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  • Appearance

    In human form Izel is a slender figure of mocha hued skin, hooded dark eyes that glitter brown and gold, and long glossy black hair. It has chosen to resemble the race of humans it first encountered when it was still young and considered the child of a god. There is much speculation on if Izel is male or female but given that the dragon sees itself beyond gender most hesitate to ask.

  • Personality

    Despite it's delicate human form Izel carries itself like the lethal creature it is. When happy Izel is a generous creature and is particularly giving to friends. In love and lust, Izel is the dominant and must be the center of focus at all times. If angered Izel is prone to holding a grudge for years and is malicious to extreme. After all, Izel was worshiped by the Aztecs as a god and Izel has never forgotten this.

  • Shifted Appearance

    In it's natural form Izel is long, more serpent-like than it's European cousins. True to it's parentage, Xiuhcoatl means 'turquoise serpent' in Nahuatl, Izel's scales or mesmerizing turquoise and green with bits of gold decorating it's form if Izel has chosen to 'dress up.' Izel's natural eyes slit-pupiled like any reptile but they burn liquid gold and can illuminate in darkness.

  • History

    Izel was hatched as a clutch of three dragons of the line of Xiuhcoatl. It grew away from the mundane world until it was considered mature enough to go out to interact with humans. There it was introduced to the peoples of Mesoamerica where it was worshiped as a god, mistaken for its own parent, and it was quite content to accept this adoration as a method of building its horde; horde building a necessity for status among dragons.

    It was during this time that Izel perfected adjusting it's shape to that of a human and began taking human lovers. The dragon found them so delightfully responsive to the littlest things that it began adding it's favorites to it's horde. When they did eventually die Izel would eat their corpses as an expression of not wishing to release it's treasure even in death.

    When the Spanish arrived in Mexico and conquered the indigenous people Izel was forced to retreat or risk being destroyed. However, after only a few decades, Izel returned and resumed garnering the favor and adoration of humans; although never to the extent when it was considered a deity. Izel followed the expansion of the Spanish conquest northward and spent many years enjoying the American South-west, Texas, and even Florida. In the turn of the last century it began to add land to it's horde and now owns a number of properties where it can put its ever growing collection.

    In the late 1970s it collected a beautiful young investment banker who convinced Izel to sacrifice part of it's horde to invest in something called the international stock market. That way Izel could continue to build it's horde with near unlimited funding. The investment banker, though much older, still works for Izel and lives in one of Izel's properties in Key West.

    Currently, Izel is residing in Corinth to, supposedly, work on a book.

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  1. Izel Coaxoch

    Juan and Isobel turned to give Kristofer the death eye while Felipe just looked tense. Izel turned to face the newcomer to their party with a stony expression that hid the hurt pride. Bad enough the dragon had been humiliated on the dance floor but to have it brought up again? The pain was fresh and stabbing.

    "Everything is fine," Izel said neutrally. "We've decided to go to the street festival and get something to eat before it gets too cold." There was the sense that there was no 'we' in the decision but rather Izel's desire to go. Yet none of the three humans with the dragon said anything, just continued to stare at Kristofer as if they were uncertain if he was friend or foe.


  2. Izel Coaxoch

    Izel stepped out of vitality and immediately felt the cold night up creep up upon exposed skin. The dragon drew the great feathered coat closer to itself but wrinkled it's nose at the sudden discomfort of being cold. Gloves were fetched from a pocket and placed over slender fingers decorated with rings while Izel glanced over at Juan who was also adding clothing to block out the chill.

    "I do not think we will stay out long," Izel said in Spanish, "Just something to eat and then home. I do not like this cold." Izel had not spent a great deal of time in the places in the world that were icy, preferring the warm and tropical places that had once been home, but the dragon knew the approach of snow when it saw it. Izel had no intention of being caught in snow fall of any kind, not in these heels.

    @Kelor or @DragonBlue

  3. Izel Coaxoch

    Izel emerged from the VIP lounge like she hadn't just been humiliated in front of strangers. Head held high, she strutted on strappy golden heels towards the door with a authoritarian 'clip-clip-clip.' Juan had spotted her first and so when she got there he already had her coat, a thick garment of emerald green with a feathered collar, and he helped her into it while Felipe and Isobel also prepared for the weather.

    "There is a street festival if you are not ready to go home yet mi amada," Juan murmured in her ear as he settled the coat on Izel's shoudlers and the dragon nodded once before turning towards the door. The troop was stepping out of the club and settling their coats before turning to head towards the Boulevard with Juan in the lead. 

    @Morrigan & @Kelor & @DragonBlue

  4. Izel Coaxoch


  5. Izel Coaxoch

    Relief fluttered through the dragon as Violet announced that Kristofer was the son of Judas and not the elder dragon's husband. Izel had been worried that she had been about to step into a social faux paus from which it would have been impossible to recover.

    Izel inclined her dark head towards Red but decided against offering her hand. The dragon could smell werewolf and thus did the sensible thing of not looking Red directly in the eye, "The pleasure is mine...Red," It felt odd calling this man by a first or nick name when Izel did not even know Ms. Selvaggio-Redford's first name.

    Izel's gaze shifted between Violet and Red sensing, or rather smelling, the tension, comprehension dawned. "I think I shall take my leave. The others are waiting for me. Enjoy your evening." The dragon offered another nod and then turned to move out of the lounge.



  6. Izel Coaxoch

    "Would Kristofer Callian be the husband or the son?" Izel kept her voice neutral but the dragon clearly felt desire and uncertainty.


  7. Izel Coaxoch

    Izel decided to broach a question without being to obvious, "You say you are familar with Judas Callian, what of the rest of that family? Were they as amused by my book as you were?"


  8. Izel Coaxoch

    "Ah, what is the human phrase?" Izel said more as a rhetorical question than an actual inquiry as she stepped out of the office with the soft click of her kitten heels upon the floor, "Separated at birth?"


  9. Izel Coaxoch

    Izel leaned forward and stared at the glowing screen for a moment, "I think I know this actor. He was at a party in Miami."


  10. Izel Coaxoch

    Izel turned back to look at Ms. Selvaggio-Redford with a curious expression that lingered more in the eyes than anywhere else on her face. "If you wish. But tell me, Ms. Selvaggio-Redford... what is a Negan?"


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