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    Corinth - Museum Curator
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    height: 6′0″


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    vain, vindictive, manipulative, ruthless, unforgiving, maternal, knowledgeable, cultured, (over)protective, loyal (to a point)

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    coat color: white with golden/tawny markings


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    She married fairly young, after finding out she was pregnant at eighteen. She married the first sorry fuck that looked her way and she was quick to consummate the marriage if only to disguise the fact she had gotten knocked up by Red. They both knew and that was all that was needed in her opinion. As long as she had someone to care for her child financially, she was content. She wasn't going to go looking for trouble but when the boy was born, it was more than obvious it wasn't her husband's. He took it in stride for a time but before long, he started to grow aggressive towards her. That, she didn't mind and even went so far as to keep up appearances in public but the moment he started turning on her son, all bets were off.

    Once she found out, she bestowed upon her husband a very slow and very painful demise. You could fuck with her but the moment you started fucking with her pups, she would go for the throat. What she didn't anticipate was for Logan to go to Red. After Red beat the fuck out of her husband, the poor bastard calmed down but the damage to his body had been done and continually got worse. Six years ago, she was finally widowed when her husband took matters into his own hands to end his suffering. Honestly, she was relieved; he looked fucking pathetic. After her husband finally kicked the bucket, she went public with her tomfoolery; she conned men into giving them her money and then she contributed that money to the treasury.

    She was exceedingly careful about who she got into bed with (metaphorically speaking). She didn't get to her age by being stupid. At least, that's what she'd like to believe. The truth of the matter is that her son, Logan, has been watching out for her and his half-sister, Harper. Once she found out her son's now dead wife had tried to kill him, she wanted to rip the bitch apart, herself. Even so, she merely basked in the fact Red had done it for her. While she was sure her son was more than capable of handling his affairs, she also knew he was delicate in his own way, no matter how much of a shark he may have been in the courtroom.

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  1. Katja Black

    Her eyes flitted to her son and she had half a mind to slap him right then and there. She would've, too, if not for the fact she was biding her time. She'd haul off and deck the stupid son of a bitch when he least saw it coming and from there... Well, she wouldn't let a little thing like him being her son (and, supposedly, a grown man) stop her from giving him a beating to remember. Rather than reply straightaway, she merely picked up the wine glass and took a sip of the ruby red liquid. "I want you to cut the shit, Logan... When were you going to tell me that your... lady friend... is carrying your bastard seed? Have you learned nothing from your past mistakes?" Her tone was flat but her words were almost venomous. 

    She wasn't sure where her son stood with the broad but anyone dumb enough to sleep with her son deserved a goddamned medal. "Do you care about her? What are your plans for the future?" She eyed him then, lip curling slightly with what appeared to be disgust. "And, just so we're clear, are you trying to expose us or has it just conveniently slipped your mind that we're being hunted down like goddamned dogs? What in the hell would possess you to sleep with a human who's almost young enough to be your child?" She was genuinely curious, even if it was only so she could further label her son a goddamned moron.


  2. Katja Black

    Katja had found out through the grapevine - Calista, to be precise - that Logan was going to be a father again. She knew it was better than finding out on the Internet but nonetheless, it was high time to confront the little shit. It was a long drive from Corinth to Dawnbreak, made even longer by the fact she had no real desire to return to the podunk. She just wanted to avoid it - and Eric - all together. Nonetheless, she had to confront Logan and demand to know what the fuck he was going to do about it. It was thanks to his own stupidity that his last psycho whore had snatched their four kids and left for almost seven years. She'd be damned if she lost out on being around another grandchild because he couldn't keep it in his pants... Needlenosed prick that he was.

    Upon arriving at Logan's, she made her way to the front door and squatted down to retrieve the key from under the mat. It was so obvious that even a moron would look there but... Maybe that was why it worked so well. To be fair, however, The Village, although older, was a good deal safer than other areas of town. It might not have been as safe as the rich neighborhood that the hoity toity fucks lived in but... It'd have to do, she supposed. It wasn't like Logan could afford much better. She made her way into the house and shook her head at the filth scattered around... It was certainly no place to raise a child. Peeling off her black, leather gloves, she set them down and proceeded to clean up and only when she was finished did she even attempt to take a seat to wait for her son... Thankfully, she'd already instructed her daughter, Harper, to take the kids elsewhere.


  3. Katja Black

    Just pick a fucking place - grease pit or otherwise.


  4. Katja Black

    Anywhere, as long as it's not in Dawnbreak.


  5. Katja Black

    Hah... If that's what you want to think, so be it.


  6. Katja Black

    You say that like you're not a handful and a half. 

    Why did I hire you, again? Pray remind me...


  7. Katja Black

    No and that's final, Callie.

    As it is, I already want to bury my fucking head in the sand.

    I don't need to piss off Red while we're at it... Assuming Eric hasn't run off and told the village idiots about his sloppy seconds.


  8. Katja Black

    If I have to say it again, you're fucking fired, and don't you dare mention this to anyone. 

    It's bad enough I slept with Red but now I've slept with his goddamned brother, too...

    Might as well put slut on my forehead while we're at it.


  9. Katja Black

    Him? Who is it?


  10. Katja Black

    Tell them to go away. I'm not in the mood.


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