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    Dawnbreak Elementary - Kindergarten Teacher
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    She is a sweetheart whose passion is teaching. She's been a teacher for ten years, now, and hasn't looked back on her decision to teach kindergarteners with anything other than fondness. She has dedicated her life to protecting Dawnbreak's people and teaching. Even so, that doesn't mean she doesn't make missteps because perfect, she is not. She was what some might call a little ass kicker... although, perhaps, not so little. She doesn't enjoy the act of killing and sympathizes with supernaturals. She doesn't have a bad word to say about most people. In fact, she doesn't at all abide by petty shit and nonsense.

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    She was raised a hunter. Her parents wanted a boy and got her, instead. She had to run where others could walk and part of her always sympathized with the very creatures she was supposed to hunt. Her parents were mauled to death when she was around the age of twenty-one, and she's been on her own, not counting the select few she associates herself with and looks up to, ever since. She would rather be aiding the creatures she hunts but knows that, for now, that's not possible.

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  1. Avery Frost

    She thought for a moment and slowly nodded her head. "Sounds reasonable." She purred, stealing a quick kiss. "If it helps ease your mind, when we do go to Corinth, we can bring them with us and get separate hotel rooms... That way, we can check in on them easily and don't have to worry about what he's doing." She buried her face into his chest and slipped her arms gently around him. "So, where would you like to go tonight, then, Clay?" She sweetly inquired, head tilting almost lazily.


  2. Avery Frost

    She shrugged. "Wherever we want... I'm sure we could find a place... A hotel, maybe? Or we could go by the lighthouse..." She trailed off, Knowing Clay, at least at first, he'd want some privacy to collect himself and that was perfectly okay with her. "We could even go to Corinth... Have you even been outside of Dawnbreak since you were turned?" She asked, craning her neck slightly to peer down the hallway. Knowing Sirius, he was probably watching the baby with rapt attention like he'd been doing prior to putting the baby down to sleep. "If it helps, I don't imagine Sirius would let anything happen to Mason." She said quietly, nodding her head slightly, almost as if trying to reassure herself.


  3. Avery Frost

    She shrugged, sighing quietly, as a tired smile took hold for just a moment. "Personally, as long as it's only for a few hours, I wouldn't mind Siri watching Mason. He hasn't done anything to harm him yet nor has he made any attempt to harm you or me since turning you. He could've killed all three of us if he wanted to and hasn't." She faltered, biting her lip. "How about we call him to check on him every so often and when we're done, having fun, we can promptly come home?" Siri was just a boy... A very dangerous boy, she conceded, but a boy nonetheless. 

    She tilted her head back, briefly, her hand snaking forward to catch Clay's. "Let's go somewhere right now. I think it'd do us both some good, yeah?" She gave his hand a gentle squeeze and a reassuring smile. "You can feed and we can enjoy the next few hours or however long we decide to stay away." She knew why he hesitated sometimes and a part of her didn't blame him for not trusting himself but insofar, to her knowledge, he hadn't done anything to hurt anybody and she doubted he'd start now, provided he was properly fed and whatever have you. One thing she dreaded, though, was growing old while he remained the same... Already, she was mentally building a case in her head, so neither had to go through life without the other.

    Maybe Siri wouldn't take much convincing... 


  4. Avery Frost

    She peeked up at him with a slow shake of her head. "I'd like the record to show that Clay Hunter used the phrase date night..." She teased, her eyes sparkling mischievously. "This weekend works just fine, although... We might want to find an actual babysitter, assuming we're still at the junction where we don't fully trust Siri with Mason..." She sighed quietly and bit her lip. "I care about you... You know that, right?" She asked almost tentatively, not quite wanting to scare him with an I love you.

    She nodded and patted his chest affectionately. "I try to keep him quiet when you're sleeping." She said softly, offering a small smile moments later. 


