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    height: 6'1"


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    He's always had a rather hot-blooded personality and wasn't ever able to get a handle on his emotions. While most would think this a dangerous facet for others, the simple truth of the matter is that it really only hurts him and his relationships with other people. He doesn't always set out in the morning, hellbent on being an asshole. It just kind of... Happens. It doesn't help that there are those who fear and/or despise him on principle without even getting to know him first. When x number of people treat you like crap, you tend to lose faith in people. He had a tiny bit of faith remaining in people until his wife took his kids and left him but then that faith was lost and in its place, there was nothing but anger, resentment, and bitterness.

    Beneath his bluster and rough edges, he's a sweet man who's hurting. Nobody seems to recognize that side of him, however. Of course, he's over giving people chances. He doesn't see the point in giving people chances when all they do is screw it up. He doesn't seem to be up-to-date on the goings on in town and usually seems fairly distant. Some would argue that the word distant doesn't begin to describe what he is and how he acts. Some might even go so far as to say he's a cold-hearted bastard who only cares about himself.

    The thing people don't seem to get about him is that he's just scared of being hurt and left behind. It happened once already, so what's to say it won't happen again? He has a tendency to zone out during the middle of conversations, also, which doesn't help his case any. He focuses too heavily on his past mistakes and his regrets. As a result of that, he can have depressive episodes. He's extremely hard to get to know and those that have tried have either been eventually driven away or simpler still, given up when the going got tough... Which is, in essence, one in the same. You can't have one without having the other to some degree.

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    coat color: black with gray
    eye color: amber


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    When Logan was sixteen, he met his now ex-wife. She was visiting from a faraway place, and he was helping his father with odd jobs. He loved her from the first time he saw her and knew he had to have her. They started a letter correspondence and within the span of two years, went from being pen pals to being something more. On a whim, Logan paid for her to come to Dawnbreak and within a year of her moving, he and she got hitched... Also on a whim, admittedly, but who were they to deny their feelings? What he refused to acknowledge at the time was that they were young and dumb. He just figured they loved each other and would work through the rest and sadly, he couldn't have been more wrong.

    After having three daughters, he wanted a son and about that time, their marriage started falling apart... Surely, a baby would fix that and was cheaper than going to couple's counseling, right? By the time his son had been brought into the world, his wife was sick and tired of him. She took their children one night, while he was out and about, and left Dawnbreak, swearing their friends to secrecy. She never quite had the heart to divorce him so for the next few years, they remained married but separated. He even tried tracking her and the kids down for a time but with his efforts proving fruitless again and again, he gave up and resolved, instead, to be a broken man. He focused his efforts on revitalizing his father's business, instead. Maybe if he did his part, his wife would come back to him... And maybe pigs would fly, too.

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  1. Logan Black

    He scowled and eyed her with a vehemency that normally would've been absent when addressing his darling mother. "First of all, my children are not mistakes nor have I ever viewed them as such. Secondly, you will treat Rylee with the respect she fucking deserves. Third, the next time you open that gob of yours, it would be in your best interest to start with an apology... And, for the record, I'm with her because I love her, as shocking as that might seem to someone who doesn't even have a heart, to start with." Even with the venom in his eyes, his words were oddly calm... Almost eerily so, in fact. "So, either you can apologize now or you can get the fuck out and not come back until you apologize and actually fucking mean it... Just because you've got your idiot daughter wrapped around your finger, that doesn't mean I'm going to continue blindly trailing behind you, following your every goddamned whim, least of all when I've got more important shit to do and worry about." With that, he crossed his arms over his chest and waited for her to make her move; the ball was in her court.


  2. Logan Black

    Logan knew he was in for some shit the moment he saw his mother's car parked in his driveway. He had a half a mind to simply drive away but knew that probably wouldn't fly in this lifetime or in any other. Sighing tiredly, he parked his trusty truck and got out, making sure to lock it. He needed to either change the lock or get a different hiding place for his spare key but with his luck, if she wanted in badly enough, she'd just elect to splinter the fucking door like some she-hulk. He rolled his eyes at the thought and made his way into the house with his coat draped over his arm. "Can I get you anything, mother?... A restraining order, perhaps?" His dark eyes twinkled faintly with mirth. 

    He knew she'd want wine and thankfully, he kept the good shit on hand for occasions such as this. "I'll be right with you." He murmured, going to prepare the wine and pouring some of it into one glass while grabbing a bottle of water for himself. He'd promised Rylee that he wouldn't drink alcohol when she couldn't and in that very moment, it almost pained him. He wanted to drink deeply of the devil's juice. "So, what can I help you with?" He finally asked, setting the glass of wine carefully on the side table.


