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Kristofer Callian
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    Kristofer stands at about six feet tall, an a somewhat slender build. His complexion is on the pale side, and his hair is naturally a light almost white color. His eyes are a light colored blue. On average he keeps a cleanliness to his appearance, taking care in picking his outfits and the like. He often will dress more casually than his father, but rarely in anything less than a nice jacket or button up shirt. He prefers dark colors and shades of blue. His hair is generally styled up and away from his face, occasionally somewhat messy looking but very on purpose. Kris maintains an appearance around his late 30s.

  • Personality

    Generally Kristofer could be considered an intelligent and honestly nice person. Proudly kept as more than just an image, his intentions are ultimately for good. To protect lives, keep order, he has for the most part followed the Callian goals of protecting the innocent. Whether he likes a person or not he will greet them with a well practiced and dignified smile. He values equality and justice. He tries to lend a helping hand where he can or even if all he can offer is sympathy. Notably loyal Kristof will keep his promises where at all possible.
    Kris to far too smart not to realize that sometimes other methods must be used to meet his goals. There are times that require him to make deals with that guy he doesn't like, that may disadvantage someone he does like, to achieve goals for the greater good. Necessary evils to get things done, which he has become far more comfortable than he'd like to admit with doing. Kristofer can tell a complete lie with the same smile as the truth, and will rarely apologize. He isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, and understands that it is necessary. He will do the hard work himself, sometimes that's the only way it will be done right anyways. He would love the world to be a kind and generous place but he knows it isn't most of the time. He has always had to make hard decisions, and be tough in his work, and he will continue to do so.

    Kristofer is particularly stubborn. He knows what he believes and his priorities and while he will bend his morals to achieve his goals he is difficult to deter from what he wants. Generally if you think you're convincing him he either already agreed or he's got some other plan. He has no problem with using a bit of manipulation. His priorities are the protection of his family and town, even at the expense of himself.

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    One of the middle Callian sons, Kristofer's hatching is most notable for having occurred right before his elder sister launched her attack on the Callian's original home town. The hatchling Kristofer would not remember the violent event, between his age and being hidden away for his own protection so that he would not see danger himself. He grew up in a time of recovery and rebuilding in the town, for all of it's residents including the Callian's. The timing of his hatching also meant that until he was well into maturity he was given no reason or allowance to venture far from the Callian home. Let alone outside the border of town.

    His father was his idol, and he would follow the older dragon as far as he'd be allowed. He was always eager to please Judas, make his father proud and happy in their difficult time. His best friend growing up was a werewolf around the same age. The packs that called Lisandor home were on edge in those years but Kristofer didn't exactly care. The wolf, named Linden, helped his parents out as they worked around the Callian property, leaving the two children plenty of occasions to see each other. It was to visit Linden's home that Kristofer first dared in his teenager years to sneak out. It was followed by several of these outings, becoming close to the pack as well as other supernaturals in town. He made plenty of friends, and although his father disapproved of his sneaking out he had never faced any real resistance from the man. Kris actually enjoyed quite the freedom in terms of his interactions with the locals.

    Like his siblings and most dragons, Kristofer was taught a multitude of fighting skills. The Callian's had to protect not only themselves but their neighbors, and Kris was a quick learning student. Although even as a teen he much preferred the idea of talking to physically fighting. He did eventually come to accept his father's conclusion that not everyone could be talked to. Young Kris was a bit of an overachiever when his father gave him a task, and the two were particularly close.

    Young adult Kristofer found his interest and friendship with the other supernaturals to become a point of interest for his father. He was pulled into the diplomatic roles of the family. When the local pack was split into conflict it was Kris who Judas sent to work with them and mediate the conflict due to his closeness to some of the members. it was Kristofer's first step into diplomacy beyond watching his father, and it was... well it didn't go all that well at first. Some he had believed to be friends were in fact not all that great of friends. He learned the hard way not to believe everything he was told. He was lucky that Judas stepped in or he might have been left responsible for the outbreak of a full on pack civil war in their town. Judas made Kris see the issue through and eventually with his father's guidance they cooled things down. For years he worked in mediating for the pack, his confidence growing as he learned to handle people. He also took part in raising Linden's child after his friend was killed.

    The dragon was successful in keeping relations, and for quite some time served in protecting the town. He had years to establish himself, and was one of the few Callian's that bothered to travel in those times. The world outside their secluded mountain town required far more care in his behavior and he learned to deal with humans too. Unfortunately he was away when the humans came to attack the family and killed his mother. Although it was likely for the best that he did not experience that or his father's rage. It was easier to remain distance from the emotion when he had not seen it himself. His father in his grief picked up and moved the majority of the family very soon after that. Originally Kristofer was reluctant to move, but his older brother who had been left in control of the Callian holding in Lisandor convinced him. In his grief Judas needed some of his children's support, and Kristofer was the closest at the time.

