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South Dawnbreak

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South Dawnbreak is the most modern part of the town. The houses and buildings have all been updated and renovated since their original creation, and it is home to some of Dawnbreak's richest residents.


Bay District

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Many of Dawnbreak's wealthy residents live on this side of town. The houses are expensive, many are newly renovated, and most have large yards.

Police & Fire

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The police station and fire department, both with relatively small crews, are located in the same building. The department is old, and although everything is in working condition it is definitely not the newest and best equipment. The officers and firefighters make do with what they have.

Glacier Bay

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Glacier Bay is the body of water on the South side of Dawnbreak. With a nice beach, docks, and a beautiful lighthouse, it is a popular place for people of all ages.


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A small book shop and cafe with a modern Gothic aesthetic, Ravenmore is a popular after school hangout. The shop is also home to Squatch Comics.

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