  5. Avery Frost

    She shrugged slightly. "I've got virtually no reason to... Especially not at night." She chuckled quietly, tilting her head back slightly to peer up at him. Her gaze was soft, almost bordering upon curious. "If you're feeling up to it, you and I could go out some night... Don't imagine you want to be cooped up in here all of the time..." She mused quietly, tucking her head back against his shoulder for precious moments. She enjoyed being around Clay - trusted him, even - and she hoped above hope that nothing would happen to him and that he wouldn't do something he'd hate himself for later.

    She'd, of course, learned not to bring Sirius up to Clay, even though there were times she worried about Sirius. He'd disappear for a few hours here and there and come back, just before the sun rose. He never told her what he did, but she could certainly guess. She didn't imagine Clay would be too enthused with sharing her, so she never offered herself to Sirius the way she did to Clay, which meant Sirius needed to go elsewhere to find sustenance. There were times, admittedly, she wasn't too sure about leaving Sirius alone with Mason but insofar, he hadn't done anything to harm the boy. "How did you sleep?" She asked quietly, reaching up to smooth his hair out. 


  6. Avery Frost

    She smiled at Clay and shrugged. "He did fine... Sirius hogged him most of the time after he woke up." She said with a soft chuckle, going over to Clay as she folded into him. "And it's your morning, my night... So, both apply." She smirked and kissed him softly. "If you need to feed, go ahead." She knew that, with him being a newborn vampire, it was sometimes hard for him to control himself.

    She didn't want him to become the monster he feared becoming and to help circumvent that, she freely gave of herself to the father of her infant... Of course, it helped that she cared about Clay, or she'd be heading for the hills. She knew some of the terminology, related to vampires, and she also knew she was essentially his blood doll. She didn't mind it, honestly. It gave her an excuse to be close to him and she appreciated his grudging acceptance of her presence. They'd certainly come a long ways since the days when she'd first told him she was having his child. He'd wanted her to leave Dawnbreak, just because of his own fear and selfishness... Looking back on it, she was glad she'd been stubborn. As she became trapped in her thoughts, she nuzzled her cheek into his shoulder and pouted a smidgen. 


  7. Avery Frost

    She watched with rapt attention as Sirius cradled Mason, head tilting lazily. "Aren't you adorable?" She cooed quietly, smirking moments later as Sirius gave her the finger. "Language... There are children present..." She chided lightly, her eyes twinkling with mirth. "The only child I see is you." Sirius retorted, probably sharper than he'd intended.


    She was glad it was Summertime, if nothing else. It meant she got a much needed respite and time off to take care of Mason and make sure that Clay got properly fed and was looking after himself. Despite everything, she cared about Clay. Was it wrong, considering her position as a hunter? Probably... But what did she care? She'd never exactly been the traditional hunter, anyways. Her brow knitted as she made her way towards the fridge to get herself something to drink.


    Night was starting to fall and even if it wasn't, they usually kept the heavy curtains closed. It kept out the majority of sunlight, thankfully. "Sirius, will you put Mason down for the night?" She called out as she leaned against the counter, watching with bemusement as the man-child bobbed his head and carefully carried the boy to his nursery, where he'd probably watch the infant with the same attention that Avery had been watching Sirius with. There were times her base instinct didn't want to trust Sirius but... On the other hand, not trusting him meant not trusting Clay and that wasn't possible or even plausible because, despite what he'd been turned into, she knew Clay. She polished off her juice and tilted her head back to peer up at the ceiling. She was still getting used to living with Clay and Sirius... At least, she knew if things went south, she had a newborn vampire and a centuries old vampire to watch over her and Mason and that thought was oddly comforting...



  8. Avery Frost

    "Tired and sore, but alive. Sirius wanted to film this magical occasion because some genius taught him how to use a camera phone. I told him that if he did, I'd lop his fucking head off and bury it somewhere, away from the rest of him." Her hand reached for his, fingertips brushing languidly over his knuckles.



  9. Avery Frost

    She lifted her hand and offered him a small, tired smile. "Baby Hunter was taken to the NICU... Not sure how much longer he'll have to cook, but they haven't told me much of anything. From what I've managed to read, it's possible he'll be in here until the day he would've been full term." She sighed and motioned him over. "Take a seat. I won't bite." She hummed, cracking a wry smile. "I need cuddles." She said with a small pout, her dark eyes twinkling faintly. "We should probably decide on a name for him... And while you did miss his first wail, I'm sure you'll be around to hear plenty more... Right?" The query that fell from her lips was soft, almost bordering upon fearful.