    It was Kristofer who pushed Judas to make contact with the local pack they ended up neighboring near Dawnbreak. Even if the initial contact was only to declare an agreement to stay out of each other's business. He grew bored living in isolation though, there was only so much interest to be kept with maintaining the sprawling Callian property for a man who had made his life on talking to people. Their agreement with the pack meant he could hardly branch out to even speak to them either. And his father became so invested in Kris' youngest sister. When the humans started entering the area, Kristofer was almost happy for something to start happening that wasn't wolf pack conflicts that he wasn't even supposed to know or care about. Sure they had occasionally allied out of necessity but it hadn't lasted long. The humans started to arrive, then the other supernaturals seeking refuge, and Kristofer was quick to leave his family's isolation to work on the settlement of the town. Most importantly, he was from the beginning intent on protecting the secrets of the supernaturals, while trying to protect the unsuspecting humans from the less moral supernaturals that he knew existed.

    In recent years Kristofer has been well known, less private and secretive than his father. While Judas was content to remain in the lower ranks of the sheriff's department, outside of a short term as sheriff years ago, Kris had his own ambitions. Kristofer had at one time spent some time as an officer beside his father, then moved on to complete law school. For a while he had served as prosecutor in the local court system. During this time he was married twice, once to a wereshifter who left him after only a few years, and then to another dragon he met during a short time he worked as a lawyer in Corinth. She was willing to move with him back to Dawnbreak as while the social activity of the city was satisfying it wasn't where he wanted to be. Kristofer has invested his portion of the Callian fortune into several local Dawnbreak businesses, and made plenty of relationships within the town. He allied himself with the werewolf pack years ago, and maintained his support, using what legal power he did get over the years to do what he could to protect the wolves from further discovery and persecution. His wife encouraged him to follow his ambitions further into the politics of Dawnbreak. His years of deep set relationships with the families that made up the town didn't exactly hurt. Nor did his father's honest and dignified reputation. Perhaps he was a little annoying getting into their business, but he made a point to become too valuable of an ally to get rid of.

    About a year ago came the hatching of Kristofer's first son, at the same time as he had begun to plan his campaign for mayor. Everything seemed to be going his way too. He had the benefit of his well established intents to maintain the town's secrets. He probably would have been happy that his campaign was going well, but six months ago his wife had gone back to visit her family in Corinth, Kristofer stayed behind with their son Kovan due to work and his political obligations, and neither felt the hatchling needed to be traveling. She never came home, murdered before she could. The crime itself remains unsolved despite Kris' loud and insistent personality. He only remained in the mayoral race because of how much his wife had supported him. A couple months ago, Kristofer was elected mayor. He has hidden his grief well,

    While no stranger to politics or the legal system, he is new to this particular position. Mixed with his personal grief and suddenly becoming a single parent he has found himself somewhat frazzled and overwhelmed. Not that he will let anyone see that fact if he can help it.

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  1. Kristofer Callian

    He managed to slip away, although he felt almost a bit guilty for refusing an invitation to dance. But his curiosity had been caught, this other dragon knew a Callian. He wanted to know which one. He could only assume his father, given their similar hair colors, but that conclusion only served to make him more curious. His father wasn't exactly social, and this individual didn't appear to be his normal voluntary social activity. 

    Instantly the cold air hit the mans face as he stepped out of the establishment. His face crinkled in displeasure despite the fact that he had lived in this region for years now. That didn't mean he had to like the cold just because it was common. "Its only getting colder." Kristofer muttered, adjusting the scarf around his neck as he looked around for the other dragon. There. He approached quickly as to not miss the chancr, though wasn't thinking about if he would worry her ... companions any. 


    "Hey, thanks for the drink." He said quickly as he closed the gap between him and the group. "Is everything alright though? It looked a little heated for a moment back there." He shrugged back to the building.


  2. Kristofer Callian

    "This is very true." Kristofer nodded in agreement. Movement was generally good for the body, although he wasn't exactly on a health trip given the alcohol consumed and food he had eaten previously that day. "But I might embarrass myself if I were to try dancing, and..." he paused his gaze shifting as his previous companion re-emerged. "And Montezuma over there owes me a little story for mistaking my identity." He gave a little smirk at that idea. Of course there had been no such agreement but he also didn't intend to let it go completely either.

  3. Kristofer Callian

    Kristofer couldn't help the bit of a chuckle at her estimation. She was likely correct on her friend's intentions. It was a common goal in these types of events. He glanced off toward the dance floor, a bit of a frown coming to his face as he saw his almost companion being lead away by Violet. "Of course, why be yourself tonight when you can be anything you want to be?" He questioned with a forced grin. "And the theme is a good thought between you. Though I'm not sure Thor is from the same thing." Kris commented with another glance back and a somewhat honest chuckle at that.


  4. Kristofer Callian

    A bit was an understatement. Although, with his past career, he could imagine how it could have helped in some cases... were the deceased able to calm enough to share any worthwhile information, "Then I suppose you are doing the world a service, it might have made many cases easier." He commented, though he took a sip from his drink and leaned back. on the bar. "But I am sure that speaking to the living on a night like this is a lot more fun. And I'm sure you are not here alone, Miss Quinn, are you?" He asked, she seemed too cheerful to be stuck at a party alone.


