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    As a human Dagonet is a tall man appearing to be in his early to mid thirties. Though he isn’t terribly vain, he does go to great lengths to keep himself in top physical condition, and is rarely seen unkempt outside of his lodgings. His shoulders are broad and muscular, well defined as are his chest, back, arms and legs. However, far from being a hulking specimen of a male, Dagonet’s musculature is more on the compact side. He’s built for power, agility, and endurance.

    His hair ranges in color from dark to light brown, becoming almost a shade of dark blonde in the sunny summer months, then deepening come winter. Most of the time Dagonet prefers to keep his hair shaven close to his scalp, and he almost never allows it to grow more than an inch and a half in length. When he does forgo shaving in favor of letting it grow Dagonet doesn’t put much effort into styling, usually doing little more than combing his fingers through in the morning. Likewise he tends to keep his face clean shaven, though he is often seen with a 5 o’clock shadow that lends his dark features a certain rugged appeal.

    Dagonet’s eyes are the same vivid, molten amber coloration as in his wolf form, set above high cheek bones and a gently rounded but still well defined jaw line. His features-brow line and nose-tend towards being sharp, if not angular. The bridge of his nose is slightly malformed from several breaks, curving slightly-but noticeably-to the left. His brow is a bit low and steep, with a silvery-white scar curving above his eye on the left side and swinging down towards his cheeks. Below the same eye is another violently inflicted blemish, this one being a thin, dark scar that runs about three inches or so down his face.

    A myriad of other such dermal mars are scattered about his body, most of which were accrued in his time in the marine corps. A particularly nasty gash runs the length of his abdomen, curving jaggedly from the left side of his torso and ending at his right hip. This is the only evidence of life threatening injury marking his body, the rest of his battle scars being ultimately negligible.

  • Personality

    As a general rule Dagonet prefers to let his presence and actions speak for him. In general company it is rare that he will verbalize much unless he deems his input necessary or is asked for his thoughts and opinions. He rarely volunteers information of any substance about himself, and even when questioned personally is not particularly forthcoming with details. He has an uncanny ability to mask his emotions so well it is near impossible to tell what he might be thinking at any given time just by looking at him. 

    In spite of his hot blooded nature, his time in the military made him somewhat level headed, slower to react to provocation than he was as an unruly teen. He is quick to act when a situation demands, and is able to handle most stressful and chaotic environments with seeming ease. 

    But while he his a collected individual Dagonet is still as ferocious as any warrior, with a quick wit and seemingly unlimited resourcefulness that make him an adept agent. Still, when all is said and done, Dagonet is a bellicose individual. A soldier at heart, he finds little else to be as thrillingly intoxicating as the chemical high that comes only in conflicts of life and death. Even now, for all learned discipline, Dagonet finds it tremendously difficult to reign himself in once he’s gotten riled up.

    Generally speaking he prefers to let others deal with their own problems, declining to intervene in matters beyond his own personal interests, and he especially despises being drawn into what he perceives as petty conflict. Even among the few companions he keeps Dagonet is quite reserved, preferring silent company to useless chatter.

  • Shifted Appearance

    Dagonet is a very tall wolf, and strikes an imposing figure even at the most relaxed of times. Though powerfully built and broad-chested, Dagonet is neither overly thick or heavyset, but has a more compact musculature; thick cords of muscle ripple beneath his sleek coat with every movement and a dense mane of fur protects his neck and throat. His head is large, supporting a broad muzzle and bone-crushingly powerful jaws while his face is framed by multi-hued fur. A dark covering of black peppered with gold-beige hair masks his face, lightening faintly just above his brow, on his cheeks just below vivid amber eyes, and along the bridge of his muzzle. On both cheeks the edge of the masking turns down in a triangular fashion, forming markings faintly reminiscent of war paint. Curving just above and behind his left eye is a thick, pale flesh-white scar that ends on the bridge of his cheek bone; while the wound itself was cleanly cut, a poorly done stitching left it somewhat less so, scar tissue forming to leave a clear map of where each thread was placed.

    Dagonet’s pelt is elaborately multi-colored, his back mottled by various shades of blacks and grays disrupted by pastel buttery gold hairs scattered heavily but haphazardly throughout the darker fur. As his coat progresses down his torso towards his belly hints of bronze and cinnamon become visible; tipping the deep cream color that disrupts the pattern of darker fur on his sides and coats his belly and throat. This same pallid fallow-cream color marks his face beneath the mask of gray and black fur covering head and muzzle.

    His body is decorated with scars-an assortment of sleek, jagged, and knotted marks-the majority of which litter chest, neck, shoulders and forelegs - visible even through his lushly dense coat. Some of the blemishes stand out notably more than others, but none of those immediately visible to the eye are terribly remarkable with the worst of them cut across his underbelly.

  • History

    Dagonet’s early childhood was relatively normal. His mother was an academic, and his father a military man like much of his extended family. For the first part of his life he grew up in a stable home on the family ranch just outside of San Antonio, Texas. That all took a sharp turn for the worst when his family was killed in a car wreck caused by a drunk driver, after which he was sent to live with his elderly grandmother who passed away a few years later. 

