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    Dawnbreak Diner - Waitress
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    height: 5'7"


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    impressionable, self-involved, sarcastic, cynical, reserved, compassionate, loyal, empathetic, helpful, mild-mannered

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    coat color: brown with varying shades of tan


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    Her mother was an ass and her father, though by no choice of his own, was less than present. You'll be hard-pressed to hear her bitch, however. She might regard her twin sister with contempt from time-to-time, courtesy of her attitude, but apart from that, for the time being, she's loyal only to her siblings. She had them when she left that hellhole in Corinth and she'll probably only be left with them at the rate Katherine's going. She doesn't hold it against her sister nor does she necessariily pity her... Or even Joey, for that matter. They all went through their personal brand of Hell and taking one's side over the other just wouldn't do. Since graduating from high school, she's started to work as a waitress, alongside her sister, Katherine.

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  1. Laurel Black

    Laurel scrunched her nose and sighed. For a guy that looked like he was rough around the edges, he certainly had a way of following the rules. "Fine..." She said quietly, almost seeming as unenthused as he'd been about her suggestion of them going to Corinth. She pulled out her cellphone and texted her grandfather with an address and a request to meet up with her at said address. It wasn't entirely a lie; she had asked him to meet with her, after all. It was a half-truth and half-truths were better than outright lies.

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  2. Laurel Black

    Laurel looked up at her newfound fascination with her doe eyes, tilting her head slightly as a small smile curled her lips. "I guess you'll just have to stick around and find out." She purred, waltzing past him into the apartment. She looked around for a moment as her brow knitted slightly. "You haven't had much time to decorate, I see..." She hummed the words almost thoughtfully, turning to face him as she clapped her hands together. "Dad gave me a credit card, so I could probably help you redecorate a bit... We could go to Corinth..." She said thoughtfully, inspecting various places in his apartment. 


  3. Laurel Black

    Laurel sighed and shook her head. "If that's all, I've got to take Katherine to community service." She mumbled, slowly moving to stand as she motioned for Katherine to do the same. "Let's go before grandpa puts us on something worse than probation." She started walkling then, pondering whether or not she should help Mel. "Hurry up; you don't want to be late." She said quietly, casting a glance over her shoulder.



  4. Laurel Black

    Laurel thought for a few moments, sighing, as she stretched her arms above her head. "Dad's out... He's too busy, boning the vet. As for grandma, I doubt she'd help... Strict code of conduct and all that." She contemplated their other options or reasons why Emily wouldn't be the right choice at all. "I don't think Emily would help, either... Why not Harper and Ana?" She couldn't help but wonder if the troublesome pair would be too obvious. They were infamous troublemakers, after all.


    Brenda Sunny

  5. Laurel Black

    Laurel promptly took a seat, crossing one leg neatly over the other. "See, I would be afraid, but..." She shrugged her shoulders slightly and smiled impishly. "Katherine's the only one that has real cause for fear." She tilted her head and looked over at her charge, whom she'd shared a few months in the womb with. Katherine, of course, had her identical twin sister and then there was Laurel, the odd woman out... The third wheel, if you'd be so inclined. Regardless, she never dwelled on such things.


    Brenda Sunny

  6. Laurel Black

    Laurie was exhausted by the time she'd gotten off her graveyard shift and had wanted nothing more than to sleep. For a time, that's what she'd done. She'd slept until her alarm went off then she'd hit snooze and slept another five or ten minutes before dragging herself out of bed. She wasn't thrilled to be meeting Mel, but she knew the older woman would probably crucify her if she flaked. Grumbling under her breath, she got Katherine and urged her sister to get ready. "Hurry up." She said quietly, prodding her sister.


    After she'd successfully managed to usher her sister out the door, she fell into step alongside Katherine. Laurel had been tasked with babysitting Katherine whenever Katja wasn't around. It wasn't that Katja didn't trust Katherine... Okay, yeah, no... That wasn't true at all. Katja definitely didn't trust Katherine, which sucked because, ultimately, it meant more work for Laurie. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes, tugging her phone from her pocket when she felt it vibrate. She read the text out loud to Katherine before sending a reply that simply contained an okay hand emoji. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail, just as they entered the bookstore, and sought out Mel.


    Brenda Sunny

  7. Laurel Black
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