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    Corinth City - Coroner
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  • Witch Spells

    • Telekinesis - The ability to move or shift small to medium objects with your mind, approximately up to 40lbs.*
    • Pyrokinesis - Power to manipulate fire. This in the past has been used as a parlor trick, increasing the size of candle flames, to give the illusion of spirits.*
    • Hydrokinesis - Power to manipulate water, this means direct it and pull it into the air for short amounts of time.*
    • Botanokinesis - Ability to make plants grow faster.*
    • Imbue Potions - Ability to imbue magic into a concoction of herbs. These potions range in type, complexity and what they can do. Most potions imbuements are taught by parents or mentor witches. However some basic "potion" cookbooks can be bought from authorized witch stores.
    • Calming Presence - In general, being around a witch is a soothing experience. While it won't calm down someone that is extremely angry it does help in keeping people from getting angry and even relieves stress.**
    • Wards - Wards are taught by parents or mentor witches. However some basic "ward" books can be bought from authorized witch stores. Wards are symbols using specific ingredients and a imbuement of the witches power to protect themselves or others, depending on the ward. Wards are easy to master as they are symbols and a quick incantation that seals it.

      The most powerful wards are a well kept secret of the Lilin society and used to protect and remove supernatural powers of all beings within their sanctuaries.


    Special Abilities:

    Empath - Can sense the emotions of people around her. These emotions often drive the otherwise optimistic small woman. So it's possible that she can seem extremely sporadic in behavior.

    Unique Ability:

    Timed Necromancy - Harlee can touch a dead person and bring them back to life for up to ten minutes. Save for permanently scarring an already dead person there are no real adverse affects of the ability. It is one hundred percent harmless, albeit if she touches them before the ten minutes is up they die again and are dead forever (just like if they get their ten minutes).

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  1. Harlee Quixn

    Harlee sipped on the water that had been delivered to her as she looked up to the man. “Do you want to come out and dance with me?” She asked him. “It’s better than sitting here,” she said. “And dancing is good for your heart and your health which means you’re less likely to end up on my table if you dance,” she explained. “I can even get the DJ to play that one zombie song if it helps,” she offered. 


  2. Harlee Quixn

    "I came with Catwoman and Poison Ivy," she advised him with a smile. "But Catwoman's a little weird she wears gloves all the time and I think Poison Ivy is looking to have sex," she indicated toward the commotion on the dance floor where Violet was walking off with Izel and the fiery red head in the leaves, Ra's A Ghul and the woman in the all leather catwoman suit that was pressed against the man dressed up like Thor. "That's not their real names though. They are just dressed up like that you know?" she said bobbing her head.


  3. Harlee Quixn

    "I mean... I guess it's a tiny bit weird," Harlee agreed to the man as Izel got up to leave. "Ouuu, maybe I'll see you out there Miss Montezuma!" she said waving as the other woman departed. "Anyways. I just like to wake them up and ask them if they remembered how they died. It really helps the detective's figure things out which means they bring me cake and toys!" she said beaming proudly. "I mean if they remember how they died that is. Not all of them do," she shrugged.


  4. Harlee Quixn

    "In a second!" Harlee said exasperatedly. "I'm making new friends and getting a drink," she said while the words were meant to sound annoyed they were more peppy and excited like the world was just sunshine and rainbows.

    It was like she was a locomotion that didn't stop and despite having multiple conversations going each one ticked some random box as she addressed them. Harlee shrugged at the mistake and would correct herself or try to guess again in a later part of the conversation. "Well I see a lot of dead bodies you see. I'm a coroner and well I guess that's most of what I see every day. Like dead bodies and their guts and stuff. I sometimes wake them up first but a lot of people can't wrap their mind around being dead so they just freak out until they die again which is weird because death isn't really that weird of a concept. I mean we all die... poof... dirt in the ground you know?"

    @Garmr @Kelor

  5. Harlee Quixn

    Once the person took her order Harlee squeed gleefully and looked at the two people she was between. "You guys look amazing," she said in a mousy voice as she turned her head from side to side so quickly that most would have thought she'd get whiplash. "I'm gonna guess.... ummmm.... Zombie guy and Cleopatra," she said as she stood there. "Are you both having a good night? I'm having a great night! No dead bodies! It's amazing! At least no one that's really dead," she said.

    @Garmr @Kelor

  6. Harlee Quixn

    A bouncy tiny blonde women came running up and interrupting their conversation by cutting in between them to flag down the bartender. She was dressed up as the Gotham Siren, Harley Quinn. If the dragons were paying attention they'd know she was a witch. She was am empath and a bringer back of the dead, albeit temporarily.

    She had little regard for personal bubbles and space tough and part of why she leaned in between them not noticing they were talking.

    @Garmr @Kelor

  7. Harlee Quixn

    Harlee nearly bounced as she saw all of the excitement around her. "And I'm going to dance!" she said excitedly in her mousey voice as she scampered through the crowd toward the dance floor.


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