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Judas Callian
  • Sheriff of Dawnbreak

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    Apparent Age: Forty-nine
    Height: 6'3"
    Eye Color: Icy Blue
    Hair Color: Very light blonde
    Judas' human appearance indistinguishable from a standard human. He is fairly tall with a fit and somewhat muscled build. He has a fairly pale complexion, and his hair is kept short. His human form has no scars, tattoos, or other distinguishable markings. He generally keeps a very clean looking appearance with some higher standard for himself. The majority will see him on duty, and so normally in uniform. Otherwise he seems to keep a standard of business to formal looks in public. He's most often wearing dark colors or something in blue. He generally projects a proud and confident demeanor.

  • Personality

    Judas is on average easy to get along with. He presents as confident, but sociable.

  • Shifted Appearance


    A large and sturdy dragon. His underside is a cream color which gradients up into a gold and then red color over the top and his back legs. The spiked ridge down the back of his neck is cream colored with almost black red spikes and outer edging. There is a scar on the left side of his face that ends close to his eye from the fight with his wife Kirana's killer.
    Eye Color: His dragon form retains the icy blue eyes of his human form.

  • History

    Judas was hatched as the first son of Marrik and Nikheva, the heads of an old dragon family who lived among the wealthy nobility of the time. Hatchling Judas was not the quickest in development. Particularly clumsy and he gained his human form at six rather than four. When Judas came into his own and finally did meet the necessary milestones he was all the stronger for the extra time it took to get there. By adolescence he was caught up with standard expectations and exceeding them. He maintained the Callian’s reputation of strength and prowess, much to the satisfaction of his father's pride. He was trained not only as a warrior to protect the family and to survive undetected among the humans, but also groomed to one day take over the flock as the eldest son. A place in the world that he didn't immediately accept the idea of, and often suggested to his father that his brother would fit better. For fear of failing the family, or wishing for freedom from the responsibilities, he wouldn't clarify which even today.

    By the hatching of his third sibling, a brother named Silas, Judas was charged with helping in the raising and training of his younger siblings. In an era where dragons were fiercely hunted, it was an important responsibility which reigned in a free spirited young Judas somewhat. Especially after the loss of their younger sister before she reached maturity, and then one of their adult brothers not too long after in a fight with an enemy dragon family. It wasn't much longer after that that his own parents fell victim to dragon hunting, throwing a still resistant and hot headed Judas into larger roles. Suddenly the flock looked to him for guidance and protection, as did the village which his father had previously presided over. He wished he had paid more attention to his father's lessons.

    Judas was forced to become his father. Despite their disagreements in the previous years and his fathers harsh coldness at times he respected his elder and sought to make himself worthy of following in his path. It was around this time that he met Marasia. She and the remnants of her flock came to Lisandor, the village in the mountains which the Callians looked after, seeking refuge. Judas was enamored with their daughter and debatably only accepted them into his flock because of his desire to eventually be with her.

    It seemed to work though. Eventually he and Rasia married. Her parents were more than happy to hand her over for marriage to a Callian, particularly the leader of the family. They had the fortune of actually falling in love on their own in the process. She was a quiet, thoughtful, and strong individual. She balanced Judas’ loudness and quick anger of the time fairly well. Their first born of the eventually large family was named Marrik after Judas’ father. It was after the laying of their first egg that Judas really settled into the more serious demeanor that he is known for today.

    Lisandor was a fairly secluded location, protected by the then numerous Callians and an old established wolf pack, it was a safe haven for supernaturals of the era. Their location meant only daring travelers and traders bothered them on average. It was upon leaving the safety of Lisandor that the elder Callians had fallen victim to dragon hunting… and those hunters on average never made it home either. Within their walls Judas began to feel a degree of invincibility. And why should he leave? His task in life and family were all in that castle like home in the mountains. He had everything he wanted, material things and a family and social life he was more than proud of. He had several sons before their first daughter was hatched.

    Zera, a particularly troublesome name for Judas’ memory. His first daughter hatched and grew into a massive golden colored dragon who rivaled her fathers superior size in the family. She was trouble from the start. Always struggling to follow directions and fit in with the family around her. Stubborn as two of Judas and with an angry streak that made young Judas seem calm. Her adult self didn't settle down either, rather growing in confidence. She grew to resent the other peoples of Lisandor for keeping her father's attention and protection, suggesting that the Callians as the superior species shouldn't have been wasting their time protecting the “lesser". Judas refused to accept her point of view and remained his course. Judas was stubborn, and well these people were like extended portions of his family by that time. He was protective.

