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Lucille  Blink

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    Wicca Hour - Girl Friday
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Character Profile

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    Lucille is girl of medium height and with reasonable curves that are typically hidden under loose fitting clothing. The only remarkable feature is her blue-green eyes that she is a little vain about. What typically draws attention is that Lucille is never outside her own home without wearing a pair of gloves, she owns gloves of every hue and type to contain her powers.

  • Personality

    Lucille prides herself on being level headed and capable. Because of the "disability" of her over sensitive Psychometry she spent a large part of her life being coddled and protected leaving her with a burning need to be independent and making her seem much older than her 19 years.

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  • History

    Lucille grew up the New Orleans coven to witch parents. When she was about eight years old she had her first brush with her unique power, which left her terrified to touch anything or anyone. Growing up with her coven trying to keep her protected and the rest of the world thinking she has some case of OCD Lucille made the decision when she turned 18 to strike out on her own. Asking her coven leader to speak to the coven in Corinth she has traveled north to find a place where she can learn to operate as an adult.

  • Witch Spells

    Basic Powers:

    Calming Presence


    Unique Power:

    Psychometry - power to perceive the residual information of an object and/or person. The user obtains historical memories or sensations concerning beings and objects they can observe. With objects they gain the knowledge including the makers, users, and even those who have on passing used the object, and what has been done with it. With living beings or parts of the body the user learns their general life-history, but doesn't gain anything of what they were thinking or feeling.

Recent Posts

  1. Lucille  Blink

    "How else?" Luci said with a grin, "Grope some plants."


  2. Lucille  Blink

    Luci's eyes drifted to the ceiling of the fort and she appeared to consider this before pulling off her other boot, "It would take some additional study to know for sure."


  3. Lucille  Blink

    Luci looked back at him, "Yeah but... Rom, that would make the plants sentient."


  4. Lucille  Blink

    "Maybe Dria feeds the plants?" Luci considered and began to ease off the boots of her costume, "I never thought plants felt something like happiness. Figure its Dria's happiness at tending them rubbing off."


  5. Lucille  Blink

    Luci nodded feeling a bit silly for worrying about not being believed, "Well, I brushed up against one of the plants in the bathroom on my first night here and I got this... hint... a stray feeling of happiness and the smell of plant food."


  6. Lucille  Blink

    "I guess so long as I don't touch you, Theo, or the furniture," Luci looked about, "the blankets should be okay because they go through a wash... I've been mixing sage in the detergent because that seems to remove any lingering essence. The plants well.." Luci looked at the greenery, "Would you buy that magically grown plants pick up a little bit of the person that grew them?"


  7. Lucille  Blink

    "Hey," Luci protested, "Gloves are fashionable. And in Corinth they're useful"



  8. Lucille  Blink

    Luci looked up at him with a lifted brow of mock offense, "What do you mean mostly?" But she couldn't hold the stern look for long and her lips split in another broad smile.


  9. Lucille  Blink

    Luci continued to look at her hands, "Uh, no... New Orleans is a small town despite the tourists and the witch community there is even smaller."


  10. Lucille  Blink

    Luci just stared at him for what felt like a long moment before she flushed a bit and stared down at her hands. "Its..." she started and then she smiled into her palms "If we were still in vitality you could. I appreciate that you would want to... " She looked up at him now still smiling although the expression was a pained one but there was a linger hopefulness in her eyes, "Dria is going to teach me how to control it."


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