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  1. Josephine Sousa

    "So what do you do nerd boy? I'll tell you if you say anything about technology you might turn me on. So be careful."


  2. Josephine Sousa

    "Then a Moscow Mule it is Ilia," she said to him with a smile. "Only if you get one too," she added.


  3. Josephine Sousa

    “I was going to start with water,” she said. “Do you have a recommendation before I drag you out to dance with me?”


  4. Josephine Sousa

    “That’s because most attractive women don’t normally know a good thing when they see it. Nerds are far more considerate than most hunky douchbags any day. I’m Joe by the way,” she said to him offering her hand after she wiped the sweat off on her pants. “Sorry, it’s fucking hot in here.”


  5. Josephine Sousa

    Joe shrugged. "Not an accusation. I actually like nerds."


  6. Josephine Sousa

    "Most people call me She," she said with a smirk. "You must be a nerd," she grinned to him.


  7. Josephine Sousa

    image.pngIt was shortly after Alexei had gotten up the nerve to go talk to the leaf covered red head that Joe took his place to flag down the bartender. She bumped into Ilia as she set down her heavy custom airsoft gun and flipped her patch up to wipe away the sweat from her eye. She may have been half dressed but she was hot as hell, she was half convinced she had a flu or something.

    "Sorry," she muttered to the man beside her that she had rubbed up against.

    PS: Totally did it. Love you.


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