  10. Avery Frost

    She'd gone into labor relatively early in her pregnancy. Nine weeks early, in fact, and it had scared the shit out of her. Sirius was the one doing enough running around for the three of them, however. "I told you to get your shit ready in advance!" He squawked a bit angrily, throwing random bits and bobs into a duffel bag. He skidded to a halt suddenly and darted out to the car, stuffing the bag into the trunk, as Avery tried to practice her breathing exercises. Good God, what had she been thinking?


    Surely, she cared about Clay... But did she care enough about him to go through with this? Apparently, she did, otherwise, she probably would've gotten rid of the damned kid early on. She whimpered a bit as another contraction hit, taking her mostly by surprise. Fucking Hell, what had she been thinking? She thought the Braxton Hicks were bad. This was worse. Luckily, she'd only have to do it once.


    This was only the start of things, however. It would get a lot worse before it got better, and she wasn't looking forward to it at all. She moved towards the car and sighed, resting her hand gingerly on her abdomen. What if all the feeding had somehow hurt the child and she delivered a stillborn? Would Clay hate her? Her stomach churned with unease. Considering the kid usually got lively during feeding sessions, she could only hope that he was okay.


    She got into Sirius's car, eyeing the house she'd just emerged from. She still wasn't entirely sure why she'd agreed to let Sirius stay with her, apart from the fact she didn't want to be alone or be a burden on Clay. She only went to Clay when he called upon her or sometimes, she was lucky enough to see him at her own home. Regardless, she texted him to let him know that they were on their way to the hospital and that it wasn't a drill. She rested her head on the window as Sirius got into the car, still prattling on about overnight bags and the like. "Just shut the fuck up." She griped, closing her eyes, and trying to think about anything else.


    It was easy enough and once they'd arrived at the hospital, Sirius made sure she was safely inside the building and seated in a wheelchair before going to check her in with the bag in hand. He made a lot of this look like easy work and she supposed it was because he had practice but still... She would've preferred Clay with her and not just Clay, but a human Clay. She cared about him the way he was now, yes, but she hated that he couldn't stand himself and what he'd forcibly become. It wasn't fair... And while that thought wasn't particularly grown up, it was the only thing that she could think of. She worked with kindergarten students, not rocket scientists. Her head was spinning and she closed her eyes, trying to ignore the overall weakness that made her limbs feel like leaden weights. It was a good thing she was sitting down or she might fall down.


    A nurse wheeled her into a room and helped her get into the bed, as Sirius continued to hover. She supposed she could understand the boy's excitement. It was probably, after all, the first time since his siblings had been born that he'd been around anything remotely resembling a baby and actually got to help out. She almost pitied him. Unlike Clay, he'd never gotten to be an adult and considering the male brain stopped developing around the age of twenty-five, in more ways than one, he was still a child. It didn't matter the number of books he read or how mature he could be. In the eyes of the law, despite his advanced age, he was still a child and he'd never get to be an adult, either.


    The actual process of pushing took several hours and was fraught with pain and complications, but she managed to pull through. She was rewarded with, at first, silence, which was soon followed by a robust wail. Sirius got to cut the cord, careful to avoid cutting off anything else. "It's a boy, but you already knew that... Have you decided on a name?" The man-child inquired excitedly, practically jumping up and down. She tried to think past the fog long enough to reply but before she could, Sirius had already run out the door to retrieve Clay. She chuckled and shook her head, attempting to sit up, almost protesting when they didn't hand her Mason.


    Instead, the premature infant was carted off to the NICU. While she knew why they did it logically, it still stung on an emotional level. Her brow knitted as she sank back against the pillow and closed her eyes. Hopefully, he'd be home sooner rather than later. She didn't think she could fathom being unable to do something as simple as hold her child for weeks at a time. "Clay?" She asked tiredly, once the medical staff had all left her to rest.



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