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Jessica Scrome

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    Scrome & Scrome - Estate planning and contract law
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    Tall, blonde, and refined Jessica carries herself with a dignity and stoicism that embodies what she deems the ideal for a bear Queen. At first glance, she is a well-dressed with not a single hair out of place with blue-grey eyes that could only be described as ‘flinty.’ She is beautiful in the ways that mountains are, nice to look at but distant.

  • Personality

    To those outside her immediate circle Jessica is cool, almost aloof. To the sleuth she is a bit warmer but one wouldn’t consider Jessica as a motherly presence, taking her authority more like a skilled diplomat or military commander than as a tribal elder. Only when with close friends and family does she allow the steely demeanor to give way to a dry and wicked sense of humor.

  • Shifted Appearance

    Jessica is a blonde bear with darker patches on her snout and fore paws making it look as if her fur is stained with honey. She is also nearly as large as her male counterparts often comes off as the more aggressive bear.

  • History

    Born three days before her half-brother Shylock, Jessica grew up in a home environment that one would consider ‘privileged.’ Her mother was from the Atlanta elite and her father was a successful investment banker who made enough to keep two families and did for the first five years of Jessica’s life. Then came the day her father brought Shylock home, his mother had been killed in a car accident and the Bernard’s infidelity had come to light.

    Rather than get angry at the strange, soft-spoken boy who sat in the kitchen staring blankly at a plate of cookies while her parents yelled at each other in the bedroom upstairs; Jessica sat next to him and introduced herself. Upon finding out that Shylock was three days younger than her she smiled into his confused face and said, “That means I’m your big sister and I will look after you.”

    From them on the two Scrome children were inseparable. Soon Shylock was accepted into the family and adopted by his father’s wife Anne and became part of the family. Jessica would often take lead while Shylock followed leading them to be regarded as twins. They both went to college and law school together and when Shylock became a werebear in an accident during a camping trip with his fraternity brothers Jessica became a werebear as well.

    After graduation they moved to Savannah where they ran the Scrome and Scrome law firm for a few years until Shylock garnered an admirer. A very aggressive admirer to the point where Shylock had difficulty hiding his true nature. Jessica tried to protect her brother within the extent of the law, going so far as to hire a private security firm to protect her sibling, but when his stalker broke into his home put her brother into the hospital Jessica had enough. So, in a gesture of sisterly love, Jessica packed up the law firm and moved with Shy to Alaska.

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  1. Jessica Scrome

    A bit of a smile touched at the corner of Jessica's mouth when Rylee described herself as Shy's snacking companion but she didn't say anything. Instead she focused her attention back on Shy, or namely the second funnel cake he had in his hand.

    "Did you intend to eat that all yourself?" Jessica seemed to already know the answer to her question and shook her head. "Shy-honey, you do this to yourself everytime."

    The she-bear looked at Rylee, "Twenty some booths to go through and he's going to fill up on funnel cake. Then by the time he gets to the last booths he'll be full and make himself sick."

    She then reached over and plucked the second funnel cake from Shy's hands while Shy continued to try to chew through the funnel cake already in his mouth. "Thankfully you have a sister who cares."

  2. Jessica Scrome

    "Oh," Jess' voice grew soft and there was a flicker of something, a pang of disappointment and regret. She set about finishing her steak, "So you are well connected to the family it seems or just though your friend?"


  3. Jessica Scrome

    Jessica frowned at him, wondering if that was regret she heard in his voice or simply a statement of fact. "I'm no good with kids either, Shy's the one who has 'em crawling all over him when he's around them."


  4. Jessica Scrome

    Shy had shoved half the funnel cake in his mouth before he realized she was addressing him directly. He stared at her with his cheeks puffed out, full of funnel cake, a slightly panicked expression on his face. He mumbled something that sounded remotely like 'its ok' before chewing. It was about this time that a sound of disgust from just behind him sounded.

    "Shylock Scrome, your mother would be so proud," the announcement resulted in Shy turning with a rather sheepish expression to the tall blond woman who approached them.


  5. Jessica Scrome

    "I think I'm a bit past having to worry about a shot-gun wedding," Jessica said with a smile that suggested that she wouldn't be wed to anyone she didn't fully intend to be. At the mention of Violet Jessica saw a path out of the  discussion about marriage and how she had failed her mother's expectations of her, "Met your friend Violet... think I may have met the step-son in question too if his name is Seth. Was in Dawnbreak little while ago for the Werewolf festival."

    Jessica made the logical leap that the woman he'd sent food to was Seth's wife who had just had triplets. She nodded her approval of his gift, "With three babies food was probably the best gift you could have sent Dino. If its as good as this I'm sure they appreciate it."


  6. Jessica Scrome

    Jessica breathed another sigh but it was clearly meant for someone else and an old argument. "If my momma had her way I would have been married into one of the Atlanta families, someone who can trace their roots in the city all the way before Sherman did his little march. I suppose that would have been alright, I've known those people forever, but there's Shy..."

    Another swallow of wine. "My brother and I are three days apart. His momma was my daddy's mistress or second wife I suppose. When she died daddy brought Shy home and we've been thick as thieves ever since. I couldn't be with anyone who looked down their nose at my brother. So anyone from the families were out of the question and I let myself get busy with work and then this move up north... just hadn't thought about who I'd marry. Figure it will happen when its supposed to."


  7. Jessica Scrome

    "Of course," Jessica bowed her head in a nod, "Thank you again for the coffee and I appreciate you listening to my pitch." Jessica watched Violet go and then turned to go find Shy before he stuffed himself silly.


  8. Jessica Scrome

    "No," Jessica said in a firm tone that booked no argument, "As my momma would say ain't no pedigree in the world that makes up for a lack of manners. I think he was hoping for something a little more casual and I'm just not that kind."


  9. Jessica Scrome

    Jessica could practically feel the awkwardness in her bones and she felt guilty, she looked at Violet with an apologetic smile, "Sorry. I'm just not one for mixing personal things with business ."


  10. Jessica Scrome

    The smirk vanished at the mention of her absent date and with a resigned sigh Jessica sat back in her seat with her wine glass in hand while one long leg crossed over the other. "Aaron Furley. He is the friend of a friend, we met at a professional event and he asked me out... I honestly didn't want to, he seemed a little too impressed with himself, but Shy has been badgering me about getting out more and giving people a chance. So..."

    She lifted her shoulders in a shrug but it was obvious she was irritated, she took a measured swallow of her wine. 


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