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North Dawnbreak

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North Dawnbreak is the historic part of Dawnbreak. The houses and shops are relics of the old mining town that Dawnbreak used to be. This part of town is next to the forest, and is the site of many of the recent murders.


South Dawnbreak

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South Dawnbreak is the most modern part of the town. The houses and buildings have all been updated and renovated since their original creation, and it is home to some of Dawnbreak's richest residents.


West Dawnbreak

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West Dawnbreak is known for being dangerous, particularly after the sun goes down. Most of Dawnbreak's (minimal) gang activity takes place here, and it is where most normal crimes (mugging, assault, theft) take place.


East Dawnbreak

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Containing primarily farm and ranch land these this region supplies Dawnbreak's restaurants and general store with most of their stock.


The Forest

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The forest surrounding Dawnbreak is rumored to be very dangerous. There are paths on the outer rim of the woods, and the woods slowly get thicker and more dangerous as you head further in.


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