  3. Logan Black

    Logan only nodded his head, smiling slightly. "Your wish is my command." He hummed, leaving her side long enough to go to the kitchen. He got out two glasses, pouring orange juice in one and water in the other, just in case there was something she didn't like about the orange juice that Harper had chosen to buy. "Red is going to kill you, you fucking moron." Harper hissed in his ear, low enough that not even Joey's keen ears could hope to pick it up. He patted her affectionately on the head but said nothing.

    He knew better than anyone that his father was going to kill him. It wasn't like he needed to be told. Still, he held out hope that his father wouldn't be too bothered by it. Maybe he and Seth would both find it funny to a certain degree. "I think you need to take the kids and go somewhere, Harper." He instructed softly, leaving no room for argument. She rolled her eyes and went to round up the kids, doing as he'd instructed.

    Still, she couldn't help but be a bitch just a bit longer. "And how long would your royal pain in the ass like me to distract the kids?" She demanded, placing her hand on her hip, as her eyes narrowed. Maybe she'd do herself a favor and drop them off with her mother. "Until I fucking call you." He snapped, thanking his lucky stars he hadn't inherited the full extent of his parents' tempers. If he had, he would've probably slammed his sister into a fucking wall by now... And with that thought bouncing around in his brain and his sister on her way out the door, he brought Rylee the two glasses, offering her the orange juice first.


  4. Logan Black

    Despite Joey's protests and not wanting to leave Blitz, Logan had managed to convince the boy to come home with him. It was long overdue, truthfully, and he was sure his sister, Harper, would be glad not to have to play babysitter for three "adults" any more.  He had Rylee with him when he brought Joey home and he had smelled something familiar on her for a short while now. It was the scent of mother's milk and rapidly changing hormones. His dad was going to fucking kill him... Considering he'd been around Rylee, he was surprised his father hadn't already tried to kill him... Or, at least, bury his foot far up Logan's ass. The thought made the corners of his mouth turn up slightly. After parking the truck and getting out, he helped Rylee out of the vehicle and instructed his son to hop out.

    Once Joey was out and safely on the ground, he closed the door and locked up his truck. The truck was essentially his baby and he hated that it'd needed to be impounded, even if only briefly. He was just glad to have it back, honestly. He snaked his arm around Rylee's waist and walked with her to the front door. Before he could unlock it, however, it flung open and before him stood his sister, Harper. "YOU FUCKING IDIOT!" She crowed and it was then that Logan realized he hadn't really made any effort to see or speak to his sister since that fiasco with Ophelia.

    He grimaced slightly. "Does I'm sorry cut it?" He half-joked, head tilting slightly. Harper huffed but much to his relief, she stepped to the side to allow him entry. "Is she the one I keep hearing about?" Harper asked, brow knitting slightly. When would Logan learn not to chase tail?

    It wasn't her business either way, she supposed. Joey excitedly ran through the house, bouncing around as he went. "Rylee, do you want anything to drink? Or eat, even?" Logan asked quietly as he made his way past his sister and guided his girlfriend to the couch. Harper recognized the smell, too, and she rolled her eyes. Red and Seth were going to have a field day with this... 


  5. Logan Black

    Logan sighed. "That thing's still runnin' amok?" He griped, shaking his head. "I've gotta go to the truck to get it." He allowed nephew and uncle to bond as he went the opposite way to retrieve his gun. Joey, meanwhile, eyed his uncle. "What's running amok, Uncle Seth?" He managed to ask, brow knitting slightly. "Is it dangerous to everyone? Including us?" He'd been content to believe that there was safety in numbers but if his uncle was asking his dad to make sure he had a weapon... He tried to shake off his apprehension. Logan returned with his gun holstered at his side, patting his son almost affectionately. "It'll be fine... Just a precaution." He said through a yawn. He was sure his mother and father would both kill him if he let anything happen to their favorite grandson.


  6. Logan Black

    Logan smirked. "Mother will get over it or she'll die mad..." Knowing Katja, considering Harper was the quintessential screw up, that meant Logan was tasked with carrying on the Black name and giving it some measure of clout. Considering his new position at the DA's office, he didn't think he'd done too shabbily. "We might need to be careful, though... Mother is a museum curator and she can smell fear." He shook his head slightly and grimaced. Specifically, she could smell the fear of her children and grandchildren... And generally anyone who she came into contact with. 

    Truthfully, Logan was sick and tired of her at times but there were other times when he just didn't give a damn. Katja was Katja and she wasn't about to change for anyone or anything. He was interested to see, however, if perhaps her and Eric would wind up shacking up together. It wasn't a thought he frequently entertained, but it did make him curious. They were both recently... ish widowed and both had kids that were pains in the ass. If they could get away with a father marrying his sister-in-law after the death of his wife on the silver screen, surely they'd have no bones about getting together. It wasn't like Red and Katja had been together in a romantic sense in... Well, many, many years.

