

    Elizabeth dresses eccentrically. She almost never buys the clothes she's wearing and doesn't care what would be considered normal fashion. She chooses to stick out in a crowd on purpose so she often wears bright colors and puts on bright makeup to accentuate her eyes.

  • Personality

    Elizabeth isn't normal.
    Elizabeth doesn't try to be normal.
    Elizabeth is actually quite the opposite of normal. With that she is also very normal looking, despite that hint of insanity in her eyes. She looks abnormally friendly and smiley, which comes from her confidence and her self-esteem that seems to ooze out of ever pore in her body. She has no problem with who she is and she tends not to hide the monster that lurks inside, she figures that if humans are too ignorant to see it then it is their own fault for walking into the bears den.

    Elizabeth has never tried to purely control her ache to kill before. She actually does not believe it is possible to control such a pleasure and since she enjoys it she doesn't even think about trying. She has her dry spells, where torturing and killing people just doesn't appeal to her, but when the dry spells are up then she goes on tours of terror, normally sticking to small countries when this happens so that most people never catch on.

    Through her insanity, her longing to hurt things, to keep herself alive and well, Elizabeth has tried to reach out for people, people she thought might have been able to control the urges, the aching in the pit of her stomach that makes her want to do horrendous things to others. They always said that they could help her and make all of the pain go away, but they never helped, they could never even understand why she wanted to do such horrific things. She had a priest try to blame her parents for abuse and other theings but no one understood that she was born with the ache. That it burnt a hole in her soul and continued to make her long to kill things only fueled by being turned by a sire that enjoyed in the torment of others as much as she did.

    Elizabeth has resigned herself to being the only one that has her talent – because problems are only for those that do not enjoy the things they do – but has a submerged longing to meet someone like her. She just wants to know that god hasn't made her alone to put her beneath a microscope and watch as she wriggles in the heat.

  • History

    Some Information gathered from here

    Countess Elizabeth Báthory was born August 7th 1560 and was a countess from the renowned Báthory family. Báthory Erzsébet was born on a family estate in Nyírbátor, Hungary, and spent her childhood at Ecsed Castle. Her father was Báthory György of the Ecsed branch of the family, brother of Andrew Bonaventura Báthory, who had been Voivod of Transylvania, while her mother was Báthory Anna (1539–1570), daughter of Báthory István of Somlyó, another Voivod of Transylvania, was of the Somlyó branch. Through her mother, Erzsébet was the niece of Báthory István of Poland, King of Poland. As a young woman she learned Latin, German and Greek.[2] She was also interested in science and astronomy.

    Even as a young child Elizabeth had a dark need. To fulfill that need she would sneak into the kitchen to watch as they butchered an animal for dinner. She never understood the desire that she felt in her stomach to watch such a cruel act but she would succumb to the need as often as it came to her. Luckily it never grew as she got older.

    At the age of 12, Elizabeth was engaged to Nádasdy Ferenc. The union was probably a political arrangement within the circles of the aristocracy.
    The couple married on May 8, 1575, in the little palace of Varannó. There were approximately 4500 guests at the wedding. Elizabeth moved to Nádasdy Castle in Sárvár and spent much time on her own, while her husband studied in Vienna.
    Nádasdy’s wedding gift to Báthory was his home, Csejte Castle, situated in the Little Carpathians near Trenčín, together with the Čachtice country house and 17 adjacent villages. The castle itself was surrounded by a village and agricultural lands, bordered by outcrops of the Little Carpathians. In 1602, Nádasdy finally bought the castle from Rudolf II, so that it became a private property of the family.
    In 1578, Nádasdy became the chief commander of Hungarian troops, leading them to war against the Ottomans. With her husband away at war, Elizabeth Báthory managed business affairs and the estates. That role usually included providing for the Hungarian and Slovak peasants, even medical care.
    It was during the Long war that Elizabeth changed.

    Elizabeth always kept journals and notes and in her journal she mentioned a servant coming, someone she felt she could trust above all others and that cared for her only during the night hours. She mentioned that she had tried to get the woman to work for her during the day but she refused and explained about a sensitivity to light that was intense enough to kill her. While she didn't understand, Elizabeth let the matter drop for Anna Dervulia she would let anything go.

    It was only a few years after Anna Dervulia came into Elizabeth's life that she was turned into a vampire. The woman informed her that her real name was not Anna, but Pandora and that Elizabeth was now a vampire. It was a strange thing, being a vampire to her. She liked it but it dredged up a darkness within her, a need to hurt things and watch things get hurt.

