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    Robert Downey Jr.
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    Dawnbreak City - District Attorney
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    height: 6'1"


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    adaptable, adventurous, capable, charismatic, perceptive, critical, cynical, insensitive, mischievous, willful

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    coat color: brown with varying shades of cream, gray, and tan


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  1. Eric Redford

    Well, I'm no mind reader... So, rather than bitching and saying it's because she's your baby mama, who, by your own actions, you never felt anything for, tell me what your problem actually is.

    For the record, though, it was impulsivity and stupidity. Like I said, it's not going to happen again and if I could take it back, I would.


  2. Eric Redford

    Yes, I'm sure. I want to know why you're acting like a jealous cunt when you haven't been with her in nearly forty years.


  3. Eric Redford

    Is it because you're mad you can't tap it, now that you're with Violet, or are you mad because I tapped it?


  4. Eric Redford

    She also mothered the daughter of some other guy that was, perhaps, a bigger asshole than you...

    But don't worry - don't imagine it'll happen again, if her reaction's anything to go off of.


  5. Eric Redford

    If I'd known you still wanted her, I wouldn't have slept with her but... To be fair, you and her haven't been intimate in over thirty years. Not like she and I can have more kids, so... What's the issue?


  6. Eric Redford

    Does that mean you hate me or that you're congratulating me?

    I can never tell with you.


  7. Eric Redford

    I don't know anymore... 

    Please don't hate me...


  8. Eric Redford

    I maybe, perhaps, slept with her...?

    She freaked and bolted after I fell asleep.

    Please don't murder me in my sleep.


  9. Eric Redford

    I just fucked up.

    Major league fucked up.

    Blame me if Katja acts at all differently.


  10. Eric Redford

    She hadn't pulled away from him yet... That was a good thing, wasn't it? "What was that you said about fucking earlier...?" He half-joked, kissing his way up to her lips as his hands fumbled to remove his trousers and any accompanying undergarments. Thankfully, due to her age, he didn't have to worry too much about procreating a third time. Between them, four kids was more than enough. Without further ado, he buried himself inside of her. He wasn't at all gentle with her and by the time they'd finished, he was spent.

    He made no attempt to pull himself out of her but rather, he simply rolled over as best as he could and held her quietly. He was still puzzling over just what in the hell had happened for them to wind up doing what they'd wound up doing... Still, in that moment, he didn't care how it had happened. He was just glad that it had happened at all. He pressed a soft kiss to her temple and heaved a little sigh. He remained awake a few moments more before slowly but surely nodding off. Whether it was the alcohol he'd consumed and/or the fact he'd just had sex for the first time in... months... he wasn't entirely sure nor did he care. For the first time since Rachel's death, he was almost content.


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