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    height: 4'8"


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    To her core, she's always been a troublemaker, but never the sort of woman to break the law... At least, not after that one time her brother had to bail her out of jail. She was always a pushover, perhaps moreso than anyone realized. To those around her, she was the yes woman. She always said yes, no matter what was being asked of her, provided it didn't go against her moral code. There were rare occasions when she could say no, but it was few and far in between and usually involved her moral code to some degree. She was always uniquely her. One thing was quite obvious, however... She had vast intelligence.

    Whether she was stealing wallets or stealing hearts, it was abundantly clear to everyone around her that she knew just what it was that she was doing and how to go about doing whatever it was she set out to do. She enjoyed mind games, whether she was playing them against someone or playing them with herself, she always found a way to come out on top. Her victories might not have always been obvious but to her, they were victories nonetheless. They were small victories usually but that was enough for her. She wanted nothing more than to grow a backbone but knew it was well out of her capabilities. Through all of her mind games and spinelessness, she was sweeter than people gave her credit for. While she could often be the iciest of ice queens, she still possessed a heart of gold.

    She also had quite the sharp tongue. If she wasn't sassing someone (whether playfully or otherwise depended on the person), she was giving someone quite the tongue lashing. She didn't discriminate or hold back. She merely said things the way she saw them. She never held back, not even when she was wrong. If someone proved to her, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she was wrong, she apologized but usually, it wound up being a cold day in hell before she apologized. She believed apologies were for the weak and despairing.

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    coat color: black with brown, gray, and white
    eye color: amber


  • History

    She was born to an unassuming couple nearly ten years after the birth of her brother, and she wanted for virtually nothing. All of her physical needs were met and most of her material needs were met, as well. While her family was big on community values and familial connections, they were also strict in their own way. She was loved and cherished as any child should be. She was more her mother's child than her father's, however. With a lot of polish, the street hoodlum had turned her act around and had done wonders in her pursuits of academia. She went from stealing wallets to stealing hearts by the time she'd grown into herself around the tender age of fourteen.

    She and her brother were an unstoppable, dynamic duo. They were always looking out for each other first and foremost, she more than he. He was concerned for her, yes, but not in the same way that she was for him. She swore fealty to none other than her family and her pack (and not necessarily in that order). There would even be occasions when she was jealous because he spent more time with his wife, rather than her. Over time, she got over this sense of jealousy, only to have it be replaced by nonchalance. Her brother's wife moved out of Dawnbreak to parts unknown with Harper's nieces and nephew in tow.

    It broke a part of her she hadn't known existed until that very moment. From that point on, she tried nonstop to get her brother to return to his normal self but to no avail. Before long, however, she gave up and returned to her own devices. Having dedicated her life to aiding her pack and her family, she was honestly at a loss. She wanted to say she knew what it was she wanted to do with her life, but she didn't. All she knew was she was up the creek without a paddle. She wanted to be able to enjoy life again but found her pursuit of happiness increasingly difficult.

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  1. Joseph Black

    Joey watched as his father scanned the area ahead and turned his head this way and that to examine the area with him. Blitz just quietly plodded along behind Shaytan, staying just out of reach of the gelding's hooves. Apparently, even horses knew to give the gelding a wide berth. Logan, on the other hand, was a bundle of raw energy with one hand resting on his gun and the other wrapped around his reins. "Dad, I'm sorry..." Joey said quietly, hoping above hope that all would be forgiven. Logan said nothing for a long moment.

    At last, the Black family patriarch (granted, only by marriage was he anything akin to a patriarch of anything), started to carefully pick his words. "You need to show it with your actions, rather than your words. If you're sorry, show it, rather than continuing to act like a damned fool." Joey nodded solemnly at his father's words, perhaps taking things a little too literally. The boy, using his free hand, reached down to absently stroke the horse's neck. Nothing more was said between father and son and honestly, Logan felt as if all had been said that needed to be said. Small talk here and there ensued but nothing that went deeper than the weather, much to Logan's relief.


  2. Joseph Black

    Logan rolled his eyes and urged Shaytan ahead. "Fuck. Off." He growled, as he passed Seth. It wasn't that he was bothered by his girlfriend's pregnancy but what bothered him was the fact his own brother had to act so damned childishly about it. "One smartass child in this family is more than enough." He said with a soft huff, letting Shaytan carefully pick his way along the trail.