    As far as Logan was aware, Katja had been faithful to his stepfather, even after the end had come and gone, and Logan believed rather firmly that his mother deserved some semblance of happiness... Or, simpler still, a man to jerk around. He wondered idly if his father would be okay with such an arrangement or if he harbored some silly notion about how brothers should never get within range of anything the other's dick has been in or around. He sighed a bit irately before looking over to his girlfriend. "Judging by that smirk on your face, you have more in mind than softcore porn." He said with a playful shake of his head. "How about, when you're ready, we tell Joey first to test the waters?... I mean, he already knows you and is fond of you and if he takes it well..." He trailed off with a shrug, not entirely sure he wanted to tell his daughters - or his mother, for that matter - but he knew that it wasn't entirely unavoidable. 


  7. Logan Black

    He laughed and squeezed her hand, his dark eyes twinkling faintly. "How'd I ever get so lucky to be spared the details?" He teased, lifting her hand, with their fingers still intertwined, as he kissed her knuckles. "We're going to the art district... My mom recommended it a long time ago, and I'm finally taking her up on her advice. Not sure if it'll be up your alley or not but..." He trailed off for a moment, shrugging. "Figured you'd wanna do something different and before you ask, no, my mom won't be present." He laughed, wondering how his mom would react to all of this... Probably skin him alive. Oh well.

    He was just as terrified as she was of her meeting his kids, moreso the adults than Joey. Joey probably wouldn't care, but the girls...? They'd give them both nonstop shit, even if they had settled down. "If you prefer, though, we can get a hotel room, maybe order some pay-per-view, and skip the night out..." He was willing to bend to whatever she wanted. He wasn't necessarily whipped yet, but he was certainly making his way there, and he knew it. He bore no regrets. 


  8. Logan Black

    He chuckled and shook his head. "You're probably right about that... Don't really want to hear it but if you want to share the details, feel free." He hummed, tapping his fingers against the steering wheel. He made no attempt to slow down when they neared the theater, instead opting to drive past it. He had intentions to take her to the art district of Corinth. It was usually fairly interesting and even those without an artistic inclination could appreciate the work of others.


    He still dreaded telling his three daughters that he was dating someone who could almost be their sister. They were now nineteen, and Joey had turned thirteen not too long ago and as soon as he'd entered into his teen years, he'd turned into a shitbag. He'd gotten quite the mouth on him and though Logan had made attempts to curb it, the simple fact of the matter was that he was lucky his kids paid him any attention at all. He hadn't been there for the majority of their lives and the distance between them showed as such.


    His lips gave an idle quirk as he glanced over at her. "I'd tell you how my day was, but I assure you it probably wasn't as exciting as yours was..." He chuckled softly, lifting his hand from the wheel just long enough to push his fingers through his short, dark hair. His day had been mostly depositions and other legal bullshit... Boring stuff, really, but it paid the bills.


    Rylee Windsor

  9. Logan Black

    Logan wasn't always in a good mood. In fact, usually the opposite was true. Tonight was a different story, however. He'd cleaned up his truck and had gone out to retrieve his date for a night out in Corinth. He wasn't trying to be predictable or anything like that but, on the other hand, predictability meant stability and he could definitely use more stability in his life. Even so, she was young - younger than him, in any case - and she deserved to see the finer things Corinth had to offer, rather than get stuck in the age-old rut of dinner and a movie. That wasn't to say he wasn't adventurous or even spontaneous but rather, he was used to his ways and time and experience had told him those ways needed changing if he wanted to hold onto Rylee.


    He hadn't intended for things to get this serious so soon after becoming a widower but he certainly didn't regret it. "How was your workday?" He inquired a bit tentatively, head tilting lazily, as he kept his eyes on the road. He'd hold off on telling her how his day had been. It'd been mostly fighting with Emily, who was his cousin and his colleague. She was usually gloating or seeking some kind of validation through his praise. He never gave it to her, not unless you counted a slight nod of the head whenever she did something halfway decent without acting like a complete ass.


    In a lot of ways, despite her age, she was still a pup. The same could be said for Logan and Seth but for different reasons. At least, they were starting to grow out of it. Emily, on the other hand, seemed to have a long ways to go. He sighed a bit wistfully, turning off the music that played, so he could better focus on Rylee. His kids were starting to act like they had some damned sense, so that was another plus in his book, and he knew without being told that he had his mother to thank for their swift turnaround. It was either that or they had just become better at hiding how they truly acted.


    Rylee Windsor

  10. Logan Black

    He smirked. "Cowboy, huh? If that's the case, does that make you an angel, darlin'?" He tipped his imaginary hat. "But... In all seriousness, I hope you have a good go at it, doc." He hummed, getting up to follow her to the door like a proper gentleman.



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