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Charlotte Daniels

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    FBI - Supernatural Investigator
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    Charlotte is an optimist through and through. She's the sort of woman that sees good even in a bad situation. To many, she is infuriatingly optimistic to some it makes her endearing in the best ways. She's flirty with everyone except her partner and it doesn't matter the gender.

    As for her partner, Dagonet, they've known each other for about a year now and they get along in their own way. She calls him Magic Hands because no matter what she throws at him he seems to catch it. Her favorites are snowglobes and staplers. Even though he wasn't exactly new the game when she and he got assigned to one another she still treats him like a young pup, to her he is especially with his attitude. Overall the pair get along rather nicely together, at least for a Brit and an American.

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    Charlotte was born in Rochdale in the UK. She has one older sister. She grew up rather normally however she was always a little on the too smart for her own good side. When she graduated from university she was actually scouted out to join MI5 in which she took in an instant as it was a challenge.

    As she was investigating a local cult near Wales she found herself pulled into some sort of ritual that she ended up completing accidentally through a deception of the skinwalker that was casting it. She was not the intended person for the ritual, in fact she was the intended victim, but ended up shooting first and the powers became hers.

    Once it happened Charlotte transformed in the raven for the first time. It was disorienting and confusing but empowering all of the same. Not fully understanding her new powers she still left with them.

    It wasn't long after her shift into a skinwalker that she was propositioned by MI6 to join a newer field of work and work closely with offshore entities to keep other supernaturals, like her and them, safe. She accepted if only to better understand what she was.

    Since then she has worked off and on with other agencies. Her current assignment has kept her the longest, she blames stupid American idiots but really she didn't know why she had been stuck for so long. She doesn't complain about it though as her partner was woefully fun to play with.

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  1. Charlotte Daniels

    Charlotte and Dag would walk for a long time as they continued to find odd things but eventually the snow was covering everything and it was hard to see in front of them, or anywhere for that matter. “Ummm. Do you remember which way we came from?”


  2. Charlotte Daniels

    "You don't see the unusual prints," she indicated although the snow was already starting to cover it up. "Come one sour puss. Lets see what else we can find," she said pushing on."


  3. Charlotte Daniels

    Charlotte didn't answer exactly as she moved a little quicker. "Ouuu, look at this. These seem unusual," she said, despite the snow starting to fall to make their life harder.


  4. Charlotte Daniels

    “Oh come on Dag. Lighten up a little. There have been people going missing and rumors of a deer headed thing. So we’re looking for signs of whatever it is,” she said to him with an exasperated almost wilted sigh. Everything had been different since they kissed. She wished either it had went further most of the time but moments like this she wished it never happened at all. 


  5. Charlotte Daniels

    "I'm thinking Big Foot," she shrugged giving her normally charming smile.


  6. Charlotte Daniels

    Charlotte and Dagonet had a bit of an awkward relationship since they took down those blood ring thugs. After he had come over to her house, her relentless flirting eventually worked and he kissed her before he fled. She had to admit she liked the kiss but ever since he was even colder toward her than normal. So when they were sent out on assignment to go investigate a creature in the woods in Dawnbreak she knew it was going to be tense but she tried to keep up pretenses.

    They had arrived around ten AM and they had a plan to leave around three but those plans would be ruined by the creature itself.

    So after they parked they started the hike up the trail to look for anything out of the ordinary, any sort of odd things. She intentionally knocked her shoulder playfully into him and gave him a smile as they walked.


  7. Charlotte Daniels

    Charlotte nodded as she moved to grab him a glass and poured them a drink sauntering over to him to hand it to him as she opened her beer. "So hopefully a step in the right direction today," she said brushing up against him to go sit on her couch.



  8. Charlotte Daniels

    Charlotte leaned into him again, this time as they moved to walk back to the car.


    It would be an hour later, paperwork filled out that they would leave and go back to her place. As they came in she dumped her coat onto the back of the couch as she moved to her fridge to get them drinks. "Beer, vodka or whiskey?" she asked as she bent over to look in her fridge for her own beer.



  9. Charlotte Daniels

    "We still going to have those drinks?"



  10. Charlotte Daniels

    "I hope so otherwise we arrested the wrong people," she joked bumping into him affectionately.



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