    So he saw his first daughter leave his life in a less than pleasant manner. She was not exactly the biggest concern he had, as dragon hunting was only getting more fierce. Niko, a loner dragon whom had worked for Judas and made his way to friendship, warned him not to doubt her. But Judas was short sighted in the time, dealing with immediate threats rather than attempting to predict the future. Unfortunately, Niko was correct and Zera returned. Returned with the very hunters which Judas had fought to keep out of Lisandor. Judas caught Zera in the middle of the invasion as she murdered her own brother. Two of his children fell to Zera’s claws herself, another fell to her followers. Zera set his village to burn, his people to suffer, and killed members of their own family… yet he couldn't make himself kill her. Instead he crippled his daughter’s daughter’s wings and he and the family completely disowned her. Exiled her and left her alone and injured out in the world despite her insistence that she would finish what she had started since Judas refused to see the light.

    A sister of Judas fell to her injuries soon after all had died down, and Judas finally lost it. The massive and grieving dragon set fire to the next human village he found in search of where the attackers had retreated to, finding himself responsible for just as much death and destruction… if not more. After his rampage, the Callians and the remainder of Lisandor became a closed off and unwelcoming group. They remained that way for quite some time, avoiding further major disasters as much as possible.

    Many years gone by, generations came and went of the mortal species. The world around them changed, the human population grew and came dangerously close. After having survived the dragon hunts of the middle ages, and avoided further losses of family since Zera’s massacre, he began to feel untouchable. Along the way Judas had learned just about every trade possible to relieve his boredom. He could be a tailor, a blacksmith, a cook… he learned to do just about anything he could. He felt good about his life and the family.

    250 years ago, an egg was laid in winter. Wasn't the first, although they hadn't had much luck with the survival of such eggs compared to those of the summer. It was fairly typical, but Judas was a realist and at first tried not to become too hopeful. Rasia was excited though. Ever the optimist. Judas began to share in her excitement for a while. Except a new and changing world brought a new set of struggles as their isolation fell apart. Judas had become too comfortable and too invested in his blood family… he began to feel untouchable and hiding in the back of his mind memories of his own child’s attack on his home. He let his guard down.

    To this day, he still doesn’t know why it happened. The assumption could only be that they came for the egg. Judas stepped away from their home. It wasn’t far nor unusual but it was an opening. He will never forget Rasia’s screams that rang through his mind. Of anger, terror, pain. Judas dropped everything and returned home with a ferocious temper that had been unseen since Zera’s attack. The hunters who came for the egg had caught Rasia off guard and knew what they were doing… but they were not expecting the mass of angry dragon that was Judas in that moment. There is not a regret he has in the suffering he caused the hunter thieves. Tearing them apart was still too kind in his mind. And no amount of pain inflicted on their attackers would change the fact that he was too late to save his beloved…

    The only thing that held him together in that moment was the egg. The safe and still alive egg which Rasia had given her life to protect. Judas was more invested in the hatching of this egg than any previously, his last connection to what was lost. When the hatchling was stable enough, Judas picked up the entire family that would come and took off from Lisandor, for good. He could not bear to remain there without her, nor take the risk that the attackers had friends who knew about them as well. He left his eldest son Marrik to maintain the Callian hold on the village, but Judas himself didn’t look back.

    Judas settled them as far as he could in the Alevskaya region, very close to where Dawnbreak would eventually be formed. Judas carved out a bit of property for his family, well aware of the werewolves who had also settled in the area with the same motivation to avoid humanity and make a place of their own. Wolves were no strange thing to Judas, and he had no quarrel with them. He would not interfere in pack affairs and territory, so long as they did not interfere with him or his family. A rule which he strictly enforced among his family. With the exception of joint interests or mutual threats, the Callians remained isolated and kept to themselves in the early years.

    When the town of Dawnbreak was officially settled as far as the humans were concerned, Judas came out of his hiding to make a place for himself in the town. More importantly, he worked to do what he could to ease the tensions cause by the introduction of humans and other creatures into the area. Not that he particularly wanted humans there, nor did his presence and involvement likely do much for the packs either. Callian himself will claim a part in keeping the supernaturals safe and unrecognized by the humans as long as they could, as well as part of forming some law and order among the settlement between the species, as Judas had no particular allegiance except to the area. What his exact influence was in those years is left to interpretation. He has remained in fairly good standing with the wolf pack, and at first grudgingly with the local hunters (who eventually proved to be unlike his wife’s murderers, but he still keeps a close eye on them).