    Joey looked at his uncle for a moment and sighed. "Did I do something wrong?" He asked quietly, his brow knitting slightly. He hadn't meant to upset his father but at the same time, he was just glad that his father hadn't turned his ire on him. Why Seth got the brunt of something that was probably meant for Joey was beyond him, though. Shaking the thought off as best as he could, he spurned Blitz on, trying to get the gelding to catch up with his father. The horse slowed down of its own accord before he was able to bump into Shaytan.


  3. Joseph Black

    Joey grinned up at his uncle, nudging him back just as playfully. "All the excuses." He agreed quietly, smiling innocently at his father, who was still struggling to get Shaytan out of the stables. "Have you noticed that the veterinarian's boobs are getting bigger? I mean... I don't think it's surgical..." He frowned thoughtfully and as his father approached, he flicked the reins up and over Blitz's head. Keeping one hand on the saddle's horn, he swung up into the saddle, being careful not to pull on the horse's mouth too much.

    Logan side-eyed his brother as if to tell him to shut the fuck up before looking evenly at his son. "Boy, why are you looking at her boobs in the first place?" Joey, at his father's question, blushed bright red. "I-I... Um... It's hard not to notice. They seem to get bigger by the day." He mumbled the words, his ears burning red hot with embarrassment. Logan sighed and shook his head, deciding to let the boy fester in his juices a while longer.

    He wanted to deck something... Or someone. "You'll understand when you're older." He said, finally, getting into Shaytan's saddle. The gelding turned his head and nipped at Logan's heels, causing the man to grunt with annoyance. "Dammit, Shaytan... I haven't gotten that fat..." He said with a faint chuckle. His father was going to kill him and his brother would laugh all the way into his goddamned grave.


  4. Joseph Black

    Logan rolled his eyes, having half a mind to lob something at his idiotic, younger brother. 

    Meanwhile, Joey was moving excitedly around Blitz, taking careful care to groom the horse's dark chocolate coat and flaxen mane and tail. He hummed as he worked and only when he was satisfied did he attempt to bring the horse out and tack him up with the same careful precision. "I'm ready!" He called out excitedly, keeping one hand wrapped around the reins while the other hand rested lightly on the horse's neck.

    "What is that you're always telling me when I ask you to do your chores? Oh, yeah... In a minute!" Logan retorted, carefully leading out Shaytan, the demon horse. The gelding's eyes were wild but he made no attempt to bite Logan... At least, not yet. The gelding probably would try to teach him a lesson and make a fool out of him all at once.


  5. Joseph Black

    Joey nodded his head. He hadn't gotten to the point yet where he was bold enough to venture away from his family. He practically bounced up and down as he charged up the pathway and made his way to the stables. "D'ya think Blitz will mind the extra weight, Uncle Seth? I mean, I'm pretty small... Haven't quite hit my growth spurt yet..." He was starting to fear he'd never hit his growth spurt. His grandfather was easily over six-foot and his dad was over six-foot, too... Hell, he wasn't sure what to do or how to feel, honestly.

    He turned his head to look at his uncle. "I'd pay to see Shaytan buck dad off, though... It'd serve him right..." He mumbled the words with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. Logan sighed and shook his head. "Keep that in mind when it comes time for your horse's expenses to be due... You might find yourself working it off through slave labor. Now, get your damned horse ready." He grumped good-naturedly, swatting his youngest on the head with a newspaper that had been tucked under his arm.

    Joey adjusted his hold on his pack and scampered off to do as he was told. "Rescue a kid from a basement and possible blood trade and rather than a thank you, he starts being an ungrateful shit the moment he turns thirteen..." He knew it was just him that Joey acted out towards, though. He didn't dare do it with his uncle or his grandfather. At least, that was somewhat tolerable, he supposed. He shook his head and lifted his pack onto his shoulders, rather than continuing to let it rest at his feet. Without saying anything more, he went to get Shaytan ready, wishing that Rylee could have joined them. 


