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    Scrome & Scrome -- Bankrupsy and Tax Lawyer
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Character Profile

  • Appearance

    Despite being tall and dark Shy is rarely seen without a smile on his face. Dressed to the nines in three piece suits when he’s working and immediately barefoot in jeans and a t-shirt when he’s not Shy is clearly one of those guys whose only professional because it pays the bills. He is handsome in a broken-nosed, goofy- lumberjack sort of way but he radiates a trustworthiness that suggest he may spend his free time rescuing kittens from trees or walking old ladies across the street.

  • Personality

    Warm an affable he is the warm, fuzzy yin to his sisters cool, steely yang. He is genuinely nice to everyone even when they prove themselves unworthy of it. Yet despite his warm, happy-go-lucky exterior the fact that his nose has been broken and re-set is a sign that he can throw down with the best of them.

  • Shifted Appearance

    Shy is what is referred to as a "cinnamon bear" with reddish-brown fur though he does have a patch of blondish fur on his chest. On all fours he stands at about 5ft but when on his hind paws he can tower at 10ft and weighs in at nearly 1,000 lbs. However, even in bear form he is his typical friendly self and is more likely to just find something to eat than fight someone.

  • History

    Born three days after his half-sister Jessica, Shylock was raised in a trendy New York apartment that overlooked central park. His mother, Margret Chee, was a Navajo sculptor just starting to make her mark on the New York art world and his father was a successful investment banker who made enough to keep two families and did for the first five years of Shylock’s life. Then came the day his mother never came to pick him up from school.

    Those first few days were a blur to him as he sat with teachers and family friends until his father could be reached. It wasn’t until his father arrived that he was told that his mother was dead, hit by a man running a red light. He was still numb as his father took him away from New York and they arrived at a strange house with big windows.

     But there he met an angel. Blonde and beautiful just as he’d seen in picture books and so very different from his dark haired, dark eyed appearance. Shylock remembers little of their first conversation but upon finding out that Shylock was three days younger than her she smiled into his confused face and said, “That means I’m your big sister and I will look after you.”

    From them on the two Scrome children were inseparable. Soon Shylock was accepted into the family and adopted by his father’s wife Anne and became part of the family. Shylock would follow Jessica’s lead everywhere leading them to be regarded as twins. They both went to college and law school together and when Shylock became a werebear in an accident during a camping trip with his sorority brothers Jessica became a werebear as well.

    After graduation they moved to Savannah where they ran the Scrome and Scrome law firm for a few years until Shylock garnered an admirer. A very aggressive admirer to the point where Shylock had difficulty hiding his true nature. So, in a gesture of sisterly love, Jessica packed up the law firm and moved with Shy to Alaska to keep her brother safe.


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  1. Shylock Scrome

    Shy's bear showed back up in his eyes at the mention of fried pork skins and he looked over at Jessica who was still enjoying her funnel cake. "Well let's go then," he said cheerfully, "Lead the way."


  2. Shylock Scrome

    "For now," Jessica said as she broke off a bit of funnel cake and nibbled on it. "If only to keep Shy here out of trouble."

    "Don't believe it Rylee," Shy countered finally able to talk around what was left of the funnel cake in his mouth, "She'll give us both a run for our money on eatin. She's just a bit more delicate about it."


  3. Shylock Scrome

    Shy was at a loss, frantically trying to chew his way through the funnel cake already in his mouth. He looked from Rylee to Jessica and Jessica to Rylee with a pleading expression that someone say something because he couldn't. Shy suddenly wished he'd thought to get something to drink because the cake was now a little dry.

    Jessica sighed in that way that all elder siblings do when their younger sibling does something incredibly dumb. She looked at Rylee and offered a polite yet reserved smile that didn't entirely reach her eyes. "Jessica Scrome, Shy's sister."  The accent was there but gentler and more refined sounding, like someone accustomed to speaking in public. Her eyes dropped to the second funnel cake in her brother's hand and she raised an eyebrow.

    Shy just grinned through the funnel cake back at his sister like a kid that had been caught stealing cookies.


  4. Shylock Scrome

    They got to the front of the line and Shy ordered three funnel cakes. One for Rylee with chocolate and strawberry dizzle and two for himself with all the drizzle they were willing to put on it. When the carboard containers of fried and drizzled goodness arrived he handed one off to Rylee with a fork before paying and collecting his own food. Even before they stepped away from the cart he was biting off the edge of the funnel cake and sprinkling powdered sugar into his beard.

    "Mmmmmm," he said around his food. "Think they use a lil coconut oil in this."


  5. Shylock Scrome

    Shy looked at Rylee, the epitome of innocence with his large goofy grin and the slight coloring of his cheeks along the edges of his beard. "Sorreh," he said having the good grace to be a bit bashful as he rubbed his hand against the back of his neck, "I just tend ta assume that everyone is gonna eat as much as I do. One it is, y'want the chocolate drizzle, the strawberreh, or both?"


  6. Shylock Scrome

    Shy steered her in the direction of the que in front of the booth where he got a few stares from the other people in line but he figured it was because he was really tall. "How many you want?" he asked perusing the menu and noting they had more than just strawberry drizzle, he temporarily released his arm from hers to fish for his wallet.


  7. Shylock Scrome

    Shy was looking at a sign for strawberry drizzled funnel cake when Rylee asked her question and when he turned to look at her the bear was in his eyes. Both the man and the bear clearly wanted funnel cake. "Oh I'm here for the food... I mean, the festival... saw it on Facebook and figured it was worth drivin out from Corinth ta take a look."

    He pointed at the booth now and looked hopeful. "Shall we?"


  8. Shylock Scrome

    Shy laughed a little and he shook his head, "I'm a city boy. Wouldn't know cow smell from anything else. But its nice you comin back to help your folks."

    There was a warmth to Shy's tone that suggested the man valued family ties. He guided their steps so that they were walking along the row of food booths and he slowed his pace so that there was time to read the menu's on the hand painted signs. The smell of fried food, cooked meat, and sugar was enough to overpower any smell either of them would have emitted.


  9. Shylock Scrome

    "Specially if we can find it with some of that cherry drizzle," Shy said in agreement as she took his arm. He modified his pace to accommodate the fact that Rylee was a head or so shorter than he was but he moved like a man who was accustomed to escorting a lady. "So, Miss Rylee, you one of the locals or a transplant?"


  10. Shylock Scrome

    "Well," Shy said drawing out the vowel a little as he glanced over towards the food booths and trucks that lined a portion of the town square, "I happen ta see a smorgasbord of shitty food over yonder. Was 'bout to investigate myself and see if they have any funnel cake. If y'all don't mind company."

    Like the gentleman Momma Scrome had raised him to be Shy offered the tired woman his arm. He supposed it was rather forward of him but this Rylee Windsor wasn't setting off any red flags to send him into a panic attack and so he decided to follow his therapist's advice and go with the flow.


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