    Judas has been an officer of Dawnbreaks law enforcement since the department’s formation. Dawnbreak is his home, and keeping it safe from threats inside and out became a priority for Judas. Especially as it was once more something to value and a purpose in his life beyond surviving and taking care of the family.

    Today the Callian’s remain mostly concentrated on their original property although some of the family have spread out further. Some across the world. The main home on the property is a massive and traditional style mansion which clearly tells of the old wealth in the family, and the property itself is not small by any means. Bordering on a lake and forested area, Judas keeps the place as secluded as he can for both his family’s safety and privacy and the fact that he enjoys nature itself. Trespassers are not tolerated and invitations to visit are few and reserved for the most trusted. The property also has stables among other smaller buildings and a couple of smaller homes. The family are not only comfortably rich to this day, but able to be self sufficient were the need to arise. Judas himself has recently officially married his old friend Niko, who was there for him throughout his grieving over Rasia and the move. He has also raised one or two of his grandchildren, but had no more of his own.

Recent Posts

  1. Judas Callian

    "Aah. I see," Judas nodded with even some genuine interest. It certainly placed the accent for him, and the name. Not that he had any intentions of asking about such trivial pieces of information, but the information began to somewhat pull together. The elder dragon gave the slightest of shrugs. "A subject my studies have only began to touch on, I would certainly check it out, there is no such thing as too much knowledge." Of course, studying up on any subject at the moment wasn't exactly his priority, but many times it had provided the seclusion and mental activity to distract him from the outside at least momentarily. Collecting more material wouldn't hurt him in the least bit. 

    "I would assume that your fiction is a very different subject." He commented, else she would have mentioned the connection.


  2. Judas Callian

    The dragon rolled his eyes. He didn't believe it for a second. Not that he ever truly trusted lawyers anyways. "You underestimate how absurdly annoying a single neighbor can make themselves." He scoffed, although he did glance at the drink as if momentarily considering it. If he got any more work related phone calls he might just have to get into all the drinks to maintain some sanity. 


  3. Judas Callian

    "And you really think I believe that at ten you would just cease the noise on your own?" Judas asked skeptically with a slight roll of his eyes. He didn't believe it at all, and it was close enough. "I am the one who has to listen to their complaints the entire night. For your information, they are exceedingly annoying."


  4. Judas Callian

    Judas let out an exhausted sigh as he took the drink from her, but didn't consider drinking it really. He wasnt here to party or hang out. "I'm sorry for the divorce, but Laria.." he scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Your neighbors are about to lose their heads and I have to ask you to turn it down Laria. And there are minors here, do you want that trouble?"


  5. Judas Callian

    Judas followed the direction he was given despite not trusting the source fully. He supposed he could ask another outside once he got there. The crowd was not the group of rich little shits he expected, far more varied. He saw some familiar faces, some not so much. Luckily no Callian faces, although it was likely that as soon as he entered any of them ran for the nearest hiding spot. He would have.

    Was that? The semi-familiar individual gave the dragon a moment of pause and an inquisitive look. Studying her until he stepped closer. It had to be.

    "Laria Redford." His recognition did not hold the same cheer as her tone did. Not that he was upset to see her in general, but the circumstances were too familiar of a time he thought had passed in her life. He cleared his throat with a scowl. "Judas doesn't drink in the job." He reminded in a scolding manner, but it was too late on that subject. Although he did agreeably step closer to her when pulled, it served more a hope that she would be able to hear him.

    "It is good to see you Laria, but please tell me you are not responsible for this... nonsense." He nodded in indication of the party in general, clearly unimpressed.


  6. Judas Callian

    Judas gave a shake of his head at that. "Deadlines. How do those work with creativity?" The older dragon asked despite knowing that the pressure could often dampen the creative process. He had heard it from Niko plenty of times, and felt in some form himself. Not that they had publishers to deal with or books to write. But each had done their own phases as artists in their lives, of varying degrees of success. He wasn't sure what inspiration Dawnbreak would provide for her. She was looking at him in an oddly studying manner, but he dismissed it as his own paranoia. 

