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  1. Jericho Callian

    At nearing three hundred years old, Jericho still had a petty streak that would have delighted in relishing the disappointment at beating the Fae out of the prize, if he were being honest. However, his propensity for hedonism was far greater so when the possibility of working together was verbalized he shifted from one side to another and then nodded once, "I'm willing to put aside the competition," he conceded as he looked between the two. 

    This time his gaze lingered on the newcomer. He was arguably more familiar with the Lilin than most out there, if only because of his employer. They were a curious race. Jericho was a little bit leery, but in his experience they were harmless so long as they weren't antagonized. 

    @Garmr & @Kelor


  2. Jericho Callian

    Whether or not his decision to trail after the man would be fruitful remained to be seen, but in the end they did end up in front of a sign depicting the same animal as the golden marker from before. Hopefully that meant they were on the right track. Jericho meandered a little closer. Since the next hint didn't immediately stand out he took a little more time to study the individual he was competing with - noticing more detail than before. 

    Maybe it'd be easier just to form some kind of alliance, he considered. After all, there was no stipulation that it was one key per person - it'd get a small group in just as well, assuming there was room. 

    The dragon was caught between weighing that option and trying to find the next marker when a new face approached. Jericho's expression twisted briefly into a scowl behind the mask when the new stranger indicated to the Fae that he was being followed, "Not so much him that's being followed as what he's after," the dragon spoke up. 

    @Garmr & @Kelor

  3. Jericho Callian

    The animal that appeared in gold was  familiar one, but Jericho had no idea what it indicated. He was mulling that over when he glanced to the side and made eye contact with the stranger in the eagle mask. The man - fae, if he wasn't too drunk to sense right - flashed a self satisfied grin before turning to pace away. 

    Assuming that meant they had made the connection, whatever the answer was, Jericho waited for the stranger to get off a few paces before falling in behind. At worst they'd both be wrong in their assumptions... at best he'd be led to the next clue, and maybe this time he'd catch on first. 


  4. Jericho Callian

    Jericho initially didn't notice that someone else had also spotted the marker. He just happened to be a little bit closer than the other. It wasn't until he was reaching it that the dragon realized someone else had zeroed in as well, "Ah, fuck," he muttered, scowling shallowly behind the mask. 

    He didn't initially have too much time to pay attention to the competition, though. The symbols scattered through the city were all enchanted. Once they were discovered they would temporarily morph into a clue to the next puzzle, then vanish. The gold started to swirl and morph and Jericho quickly fixed his attention back on it - now it was a race to discern the meaning first and try to beat the silver haired man to the next. 


  5. Jericho Callian

    The annual Voodoo Music and Arts Festival was in full swing on its peak of Halloween night. The streets were flowing with costumed party goers pub crawling and otherwise floating between various events. It was noisy and vibrant, colorful lights shining and flashing. Music could be heard pouring out of the various clubs, and lilting from the stages set in the nearby park. The air was heavy with the scent of street foods. 

    Jericho was dressed in a vibrant masquerade type get up and sporting colorful red-gold dragon mask as he meandered along in search of his next source of entertainment after leaving the festivities in Vitality. The companions he'd come along with were temporarily scattered - each of them were tracking down clues to locate a key to the famous but elusive Speak Easy hidden somewhere in the district. There were a finite number of them hidden throughout the Elf District, and for those aware of their existence they were a coveted prize. 

    He stopped briefly to observe a group of street performers on a nearby corner. They were clad in colorful getup and a ring of them were dancing around two fire breathers and a sword juggler in the center. A small crowd had gathered to observe, creating a bit of a slow down in traffic through the area. It was the brief pause that caused the dragon to notice a golden etching on a nearby brick wall - one of the symbols the dragon knew was meant to direct toward one of the elusive keys - or a dead end, it was always a toss up. 

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