  6. Joseph Black

    He nodded enthusiastically and went to retrieve his pack while Logan finished off his coffee and dropped his mug into the sink. "So, scale of one to ten... How awful would it be for me to duck out of this trip to go see Rylee?" He was joking, of course. His son had been abandoned more than enough times. Logan didn't need to add to the boy's troubles. "I got it, I got it!" Joey crowed excitedly, hefting his pack over his shoulder and dragging his father's pack along behind him. Even though he was thirteen, he still acted like quite the puppy. "I bet Shaytan will be glad to be ridden, dad, considering you're the only one that he lets near him without issues." Joey spoke quickly and excitedly, shuffling his dad's pack forward. "He only gets along with me because I saved his ass and he fuckin' knows it." Logan's eyes twinkled faintly with mirth. "Can we go now?" Joey whined impatiently, eyeing his uncle with eyes that could almost be described as pleading.


  7. Joseph Black

    Logan rolled his eyes and had half a mind to whip the mug of piping hot coffee at his younger brother. "Shut up, you fucking clown." He growled, standing up with a fluid movement that left the squirming child to gasp dramatically for air. "Fat ass..." Joey grumbled, hopping to a standing position, only to get pushed back down again. "Keep it up, squirt, and you'll be mucking out the stalls. You want to be a shit, I'll let you roll around in it." He squatted down to pat the boy affectionately on the head. "Uncle Seth, will you please give him a swift kick in the ass?" Joey whined, which caused his father to roll his eyes. "Still a pup..." He muttered, stepping over him, as he took another swallow of coffee.


    Seth Redford

  8. Joseph Black

    Joey shot out of bed that morning with a wide grin and did everything in his power not to shake his dad awake. The last time he'd done that, Logan had grumped and grumbled until he'd fallen back asleep. Quietly, he tiptoed to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee, humming quietly under his breath. He stretched his arms out as the coffee brewed and dripped steadily into the pot. Like clockwork, Logan rose from the bed and made his way to the kitchen, rubbing his eyes. "What is it with you and coffee, kid?" The words were barely audible, even for Joey, but he shrugged and smiled.


    It took him a moment before he was able to swallow the bit of granola bar he'd bitten off. "Gets you outta bed, doesn't it, old man?" He inquired with a sickeningly sweet voice. Logan, meanwhile, wasn't impressed. "Since you turned thirteen, you've turned into a little shit." He mumbled, shaking his head, as he made himself a cup of coffee. Logan just wanted to crawl back into bed and ignore the world for a while longer.


    He took a sip of the coffee, which almost was hot enough to scald his tongue, and sank against the counter. "So, what's the plan for today, kiddo?" He asked, looking over at his youngest hellspawn. "Well, you and Uncle Seth promised to take me out on a trail ride... Other than that, not much is going on, I don't think." Logan quirked a brow at his son's words. "Did we really promise?" He inquired, scrubbing a hand over his face in a vain attempt to shake off the remnants of sleep.


    As he looked up, he caught sight of Joey nodding vigorously. "You did, and you're not going back on it." He launched himself at his father, only after he'd set his coffee down, and proceeded to try and tussle with him. Whoever had the misfortune of coming into the kitchen next would probably stumble across Logan sitting on Joey with coffee in hand. Logan took another swallow of coffee before looking down at his son. "Keep it up, and you'll be helping me file depositions, rather than riding your horse today." He mumbled, shaking his head slightly.


    Seth Redford

  9. Joseph Black

    He sighed and shook his head. "I know that my silence is golden and that, because you want it so badly, the target must be high profile. I also know that you're taking a risk by coming here, otherwise you would have stayed on the porch... Which means you're either afraid of someone else telling your target or the target, himself, hearing..." He thought for a moment. "I agreed to help for my own reasons, but I assure you I don't have to be told who the target is to know who you're trying to go after... It's grandpa, isn't it?... And you promise that no harm will come to him, right?" It had been a simple enough conclusion to draw. Still, at least until they planned to make their move, he'd pretend to play stupid as was requested of him... He'd need all the details if he truly intended to be a snitch.



  10. Joseph Black

    He frowned for a moment, thinking back to his earlier conversation with his grandfather. Was this what he'd meant by antagonizing the people he loved? He rubbed the back of his neck and sighed. "Sure, I guess..." He relented, at last, wondering if he was making the right choice in all of this. "Nothing you buying me ice cream couldn't fix." If he was to remain silent, his silence would have to be bought and he wouldn't hesitate to hold this secret of hers over her head, even if he didn't exactly know what said secret actually was.



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