    The officer instead allowed himself to chuckle at the name. He likely could have figured it out, but he gave a nod to her request. "Well, it is good to meet you Izel. Might I ask what your academic subject of choice is?" He asked curiously. Her mention of "niche audiences" said that he was likely not within that group. Academics sounded more like his type. "Perhaps it is a subject I have not yet thoroughly looked into." There was always more to learn.


  7. Judas Callian

    He needed something.  A break from the work he had inherited in his new position. Judas was a focused individual. Almost too much at times. His husband continuously reminded him that he worked too much for his health and the health of the family. He had promised that be would make it home tonight to spend some time with the family, but it seemed the world had other plans for him. A noise complaint on his way out of the station was the last thing he had been hoping for. But when the people of South Dawnbreak complained, and Judas was the only one technically available, he had little choice. 

    The plan was simple. Find the offending house and disperse the obnoxious party that was keeping the neighbors up. Then he could get back to the family before dinner was over. Hopefully. Maybe. It took only stepping out of the car to realize that he had in fact arrived at the right location. Who the hell had moved in here and thought a wild and loud party would be acceptable. The nerve. The officer walked up the steps to the home, banging a fist against the door despite knowing that nobody there would hear him. A self serving act to say that he had before he tried the door and pushed it open.  Judas made no hesitation to enter the home despite knowing his presence would not be an appreciated one. The uniform meant party crasher in almost all of these situations. Not that he cared what they thought of him, and his patience was thin given a recent lack of sleep and his desire to be at home right now. 

    "Hey!" The dragon tried to stop the first person he ran into inside. "Who is responsible for all this nonsense? I need to speak with them." Judas spoke firmly, loud enough to be heard, his arms crossed and the frustration written clear on his face.


  8. Judas Callian

    Judas wished he could feel the confidence which Red's words expressed. Despite the worry that they both felt, that threat was not immediate. At least, he didn't believe they had been planning to come out. He hoped there was not some hidden correspondance that said otherwise. He supposed he would find that out when they got back. After they figured out the answer to Red's other question. How do we write this off? 

    "Even our largest animals are not this... savage. I do not suppose we could convince the whole team here to bend the truth on the condition." Judas sighed lightly. Bending the truth would have been an understatement. But any other explanation he could think of would not be enough or draw unwanted attention. "Regardless of the explanation it will cause concern in town. The best we can do is convince people of a particularly nasty animal, and hope that they do not try to hunt it down themselves." Some rabid out of control bear and some rumor management... it wasn't the best plan he'd ever had.


  9. Judas Callian

    Research? Judas' icey gaze studied the individual in front of him. He was relieved for the clarification before he had to ask. A writer. He supposed small towns had a certain allure in fictional works. Even if the idea of his little town being one of those wasn't exactly pleasing to him. Hopefully it was just in concept research, he hadn't heard of any Izel either. The sheriff glanced to the offered hand before he reached his much bulkier hand to give a concise handshake.

    "Judas Callian," The dragon spoke as he released the hand. "Welcome to our little town, I hope that it provides ample inspiration for your writing. " He kept a pleasant smile as he retreated his hand to cross over his chest once more. He hadn't heard of her, and therefore hadn't heard of her work. It wasn't surprising though, he was more into the classics and informational reading when he got the chance. Picky with his entertainment given how little time he got purely devoted to it. "Myself, I am the sheriff here. Does not provide much time for reading, so I apologize that I am unfamiliar with your work."


  10. Judas Callian

    Judas dared not question out loud the relationship between the three. It wasn't his business, now that they were no longer being trouble. The drunk was cared for and no longer his problem. At least, in this moment. There was a hint of tension on the subject of the male.

    "Mm, as much as staring is rude I would agree. It is small." He gave a concise nod, although second looks were somewhat understandable in this case, as the dragon obviously had no care about standing out like they did. He didn't mind that part at least. But he knew the wolves would smell dragon, they'd know. "You do have a unique style for around here... which makes me wonder, what brings you to our little corner?" Judas questioned with a curious tilt of his head. Had this been a human he likely would have wished her a good stay and departed by now. When it was one of his own kind, well, he wasn't willing to depart without some hint of their intention. He was an even tempered individual but he had things to protect. A town, a family, home. Judas was still a dragon. A possessive and protective one.


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