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Red Redford
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    Jeffrey Dean Morgan
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    Dawnbreak Police - Deputy Sheriff
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    Married to Violet Selvaggio
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    Like most of the men in his family, Red is a large and powerfully built man. Standing at 6’5”, he towers over most people. Barrel chested and thickly muscled, he’s just as capable in middle age as he was as a younger man – though his figure certainly shows the wear and tear of years; Red is heavily scarred from his time held captive. His hair is dark brown, almost black in coloration, and his eyes are a deep hazel-brown framed by bushy eye brows. Facially, he is strong features with a rectangular shape, strong jawline and prominent chin. He often has a thick shadowing along his jaw, or a short, neatly trimmed beard.

    Height/Weight - 6'5" / 220

    Hair Color/Eye Color - Brown/Hazel-Brown

  • Personality

    Red is something of the average “good ol’ boy” – rough around the edges, loyal to family, fond of hunting and always game to down a few beers by the fire. Most people knew him as a relatively laid back – albeit intimidating in appearance – man with a crass sense of humor, and generally willingness to lend a hand to friends and neighbors when needed. But like most people, Red had his bad side; a long time alcoholic and product of an upbringing that would have been more at home a century or so ago, he was a heavy handed head of household and certainly not one to spare the rod. That was just the way things were.

  • Shifted Appearance

    As a wolf, Red is a bulky, intimidating beast with a thick, blocky head, thick muzzle, and a deep, barreled chest marred by battle scars. Despite the marring across his body, his coat is thick and intricately colored with an amalgamation of blacks, sable, and a variety of hues and shades of brown. Hues of red-orange and even blonde also become visible in the right light, and his withers, haunches, and face are highlighted by lines of silver-gray. In this form especially, it is very clear that he is the younger Seth’s father with very little variation in appearance beyond size.

    Wolf Pelt/Eye Color - Black/Hazel

  • History

    Like many generations of Redfords before him, Red grew up in Dawnbreak, Alaska. He had a typical upbringing, at least for a werewolf and a member of the rough, hardlining Redford clan. There was never much question about what he’d do with his life, and outside of a brief bout of wanderlust in his early twenties Red never really thought too much about leaving. He graduated, married his high school sweet heart – who he’d already fathered a child with – and after screwing around for a few years, joined the police force like his forefathers. Life was about as normal as it could be for a werewolf. They had two more kids. Red advanced in rank and his family lived a comfortable life.

    Eventually his relationship with Anna began to deteriorate. Neither one of them were close anymore, neither of them had any real desire to remain together. At first they did for the kids, but misery led to fighting and everyone suffered.

    His children with Anna grew up. His oldest had her own kids and moved out. His son hit the same phase of wanderlust out of high school; the junior Seth took off on a dual athletic scholarship – Red was proud enough of his son’s accomplishments, and though he wasn’t thrilled with the roaming he let well enough alone. Seth would come back, eventually, once he’d gotten a taste of the outside world with no pack to support him – at least, so long as Red didn’t provoke that bull headed rebellion his son had inherited from himself. His youngest daughter left for school, roved a bit herself, then came home.

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  1. Red Redford

    "Way shit's been for you that's nor particularly comforting," Red gave a brief, wry smile but didn't press. He assumed Eric would speak up if he wanted to. Right then there didn't seem to be any reason to press. 

    He shrugged when the question reversed, "Things have been both usual and on the shit side," he answered, "department is short staffed and under funded as ever and whatever the fuck this Wendigo thing lurking in the forest is sure as fuck isn't making life any easier." 


  2. Red Redford

    Red had observed the incident until his wife vanished back toward her office. At that point he'd retired deeper back into the VIP to settle and have a new drink brought out. He was still lounging when Violet approached with an unfamiliar face. 

    He rose to greet them, nodding when introduced to the stranger, "Pleasure," Red murmured as he attempted to sort out exactly what she was - certainly not a human or shifter, that much was immediately certain. 

    @Garmr @Morrigan

  3. Red Redford

    There was still an adventurous streak in the both of them in spite of age, though one not often indulged like this. But for their kind it wasn't age itself that gnawed away that drive so much as responsibility and obligations - at least, on Red's part. A chance to fall back into the roll of a randy youth was welcome and Red took it in stride with the added benefit of experience and familiarity with his partner's wants. 

    She dragged the zipper of the leather jacket down and opened the buttoned shirt beneath. He swept her up and moved to toss her against one of the almost bed like lounges, setting to work the tight leather from her waist and thighs. It was about then that something shifted, "What's happening?" Red asked as he broke from the kiss, sensing the abrupt distraction in her. 

    Without a direct answer Violet bit his lip and pulled back. A discontented growl rumbled but Red pulled back to let her compose and slip away to deal with what he could only assume was some disruption within her club. He did the same, trailing behind her - though he stopped at the entrance to the VIP and leaned against one of the columns with his arms folded to observe whatever followed. 


  4. Red Redford

    The dance floor was thick with moving bodies but Red had little difficulty wading through as he carried Violet to the somewhat calmer VIP section. All of Vitality was lavish, but this portion particularly so. Once they'd gotten off toward the back a little Red let her slide down his shoulder to settle, immediately nudging in to push her back against the wall as he tilted her chin up into a hard kiss. 


  5. Red Redford

    "How else does one usually carry a bat?" he answered, kissing her neck before abruptly taking a half step back as he spun her around and hoisted her up. 


  6. Red Redford

    "VIP sounds like the right balance," he murmured in response, tightening his free arm around her waist just a little as he finished off his bourbon and set the glass down - bathroom was dirty fun and all but by this time of night the newly twenty-ones and the fake-id-card holders were tossing their guts already. 


  7. Red Redford

    "Isn't this entire holiday an excuse to be risque these days?" Red grinned, biting her earlobe briefly. 


  8. Red Redford

    Red set his chin over her shoulder and smirked as he looked across at their reflections in the bar mirror, "The corset doesn't have to come off now does it?" he muttered against her ear. 


  9. Red Redford

    "Have fun," Asche bid before skirting off to go serve another customer. 

    Red took his drink but stayed where he was with Violet pressed against the bar top in front of him, briefly dipping to press a kiss against the crook of her neck. 


  10. Red Redford

    "When don't you draw a turn out," Red murmured back, against her lips and stealing a second kiss before letting her shift back, "might as well have both," he added, "be a damn shame not to show you off out on the floor on a night like this," he smirked. 


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