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    Gus, Auggie, August
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    Augustus appears to be a young man barely out of puberty. Due to his propensity to live outdoors Augustus is what most would consider filthy. His clothing is whatever is given to him since the idea of modesty is not one that readily occurs to him unless he is in a truly lucid moment.

  • Personality

    Shy and quiet

    Augustus hates crowds and typically keeps to the places only the truly desperate go to. Despite this he loves music, enjoys the hunt, and in his own bizarre way loves his victims.

    His love is so deep that he is convinced that certain victims have possessed him and he still hears their voices in his mind.     

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  • History

    The sound is what he remembered the most; metal grinding, hooves beating upon the ground, the cries of men as they lay dying, and his own voice somewhere in the distance. Who he fought, where he was fighting, what he was fighting for lost in the sound of the fighting. And then it was silent. 

    Then there was a man…

    “He looks dead father” a bored male voice said from somewhere above. He opened his eyes to see the face of an angel looking down upon him. Yet while that face was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen the look upon the angel was cruel. It frightened him.

    Then there was pain…

    He pleaded for death so many times he lost count. They tortured him in darkness so he could only lay in fear waiting for the next horror. He was told to forget his life before, to forget his name and where he came from, and so he did. And he learned to love those who hurt him. 

    Then he was given a name…

    “Augustus,” the angel purred as he drank greedily, “I name you after a king for with you and your brother I shall build my empire.” Blood. It was the sweetest thing he had ever tasted, fruit from the garden of Eden surely never held a candle to it. He felt euphoric and alive for the first time in eternity. He had to have more of it. He didn’t even care where the blood came from, he began drinking the dark elixir of his own kind.

    Then the voices started…

    Augustus no longer remembers a time when the voices weren’t there. The shades of his victims clung to him threatening him, ordering him to kill more, or sometimes begging for their freedom. When it became clear Augustus’ madness made it so he could no longer mind after himself his maker commissioned another to care for him.

    Then he became a weapon…

    Never one to be wasteful DeLeon found a use for his broken childe. When there was a rival or enemy to be rid of DeLeon would release Augustus from whatever remote location he was kept. Letting him hunt, letting him feed, ignoring the fact that it was only driving him madder.

    Then he ate his brother…

    Alexander was DeLeon’s greatest pride and most bitter disappointment. Clever, cunning, and ruthless. For years, he schemed to get ahold of his brother’s leash and even attacked Augustus’ keeper but just as he thought he had attained his prize… Augustus consumed him.

    Then he was free…

    For the last five years Augustus has been wandering the North American continent. He spent time in Georgia, Texas, and was even briefly adopted by a wereshifter pack in the Seattle/Tacoma area. DeLeon sends people after him, wanting to draw him back into the fold, yet those who find Augustus never seem to make it back to report.

    And there was music…

    He has traveled north to where he hears the music. He rarely, if ever, makes contact with the other supernaturals who live in the area though they know he’s there. It is a peaceful co-existence. Of late he has found himself in the projects of Corinth trying to hear the song.

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    She was dead.

    Look what you did you little fool.

    August stared down at the broken form at his feet with almost clinical detachment, he had forgotten her name but remembered that she had been human and she had asked him if he wanted to have a good time. August had wanted a good time but didn't think that the woman could offer it to him and had walked away. He had walked away, hadn't he?

    No, this isn't us.

    "No," August agreed with the briefest of nods, "she is still in tact." He squatted down and studied the body curled up in the fetal position by the dumpster and noted that while one arm and the legs were broken everything was still attached.

    An' she's 'uman... we dun eat humans... they taste bloody awful.

    There was a sound behind him and August rose and turned to see someone standing in the entryway to the alley. He frowned at the look upon their faces, they ran and August found himself following the running person until he was back out on the busy street. He blinked and looked about but no longer saw the person, he began to wonder if the person had even been there at all.  He stepped back to crane his neck and felt something solid and living behind him. He turned, puzzled.

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