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    Dawnbreak Diner - Waitress
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    height: 5'7"


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    headstrong, reserved, volatile, vindictive, impulsive, reliable, loyal, adaptable, stoic, self-sufficient

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    coat color: blonde with various shades of white and tan


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    She was born Melanie Elizabeth Taylor. Her parents were relatively good people, though by no means rich. She came into the world with nothing and she knew in her heart she'd leave with nothing. While she wasn't born within the Savage River pack, she's come to view them as family, nonetheless. She was actually born on a snowy day in the rolling hills of Eastern Connecticut. She's always managed to hold her own and never once has she relied on others for help. She keeps relatively to herself but isn't afraid to throw down if the need calls for it.

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  1. Mel Taylor

    He was definitely Logan's son. She smiled a bit wryly, head tilting rather lazily, as she watched him. "Ice cream, huh? Just like that, you can be bought and you don't even know who the target is?" She asked quietly, a chuckle soon emanating from her lips. "Then again, I suppose you also know what it means to be the unwitting bait in that you don't know many of the details beforehand..." She shrugged then, shaking her head slightly... Thankfully, the kid didn't know how to drive a hard bargain just yet.



  2. Mel Taylor

    Mel reached out to pat his shoulder. "It's nothing that'll get you in trouble, kiddo. I need you to play the part of unwitting bait." She said sweetly, watching for any signs that he'd rat or make a run for it. She knew she had to be careful; the kid was not only the alpha's grandson but also, he was smarter than his sisters had ever given him credit for... Probably because of all that reading he did. "Anyways, how do you feel about it?" She finally asked, not able to get an accurate gauge on how he felt, period.



  3. Mel Taylor

    Mel watched him for a few moments, wondering just how much he actually knew of the situation. "I'm sure they're fine. I mean, on the plus side... It's not like your sister had to go to jail or anything. She basically got a slap on the wrist and your grandma helped her realize the importance of acting like a grownup." She fell into step behind him. "As for Laurie, she's basically been charged with babysitting Katherine until her probationary period ends, so I doubt you'll be seeing much of them... At least, not one without the other." She chuckled quietly.



  4. Mel Taylor

    She reached out to gently ruffle his hair. "How about we go for a walk? I've not only got a proposition for you, but I'm also in need of your expert advice..." She winked then, unable or unwilling to help herself. She loved to toy with people. She wasn't a manipulative bitch, per se, but she knew what she wanted and she tended to grab it without a second thought. For now, she'd treat Joey like an equal and save wrapping him around her finger for when he was older.



  5. Mel Taylor

    Mel approached the ranch on foot, having left her car near the end of the driveway. It was a lot quieter than coming up the driveway in her Dodge Charger. "Hey, kiddo. What are you reading?" The query was simple enough in essence but certainly a far cry from what was really on her mind. "Mind if I talk with you for a bit about something?" She asked, squatting down and making sure to stay out of his light.



  6. Mel Taylor

    Mel grinned a bit, glad she'd gotten their input on some matters. This would be tricky, but not impossible. "Our target is the alpha. It's harmless fun, but I figured why not...?" As she spoke, her voice dropped low enough that only the two wolves who sat near to her could hear her. She didn't need Judy to rat on them... Not that she would but one could never quite tell with redheads. She eyed Katherine for a few moments and shrugged. "I'll see if I can get close to him, then, considering you and your sisters are still on probation for being so shitty."


    Rue Brenda

  7. Mel Taylor

    She rubbed her hands together like the very evil genius that she most certainly was not. "Okay, so listen up, you whelps..." She trailed off with a twinkle in her eyes. "There's somebody I want to prank, but... He can't see it coming." If he saw it coming, they'd probably get their asses reamed. "I was hoping we could recruit the help of either your grandmother, your father or your cousin, Emily." She'd include Joey in that rather exhaustive list but knowing him, he'd tattle the first chance he got and that would be very counterproductive.


    Rue Brenda

  8. Mel Taylor

    "Yeah?" Mel challenged, raising to her full height, which was equal to Laurel's. "Maybe you'll be my first victim." She purred, advancing slowly and attempting to look menacing but probably failing miserably in that particular department. "Anyways, there's a reason I called you goons here, so pop a squat and let me do the talking." Regardless of whether or not they were the alpha's grandchildren, they still had to follow seniority and she definitely held some measure of rank in that department.


    Rue Brenda

  9. Mel Taylor

    Mel wasn't entirely sure why she'd come to this place... Of all the places she could have gone to, Ravenmore was probably the least likely. She wasn't huge on reading, but she'd wanted somewhere low-key to meet Laurel and Katherine. Who would suspect the blonde she-wolf meeting up with the two darker haired women at a bookstore of all places? After her shift had ended at the restaurant, she jogged to the bookstore and let herself in, waving in the direction of the camera. It was a safe place that was owned by another member of the Savage River pack, Judith Hopps. She texted both Laurel and Katherine to let them know she'd be tucked away in an alcove. It was one of the quieter corners of the bookstore that didn't have mopey teenagers milling about.


    Rue Brenda

  10. Mel Taylor
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