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Character Profile

  • Witch Spells

    • Telekinesis - The ability to move or shift small to medium objects with your mind, approximately up to 40lbs.*
    • Pyrokinesis - Power to manipulate fire. This in the past has been used as a parlor trick, increasing the size of candle flames, to give the illusion of spirits.*
    • Hydrokinesis - Power to manipulate water, this means direct it and pull it into the air for short amounts of time.*
    • Botanokinesis - Ability to make plants grow faster.*
    • Imbue Potions - Ability to imbue magic into a concoction of herbs. These potions range in type, complexity and what they can do. Most potions imbuements are taught by parents or mentor witches. However some basic "potion" cookbooks can be bought from authorized witch stores.
    • Calming Presence - In general, being around a witch is a soothing experience. While it won't calm down someone that is extremely angry it does help in keeping people from getting angry and even relieves stress.**
    • Wards - Wards are taught by parents or mentor witches. However some basic "ward" books can be bought from authorized witch stores. Wards are symbols using specific ingredients and a imbuement of the witches power to protect themselves or others, depending on the ward. Wards are easy to master as they are symbols and a quick incantation that seals it.

      The most powerful wards are a well kept secret of the Lilin society and used to protect and remove supernatural powers of all beings within their sanctuaries.


    Unique Powers

    Electrokinesis - They can create, shape and manipulate electricity, a form of energy resulting from the movement of charged particles (such as electrons or protons), allowing control over electric fields, all charge carriers (Ions, Electrons, Protons, and Positrons), electronics, and electromagnetic forces.

    Currently only has the ability to cause significant EMI (causing phones and other eletronics within 50 feet of him not function) but doesn't have the ability to control data input... yet.

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  1. Romeo Sparks

    Rom snerked. "That sounds like a relatively fool proof plan. Your friend won't get jealous I hope?"


  2. Romeo Sparks

    "And how do you plan to do that?"


  3. Romeo Sparks

    "I guess yeah. Or you're just feeling it the way they feel it. It feels good to them because its what they need and you feel that feeling and interpret it as happiness."


  4. Romeo Sparks

    "That's an interesting prospect," he said to her. "I guess it would be amazing to just be taken care of all the time. I'm sure that would make most people happy."


  5. Romeo Sparks

    Rom looked over to her. "Plant food?" he queried. "Can't say I've ever heard that before.


  6. Romeo Sparks

    "I'm a witch. I am apt to believe just about damn well anything."


  7. Romeo Sparks

    "Hey... I'm just saying. It's warm enough in here that you can take them off. I'm sure the plants won't mind."


  8. Romeo Sparks

    Rom sat back and smiled. "I mean you do wear gloves," she teased her gently.


  9. Romeo Sparks

    "Must have been hard to grow up with something like that. I'm surprised you came out mostly normal."


  10. Romeo Sparks

    Rom watched her carefully. "Not something you get asked often is it?"


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