    From the age of about fourteen onward, Dagonet was bounced through the state foster care system and rarely had a steady home for more than a few months at a time. Though his academic performance was generally adequate, his temper got him into frequent trouble and by the time he’d graduate at 18 he’d gotten himself expelled from two different schools for fighting. At the time he had no interest in college and without much other direction, he enlisted with the marine corps and served for four years. After returning stateside he enrolled in a four-year program, and it was here that Dagonet would be nudged towards the prospect of the FBI by a professor that had previously worked in their Behavioral Analysis unit. 

    By that point in life he’d mostly gotten his act together. Upon graduating he went straight into Quantico, earned a top rank in his class and probably would have gone on to a lofty career within the bureau if a bad turn of luck hadn’t gotten him mauled by a werewolf a few months later. Fortunately, rather than end his career the injury merely started him down an unexpected path, and Dagonet was assigned to a specialized department tasked with overseeing the existence of supernatural entities across the nation.

Recent Posts

  1. Dagonet Marcianus

    "Some kind of deer, probably," Dagonet shrugged in response, though he didn't sound entirely convinced. What remained visible beneath the gathering snow was a cloven hoofed shape, but there was something not quite right about it. For that reason he didn't protest when Chuck decided to press on. He just shifted his pack against his back and trudged along with her. 

    By the time they were ten minutes up the trail the snow was coming down even heavier. Fat, round flakes were drifting over them and the ground was almost entirely covered save where patches of brush and thicket were still preventing it. Dag eventually reached for his cell to take a look at the weather forecast - he was starting to sense that maybe they needed to leave - but he only had one bar and the web page he pulled up just kept spinning the loading indicator until he gave up. 


  2. Dagonet Marcianus

    He frowned shallowly at the lack of answer, but picked up pace to catch up and see what it was she'd found. Dag shook a fresh layer of snow off himself as he reached her side again, "What?" 


  3. Dagonet Marcianus

    Of course being told to lighten up had about the opposite effect on the already high strung agent. Dag huffed softly and rolled his shoulders. He didn't particularly like being out with so little information. 

    "Did you ever manage to get a hold of that new Sheriff or his Deputy?" he asked after a moment. Apparently it had been the death of the former, long standing Sheriff that had drawn the agency's attention to the town in the first place. 


  4. Dagonet Marcianus

    Dag answered with an annoyed frown - since the incident he was even more too-work-oriented than usual, "Seriously," he answered, "whatever the hell they sent us out here after must be more a problem than a hairy mountain ape." 


  5. Dagonet Marcianus

    Ever since that one slip up Dag had felt tense and uncomfortable every time he was in the office with Charlotte. He'd taken to avoiding it as much as possible, but that was a lot easier said than done in their division. Why the hell had he done something so stupid? 

    They both seemed to be pretending it had never happened. Dag wasn't really sure if that made it better or worse. 

    Of course, while things were weird, their superior saw fit to assign them with some investigation in Dawnbreak. That meant hours stuck together in a car with both her... and that damn cat. Unlike most the thing didn't spaz out in a vehicle - took it more in stride like a dog and made himself at home while shedding everywhere. 

    Dag was still trying to brush the hair off himself long after they'd checked into their rooms to leave the cat and gotten out to the trail. As amusing a gift as it had been at the time it sure had backfired on him. He was distracted by all that when Chuck bumped in against him, "So do you have any idea what we're out here looking for?" he asked as he looked over at her, "The file they gave us was about useless," Dag tacked on a little grudgingly. After they'd busted up that blood ring he'd honestly expected to have better cases come funneling in. 


  6. Dagonet Marcianus

    "Whiskey sounds like a good start," Dagonet answered as he shrugged off his jacket, "feels a little deserved after the day we had."



  7. Dagonet Marcianus

    "Yeah," he nodded, "lets get back and get the paper work filed so we can go do that."



  8. Dagonet Marcianus

    "Well they were obviously up to something shady here," he answered, "doesn't necessarily mean we've found a link to the big ring we're looking for, though," Dagonet frowned as he said it.



  9. Dagonet Marcianus

    Chuck was closest to the one that ran and Dagonet left her to it as he moved in on the remaining three. He barked a stream of orders at them, instructing them all to turn around and get on their knees. About the time they were all face down with their hands laced behind their heads he heard the distant thump of bodies hitting the ground and knew she must have caught her quarry.


    By the time she dragged the last one back Dagonet had the other three restrained. He cuffed the one that seemed most likely to cause a problem, using zip ties to secure the other two - staying close with his weapon ready. This was the first break they'd made in weeks and he didn't have any intention of letting any of them escape.


    It wasn't long after that their back up arrived. As they watched the perps being led away to the cars Dagonet looked to his partner, "Think they're part of the ring we've been after?" he asked, side stepping to let one of the forensic team move past them.



  10. Dagonet Marcianus

    Despite being outnumbered, when Dagonet caught the gesture he nodded shallowly to indicate that he was willing. The pair of them were more than capable of handle four individuals, all of which were human judging by the small of it. He waited for her to begin moving before likewise navigating himself into a better position.



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