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    Dawnbreak Animal Clinic - Veterinarian
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    Rylee is an unruly and tomboyish girl with an almost complete disregard for her personal appearance, save for tending those small details which please her personally - like plucking her eyebrows into perfect arcs. She spends most of her time running around in ragged jeans and stained tank tops, hair matted into knots and feet bare. A strong willed and assertive young woman, Rylee has no problem voicing her opinion and will aggressively take charge of any situation when given the opportunity.

    She has a knack for spotting out how to best bend others to her will, easily discerning when to coax, flatter, or bully as the case may be. Lying comes second nature to the girl, and as a teenager she frequently used this talent to get herself out of trouble when dealing with her superiors – a politician waiting to be properly groomed. However, despite these self-centered characteristics Rylee does have a nurturing streak to be found within her; a former medical student turned vet, she is incredibly dedicated to the animals she cares for in her grandfather’s clinic – though she is still learning to apply these kinder whims to her fellow human beings.

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  1. Rylee Windsor

    Despite the demands of her profession, Rylee wasn't a morning person. Left to her own devices she would have still been buried under a mound of soft blankets and pillows with the cat purring somewhere among the mix. Unfortunately, a small town vet didn't have ideal hours - or true off time, really. 

    She'd spent most of the latter part of the last night shoulder deep in a heifer helping to deliver a breeched calf. 

    As a vet, Rylee was accustomed to all kinds of gross. So the ordeal hadn't diminished her appetite any. 

    As a pregnant woman... well, things were just odd. Her skin felt strange, formerly pleasant smells made her sick and her appetite had no rhyme or reason. She hadn't even intended to stop through at the festival so much as had driven by and smelled something that she just had. to. have. 

    Would have been nice if her werewolf boyfriend were along to sniff it out for her. 

    As it was that was how a distracted Rylee came to blunder right into the whistling man. He barely seemed to move as she bounced off of him, staggering to get her balance back, and stuttered a reflexive apology. 


  2. Rylee Windsor

    Rylee had to supress a bit of a scowl at the way his sister greeted him - seeming to act as though she weren't standing right there. She refrained from speaking up for the moment, though, instead leaning a little further into Logan as they moved deeper into the house. 

    She wanted a beer, but that probably wasn't the right answer right about then, "Water is fine," she answered, "or orange juice if you have it." 

    She'd been drinking that by the gallon recently, it felt like. 


  3. Rylee Windsor

    "Yeah, I can't imagine your mother is going to be thrilled," Rylee wrinkled her nose briefly. Her interactions with Katja were sparse but the woman was intimidating. Fortunately Red and Seth didn't seem to have strong feelings one way or another - at least not to her face, "I enjoy the art district though. Its an interesting place this time of the year. We can wrap up the night with the other thing," she smirked. 


  4. Rylee Windsor

    "I'm not sure I want to describe to my boyfriend how I was shoulder deep in an unspeakable part of a horse's anatomy right before our date," Rylee grinned over at him, "and I'm sure you're about as interested in hearing about all the gross as I am your paper work and office tedium," she reached for his hand as he dropped it back down, sliding her fingers through his, "So where are we going?" she asked now that they'd passed the theater, glancing briefly back over her shoulder at it. Rylee didn't mind the switch in expected plans.


    Really she would have been just as happy spending a night with him on the couch watching TV, but she couldn't really bring him to her place and neither of them was ready for the whole introduction to his kids. That much still freaked her out, honestly.



  5. Rylee Windsor

    If she were being honest, Rylee hadn't really expected Logan to be more than a brief, experimental foray. He had a certain reputation around town. The kind of reputation that had originally had both of her grandparents giving her the look when she had admitted that first date to them. Rylee herself had assumed that he'd get bored quickly - but he was damn hot, and she was young and curious so it hadn't phased her any.


    But it had been a couple of months now and they still saw one another regularly. Even now that they'd started to get comfortable around one another his charm hadn't vanished completely like it often did in a relationship.


    Rylee had stopped keeping track of how many dates they'd gone on at this point. Whatever they were doing was working. It added a pleasant kind of routine. It was odd knowing that she'd been in high school at the same time as his oldest child, but since she never really had to interact with the girl Rylee ignored that just fine.


    "Um... It was kind of a gross one," she cracked a half smile as she turned her head to look at him, "I mean it was good, I saved a foal, but I don't think you really want the details."



  6. Rylee Windsor

    Rylee stood back to let Logan open the door for her, "Well I'll see you Friday," she smiled as she made her way out, "have a good one Logan."



  7. Rylee Windsor

    "Sounds good enough to me," Rylee smiled over the rim of the bottle just before she tilted it back for a long draw, "well I'll see you then, cowboy," she said as she stood up, "for now, though, I've got to get back to work for the day."



  8. Rylee Windsor

    "So what time can I expect you to pick me up Friday?" Rylee glanced his way after a moment. She wouldn't have minded hanging around, but unfortunately she couldn't stay too long right then. Once she finished the drink she'd need to go pack up her gear and get back on the road for the day.



  9. Rylee Windsor

    "I guess you'll have to find out later then," Rylee smirked over at him.


    Of course she already knew she'd be tearing his clothes off first chance she got. They could have skipped the whole movie thing, really. She just wanted to satisfy her curiosity.


    Like, for instance, was he proportional to his height?



  10. Rylee Windsor

    Rylee needed to be finishing up to move onto her next appointments for the day, but all the same she moved to take a seat on the other end of the sofa. Her gaze cut towards him and she laughed, half rolling her eyes, "Yeah, I'm sure you'd love that wouldn't you."



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