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    reserved (when you first meet her), outspoken, stubborn, sarcastic, impulsive, loyal (often to a fault), adaptable, persistent, reliable, disciplined

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  1. Elliana Farquar

    She was trapped somewhere in the realm of dreams when her hand went flying and whacked Michael in the chest. "Take that, you scallywag..." She mumbled the words, a small smirk tugging at her lips, just before she peeked one eye open. "Are you dead yet?" She whispered, quickly pressing a kiss to her husband's cheek. Even though she had never personally seen combat, she had still learned to sleep with one eye open and her other four senses tuned into her surroundings, which meant that she oftentimes woke herself up with her own shenanigans. Regardless, it was also quite easy for her to have nightmares, simply because of some of the things she'd been through while in some sandy hell.


    She'd seen many good soldiers die in the field, either due to negligence or impulsivity. She'd known a few young bucks that had thought themselves impervious to a volley of gunfire and she'd known war-hardened veterans that had learned the hard way that the opposite was true. Having been overseas, however, she hadn't wanted any part in the life and times of a military wife. She knew her own faults and flaws and certainly knew no marriage she had with a military man had a chance in hell of surviving. She knew she loved Michael, but she also knew something was off. She didn't know what, but she knew there was something. Maybe it was just a lifetime of poor decisions that had made her jaded or maybe, simpler still, it was her basic fight or flight response kicking in.


    Either way, she was waiting for the other shoe to drop and no matter how many times she told herself that, she also knew the end result would be the same. She'd never cease to love her husband. It was a singular fact that was both comforting and frightening. Part of her felt like she'd known Michael all along and another part of her, truthfully, was scared of waking up. More to the point, she was afraid of losing him. "You should make coffee... it's your turn." Her nose scrunched briefly and she shot him an award-winning smile.


    Michael Farquar

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