  5. Kristofer Callian

    The male dragon gave a thankful little grin to the bartender as he picked up the drink, glancing back toward Izel to thank them for the gesture that was buying it for him. Instead he caught sight of movement from their direction. His smile turned somewhat disappointed. Although he had not wanted to share his life story, he knew the little woman who interrupted them would likely not stick around to drink with. Which, not drinking alone was particularly the point of his going out tonight. 

    "I believe I owe you a story, Izel. When you've had your fill of dancing with your lovely party." Kristofer pulled back his smile toward his previous companion. Or he might join them before then. 

    @Garmr @Morrigan

  6. Kristofer Callian

    Kristofer's mouth remained shut as he listened to the other dragon's "friends" attempt to remove the obvious annoyance that this woman was giving Izel. On the other hand her care free behavior intrigued Kristofer who was not used to such things around here. Even when bothered she sounded cheery. He tried not to smile as if he was watching some silly animal antics, leaning on his arm on the bar. It would have been better with a drink in his hand though. 

    "A coroner hmm?" Kristofer couldn't help the hint of a chuckle. That made some sense, though he was glad in some ways that this individual was not a doctor treating live patients. But his brow raised in curiosity the longer she spoke. He paused and sat back, studying the small female as if sure that there was something wrong with her. Waking up the dead.. he supposed that with all the abilities beings could possess in this world that was entirely possible, but the small town mayor didn't see it as something to advertise quite so openly if actually true. He took a breath and gave a shake of his head. "I don't know, I don't see myself as taking the 'you're dead' news all that well. I mean, real dead, not this fake dead." He kind of motioned to his painted face with a shrug.

    @Garmr @Morrigan

  7. Kristofer Callian

    Kristofer opened his mouth to pull out some crap story to avoid mentioning the real reason. A missing wife wasn't exactly the best bar conversation. Nor did it make people want to continue talking normally. He didn't have to pull out an excuse, the petite woman took over the space without a care in the world. He certainly didn't know her. He paused, sitting back slightly and watching the two of them. 

    "Well, you got the zombie." He immediately dropped the serious conversation in favor of acknowledging the newcomer. He would much rather speak of costumes than his situation. "Hers, not quite I don't think." The dragon chuckled and nodded toward Izel. He gave a little accepting smile to Izel, not near as bothered. "Yeah, yeah I would count no real deaths as a good night so far. Unless you count the deaths of many livers tonight." He chuckled.

    @Garmr & @Morrigan

  8. Kristofer Callian

    "Hmm, I see. Leave a bit unknown." Kristofer gave the slightest shrug. He would not criticize that fact. It honestly wasn't his business despite his curiosity. And it was always good to hold on to bits of information of interest. The other dragon smoothly turned it over to be about him, rather than his resemblance, and it caused the light smile on the younger Callian to remain. Oh he didn't need anyone to pay for his drinks. But.. if she was offering. 

    Although he was not aware if anything would be expected in return the man gave a smiling shrug. "Of course. Drinking alone grows sadder on a night like this. The company is welcome." Kristofer admitted. Last year he had been married. He and his wife wandered the city's festivities together and had a grand time. It felt wrong to be out here and alone, and he couldn't drink enough to make that go away. The best solution he could think of - just don't stay alone.


  9. Kristofer Callian

    Kristofer gave a light chuckle at that and motioned her to sit otherwise. He couldn't say he often got mistaken for anybody but his father, but it didn't bother him anyways. The pale man offered a friendly smile. "Its a common mistake with my family. We all kinda look the same from behind." He attempted a lighthearted joke to accompany his shrug as he turned to better face her than looking over his shoulder.

    "Kristofer," the dragon responded and gave her hand a concise shake as firmly as his father had. "Who were you intending to find?" He held a much less controlled manner to his speech and posture, besides the fact of his makeup and the holiday. 


  10. Kristofer Callian

    It felt odd to be away from Dawnbreak and his family. He had not spent more than a night away from Kovan since the child's mother vanished, let alone in Corinth. But he had a meeting in the city and there wasn't a choice. The child couldn't come and Kristofer hadn't considered it, a baby dragon was not something he wanted to show off. Especially around here. He didn't trust people. It did mean he was missing Halloween back home, but how much of a loss was that?

    The white haired dragon had found himself a party anyways. Vitality was owned by a now familiar face, and he deserved a drink. Time to enjoy himself and forget why he had been avoiding the city for months. He could drink here without worrying about his image as mayor. Which, given his normal reputation and the towns habits probably weren't actually and issue but being fresh into the position left him paranoid about ruining his biggest success.

    Kristofer hadn't come prepared with a costume, and simply managed to pull together a quality and not too gorey undead zombie look, he couldn't mess up his pretty face too much, could he? Clothes were another subject and his normally clean and well kept look in a suit was replaced with that disheveled 'crawled out of a grave' look. He'd found himself chatting up the bartender until a young man grabbed their attention away from him. He didn't have time to try and find someone else to chat up before he felt a tap on his shoulder. Who? Kristofer looked up quickly and gave a questioning look.

    "Hello." He managed a smile. "If you were going to ask, no this seat isn't taken." He motioned to an adjacent seat with a shrug, that was the only thing he could think of after all. Might as well be welcoming.


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