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  1. Alexei Kuznetsov

    "Didn't say we weren't either," Alexei smirked before leaning in that last half inch to kiss her. 


  2. Alexei Kuznetsov

    "Something to do with campy comic pick ups," Alexei chuckled in response to the question, "I seem to remember you being into it." 


  3. Alexei Kuznetsov

    Alexei had the sense to know something was up based on the chain of events that ensued after Violet intervened in the brewing spat. What exactly that something was he wasn't so sure of... but the club owner's reputation was enough that he kept his mouth shut beyond the one interjection. He didn't want that kind of attention. 

    In some cases he might have just excused himself to go seek entertainment elsewhere; but admittedly the Russian had a thing for red heads and this one was an exceptional specimen. So Alexei flashed a brief, understanding smile and waited until Dria chose to turn her attention back on him. 

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  4. Alexei Kuznetsov

    "The girl just tripped," Alexei interjected as the conflict got out of hand enough for Violet to make an appearance. He didn't know the woman but he visited Vitality enough to know who she was and to have heard unsettling rumors, "Just a clumsy accident she didn't mean any harm."

    @Morrigan @Garmr

  5. Alexei Kuznetsov

    "Pleasure to meet you Dria. I'm Alexei," he said, though they didn't get any further than that initially. He followed her gaze out toward the dance floor. Since she seemed to show at least some interest he trailed along with her as she struck out to rescue her friend. 

    @Morrigan @Garmr

  6. Alexei Kuznetsov

    "Evening Ms. Ivy," Alexei countered, giving a charming smile as he did so, "or do you prefer Isley?" he asked - Ilia had given him an info dump on the character after he'd noticed Alexei eyeing her. 


  7. Alexei Kuznetsov

    Costuming wasn't usually something the arguably stern Russian usually went for, but Ilia had doggedly insisted that Alexei come out to the party at Vitality - and on Halloween the only way in was to go along with it. So after much debate - and razzing of his nerdy friend - he'd finally settled on a Ra's al Ghul get up. It was a character he had some familiarity with. albeit not nearly so much as Ilia. 

    He'd been hovering back for a bit now, eyeing an attractive red head that was also in DC character get up. While Alexei was trying to down enough vodka to reach that confident buzz, Ilia was rattling off Batman trivia. It didn't exactly inspire much confidence wingman-wise. 

    But Ilia did eventually manage to antagonize him into making a move. It was kind of hard not to when the nerd accused him of being too nervous. Alexei elbowed his companion in the ribs before tossing back the last of his drink and approaching Mordria to offer her a drink. 


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