    Soon afterward Elizabeth started acting out with bizarre behavior. Burning her servants hands and hair. Cutting them, cutting herself. She was even reported to bath in the blood of her dead servants.

    Elizabeth forced others to do the work for her to let her watch as the servants and people that were kidnapped were brutally tortured, frozen, whipped, beaten. All the while she had Anna Dervulia behind her, goading her, pressuring her that it wasn't enough.... making the ache grow deeper and harder to get rid of.

    Eventually Elizabeth was found out, about all of her murders and missing people and put under house arrest. She didn't like it. She didn't like it at all and she grew more angry but she was not able to sate the urge to hurt things and Anna Dervulia (Pandora) taught her the biggest lesson of all, that she was alone.

    Elizabeth sought a way out so that she would not be hunted and eventually used a servant that served her food and killed her, draining her dry and sealing the wounds with her blood. Escaping with her life she fled her home country for opportunities to kill elsewhere.

    Learning a good lesson from her sire, Elizabeth never stayed in many places long and she has taught herself how to properly dispose of bodies so she isn't caught. She became a gypsy serial killer.

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    Elizabeth smirked as he at least knew a little of his history. "Greta can be found in the back feeding on the wicked. Just ask the bartender where the gingerbread house is and he'll lead you down the breaded lane."



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    "Revenge," she said simply. "He wished ill on all who did him wrong like some pathetic little hurt child. The world is filled with these children now. The Transgenerics that blame god for their gender preference and the Emo goths that blame the world for their existence and the my daddy spanked me so I'm forever hurt sorts. It's quite sad really. But when I had to give up my first born, and my first love was killed and I was married off to Ferenc of all people I had just as much reason to fall into those tactics and desires but a woman came to me and offered me something I couldn't deny and still love," she explained.


    "Hubris comes with a price and I've paid mine. When the reckoning comes so will my sire and blood will rain from the skies."



  4. Elizabeth Bathory

    Elizabeth looked to where Claude had walked away from them and shook her head. "Nah... he doesn't strike me as hot with tits," she frowned thoughtfully. "And strength in numbers is a weak vamps game. I've been alive long enough I can take down just about anything," she said with a smirk knowing full well that was likely why they were standing at odds. "You know why I survived and my uncle didn't?"



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    "I think Claude would much rather I be my idiotic uncle Vlad because at least I'd be attractive to him."



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    Elizabeth laughed loudly catching a few peoples attention. "What would make you think I need a little nest? Nests are for scared vampires that need people to follow. I have my eye on bigger things."



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    "Don't know if you've noticed but you've been speaking this whole time and all I've heard was 'blah blah blah, I'm a dirty tramp' so unless it's something actually important and not defending your boring boy toy just say something. I'm bored already and have two gorgeously hot women that I want to eat," which type of eating she meant was up for debate but the innuendo was strong with this one.



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    "You're a persistent little fly. You do realize who you're talking to right? The name may seem rather familiar but I am the fucking bloody countess. I love to watch movies about me. They are hilarious!"



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    "Ahhh, you're sweet," she said condescendingly. "He disrespected her, he has to apologize. Vampires that can't get on with the times. I mean I was locked in a tower set to die because I just happened to kill a few of the wrong peoples daughter," she clicked her tongue. She turned to the sandy blonde girl and pulled her in for a rather sloppy looking kiss before she settled with Evelyn in one arm and the girl in the other. "I think we're done here. You should lighten up Qiana," she indicated to Claude. "You have so many years to live and you seem so boring. Dozens of lives and all you've done with them is grow bitter," she grabbed Evelyn's ass which made her blush and giggle leaning in closer to Elizabeth herself. "Why are all vampires so dead inside?"


    Elizabeth made a move to turn away from them both.



  10. Elizabeth Bathory

    Elizabeth didn't seem to ever stop smiling and her eyes glistened with that impish glow of mischief as she seemed to hone in on the male vampires discontent. It was something she flourished with It meant he had a lot of buttons and Liz was about to press as many of them as she could to really get a rise out of him.


    As she was requested off the dance floor she shook her head. "Serial Killer slut as I am," she gave a fake pout, "I don't like a man that can't hold himself together in the presence of a lady," she glanced to the girl that had been grinding on him and nodded her head to come over to her. "See, you fuck with my bitches and you're fucking with me," the grin returned to her face. "You should apologize and then I'll think about whatever the fuck he said," she tilted her head to Cesare.



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