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  1. Alexandros Hawthorne

    They so easily agreed. With him and each other. So the logic could win over egos occasionally. Although it was yet to be seen if it could last through attempts at cooperation. The slight disappointment inside the one told him it might not continue so smooth as this immediate agreement. The outcome had him curious. Had it not been offered, he likely would have still pushed his way into joining them. He wanted to watch this succeed or perhaps curiously fall apart. Either would make for a much more interesting night than wandering alone. Especially for a social creature such as himself.

    "It would definitely be an improvement on previous plans." Alek admitted, twirling a ring on his finger in thought. "Although that would require someone to share what clue you were following to arrive here." He motioned to the sign they had come to look at.

    @Garmr & @DragonBlue

  2. Alexandros Hawthorne

    It all began to make a little more sense as the two acknowledge each other. Competition and a search, it was the answer he needed for all of his initial questions. And the Fae's disappointment- he didn't find what he had been looking for. This bar was not their destination. Which made sense, the place was alright but certainly not worth a competitive hunt to find.

    "Aah, I see. A challenging puzzle." Alek couldn't help the little smile which started on his face. He didn't have a habit of backing down from puzzles, and this unique pair had grabbed his interest. They would struggle to be rid of him now, if he could help it. The Lilin followed the Fae's gaze to the sky with a light sigh. "It would be more beneficial to compete and race against the weather, than against each other, as it appears your individual guesses haven't gotten you what you wanted." He commented, motioning to the neon porcupine.

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  3. Alexandros Hawthorne

    Alexandros could not remember the last time he had seen someone approach an establishment with such determination only to be so disappointed by its sign. A sign that didn't exclude said individual from the building anyways. Although he wasn't exactly in the area for the bar himself, despite having bought a drink, rather had stopped to help pick an exceptionally cheery but clumsy drunk off the street and return her to her group. He had full intentions to get back to Vitality after exploring the rest of the areas festivities.  But the Fae, and the trailing dragon, with such intensity grabbed his attention instead.

    Alek slowed his pace past the well dressed male, glancing up toward the sign to catch sight of just what had his interest.  It wasn't broken, and the closer look didn't exactly explain the situation. He didn't quite care if he was noticed looking. In fact the lilin dressed in his intricately detailed pirate captain outfit that rather could have stepped off a realistic movie set rather than a Halloween store was making not a single attempt to hide the fact that he was staring at the same spot as the long haired fae. He wore a long coat with intricate details and gold trim, with all too real of jewelry and sword hanging off his hip. The accompanying hat had been bestowed upon a child visitor to his business earlier in the day. The character hadn't completely deterred his efforts to make his visitors happy. As self serving as it all could be.

    "Its an interesting choice, isn't it? A porcupine to advertise a bar." Alek finally spoke after a moment, hands placed neatly behind his back and a certain straight posture to him to accompany the more sophisticated tone of voice than the character he had been playing not long before. He knew the man was not a business mascot critic, but questioning him outright, well, what would be the fun in that? Although poking into people's business was fun on its own.

    "What's more interesting," the man stepped forward just slightly out of someones way. "Is that you are being followed." He commented with a small raise of his brow and a glance to the side. He didn't know why, but the two seemed to be after the same thing. He felt a distinct lack of anger and violent intent despite the following, and it absolutely intrigued the ancient being.  

    @Garmr & @DragonBlue

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