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  1. Violet Selvaggio-Redford

    "Have a good evening Izel," Violet said as she turned more into her husband watching the woman go before she gave him another kiss. "Where were we?"

    @DragonBlue @Garmr

  2. Violet Selvaggio-Redford

    "Son," Violet said looking over her shoulder to the woman a little curious but didn't ask why as she approached the VIP section where her husband was. She gave him a kiss.

    "Red this is a new acquaintance Izel. Izel, this is my husband Red," she introduced.

    @DragonBlue @Garmr

  3. Violet Selvaggio-Redford

    "I think his husband was amused," she said. "I think his kids haven't read it yet," she admitted. "I doubt they would find it any less amusing. Part of why I was handing it out in Dawnbreak. Why?"


  4. Violet Selvaggio-Redford

    Violet nodded to the woman. "Dopplegangers for certain," she agreed with a grin.


  5. Violet Selvaggio-Redford

    "I can ask if I can record him so you can play it for your kids, see if it helps in calming them down," she offered to Seth.


  6. Violet Selvaggio-Redford

    "You'll be surprised how much my husband looks like him," she said as she moved to walk out of the office with Izel and started heading back to the VIP section. She still wanted to finish what they had started.


  7. Violet Selvaggio-Redford

    Violet glanced over her shoulder a little confused why he was asking. "He sang them to sleep," she said a little confused but returning her attention to the food she was cooking. "Part of why I fell in love with him. He has an amazing voice."


  8. Violet Selvaggio-Redford

    Violet had never experienced the former but she understood the latter and she nodded. "Well they were angels last night," she advised him. "Your dad sang them to sleep and I think that may be why they are still out," she said as she started the food, the sizzle filling the room around them as she started to cook.


  9. Violet Selvaggio-Redford

    Violet's grinned got bigger as she reached for her phone which was sitting on her desk and pulled up a photo of Negan with his bat offering the phone out to the woman. "It's a character from a television show called The Walking Dead," she advised the other woman.


  10. Violet Selvaggio-Redford

    Violet grinned with a chuckle. "My husband is the deputy sheriff of Dawnbreak PD. He's started to call Judas 'Mr Frostheart'," she said with a grin. Dragon's were all a little too uptight for the Lilin. Trying to keep to traditions that had been shattered a long time ago most of them some too paranoid about being found out what they were. "I think its rather amusing honestly. Do you want to meet him before you go? He's the Negan to my Lucille," she indicated to her costume.


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